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The comments needed to be disabled? Really? Have the morals of this country slipped that far that we cannot simply comment on the greatness of this Nation?

from Brietbart:

YouTube, the Internet’s video town square, decided on Friday that Ms. McAulay’s video should not be seen. They removed it and rejected her appeal on the grounds that it did not meet their “community guidelines.” YouTube decided that the opinion expressed by Ms. McAulay was so hateful, so inflammatory, so out-of-bounds that the opinion is not suitable for their audience to hear. Ms. McAulay, in the opinion of YouTube, must be silenced.

UPDATE:  Early Monday morning, May 28, YouTube reinstated Ms. McAulay’s video.  Apparently, now the content of the video does not violate the Google-owned company’s community guidelines.  Also, as can be seen on the YouTube page, the downloads for the video are well over 25,000 despite misrepresentations by some of the more vociferous commenters on this post’s comment thread.

We congratulate Ms. McAulay for persevering and we hope the attention we brought to this matter helped YouTube to better evaluate their decision.

From JAMES: This issue is not about whether or not you agree with Ms. McAulay. It is about her right to publicly voice her opinion, to express herself using her right of free speech.  Thank God that at her young age she is willing to fight for her right to that opinion, and not be siolenced by those who trashed her in the comments and in their emails to YouTube. This falls into the category of Pastor Martin Niemoller’s quote in WWII “First they came for….”


     Ethel Kennedy wanted the children gathered at the family compound for Thanksgiving to have the real “Turkey” experience, so she sent her son, Robert Jr., to a farm to buy two turkeys. Unfortunately, one got away, and despite days of searching, it wasn’t found.

     That is, until it was seen on a YouTube video, attacking a mailman in his truck on his route in Centerville, MA, a town near the Kennedy compound in Hyannis, MA:

      While it cannot be known for sure, Ethel is pretty sure that it is “our bird”.


Scott Brown Responds to Martha Coakley’s Negative ‘Nazi’ Ad


Posted by Swamp_Yankee (Profile)

Tuesday, January 12th at 10:30AM EST


Martha Coakley unloaded a nasty ad last night full of dark, harsh tones, lies and subliminal images, including one distorted image of Rush Limbaugh with his hand up a ‘heil’ manner.

Brown fires back with a positive ad challenging Coakley’s camp. The difference between the two ads and the two candidates couldn’t be more stark. But will it work?

Brown could have ignored it. Brown could have hit back just as hard. Or Brown could have taken this middle ground. All three options bear risks and rewards. Brown chose to confront the negative attack ads and the lies, but he stays positive.

This is your money bomb money at work, fighting a nefarious Democratic machine attack ad.

What do you think:

(Note: Youtube Ad appears to have been removed)

Brown’s Response:

For full article:

      The California Prop 8 went on trial in federal court in California today. Prop 8 was the ballot initiative to reverse the legislature’s approval of same-sex marriage. The judge was initially allowing the taping f the proceedings and their posting on YouTube, but the US Supreme Court has temporarily halted that.

     The signs in front of the courthouse spelled out the views. “Prop 8 Equals UNEQUAL Citizens”.

     I believe that some people are homosexual by nature, but there are some by nurture as well. But there is a growing number that appear to make it by choice. One can find studies in each and every direction. How does that apply to marriage?

     Using the “by nature” argument, marriage for same-sex couples is supposed to make them “equal” to heterosexual marriages. If this is accepted by law, how then does the system not permit bisexuals from marrying both their male and female interest. After all, it is their “nature”, and are they not entitled to be married. The same argument could then be applied to any proclivity.

      Same-sex couples should be afforded the same rights that have been given to couples living together without the benefit of marriage, i.e civil unions, domestic partnerships. But marriage, in every culture, is between one man and one woman.

     The Florida race for the Senate is heating up, and Gov. Charlie Crist is finally getting concerned about his opponent, Marco Rubio, who is narrowing in on the Governor. Crist has virtually ignored Rubio’s challenge for some debates, ignored that he even had an opponent in the primary. But the polls show Rubio gaining on the sitting governor, and the polls show that the young Hispanic conservative candidate can also beat the Democratic challenger, Rep. Kendrick Meeks.

    So much has Crist realized he really has an opponent, that RedState is reporting on bogus websites that have been set up to emabarass Rubio, but in the end, the “follow the trail” leads back to Crist and/or his associates:

The plot thickens in Florida.

A video popped up on YouTube on October 24, 2009, using the standard Hitler clip all the kids are using these days to mock Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s Senate campaign against conservative stalwart and Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio. Naturally, it was an anonymous account that was also created on October 24, 2009.

Three days later, the Crist campaign launched it’s anti-Marco Rubio website called The star of the website was the Hitler video. The website ran a poll alleging Rubio’s campaign was behind the video and the website condemned Rubio for it.

When RedState pointed out that Rich Heffley’s name appeared in the source code of the website, Heffley had the website taken down and his name was scrubbed.

But we also were quick to point out the timeline and relationship between this “anonymous” website and the anonymously created Hitler video.

Well, when the website came back online, every reference to the Hitler video had vanished. The poll was gone too, replaced by one about having two government jobs.





     When President Barack Hussein Obama was scheduled to address the youth of our nation in an inoculous (?) speech a few weeks ago, the uproar was not about the President telling the children to “stay inschool”, but in the “lesson plans” to accompany the speech. The plans were, at the very least, the groundwork of an indoctrination of our youth.

      Listen now to the “praising of the Obama”:

      Let me ask if any of the readers have spent ANY amount of time in a Communist country, like the People’s Republic of China? No, not in the tourist traps, but actually living in the country for awhile. This video clip is pure Chairman Mao, no matter HOW the liberal educators try to spin it.

      Thus, it is safe to say, that in addition to needing to weed the libs out of Congress and our legislatures, we must lure more conservatives into teaching (and lure those already there out from behind the curtain)!

UPDATE: Since the airing of this video on YouTube, the link may have been disabled. See Michelle Malkin for update, story, and pics. FOXNews has also covered the story. I would wager you won’t find it on MSNBC, CNN, or the three networks.

NLPC has uncovered a plan by the White House New Media operation to hire a technology vendor to conduct a massive, secret effort to harvest personal information on millions of Americans from social networking websites.?“The information to be captured includes comments, tag lines, emails, audio, and video. The targeted sites include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr and others – any space where the White House “maintains a presence.”