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This is not the first time that Barack Obama’s Social Security Number has been brought into question. While it is not a problem that the number was not issued to him until he was a teenager, as was the practice at the time, it has always been deemed as suspicious that his number was issued from Connecticut as opposed to Hawaii.

Now an Ohio grandmother who is a private investigator is challenging Obama’s eligibility to on the Ohio ballot because of the alleged inconsistencies in his Social Security number:

If Barack Obama has an immediate eligibility problem, it is more likely to derive from the Social Security Number he has been using for the last 35 years than from his birth certificate.

Ohio private investigator Susan Daniels has seen to that.  On Monday, July 2, she filed suit in Geauga County (Ohio) Common Pleas Court demanding that Jon Husted, Ohio secretary of state, remove Obama’s name from the ballot until Obama can prove the validity of his Social Security Number.

Daniels, who has vetted thousands of Social Security Numbers for numerous other clients, has done her homework.  In her filing, she thoroughly documents her contention “that Barack Obama has repeatedly, consistently, and with intent misrepresented himself by using a fraudulently obtained Social Security Number.”

To acquire appropriate standing in court, Daniels has gone to the trouble of establishing herself as a valid write-in candidate for president.  Before she is through, this 70-something mother of seven, who has been a licensed Ohio PI since 1995, may cause Obama more trouble than the Romney campaign.

Daniels started her investigation in August 2009.  Given her profession, she has been able to access a variety of proprietary databases.  What she learned without much trouble is that Obama has been using a Social Security Number with the prefix “042″ since 1986.

As she discovered, the “042″ number is reserved for the exclusive use of individuals who register in Connecticut.  When she ran 10 sequential numbers before and after Obama’s, all returned with the documentation “issued 1977-1979 in CT.”

When Daniels ran the numbers immediately flanking Obama’s, she came to the firm conviction that Obama’s number was issued in March 1977 in Connecticut.

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Two days ago, Matt Drudge linked to a new book by Jerome Corsi, unflinchingly titled Where’s the Birth Certificate? The book immediately leapt to number one on, where it has remained ever since.  The media has shown its usual incredulity at the indisputable stupidity of the American people.  How could so many people question President Obama’s birthplace?  How could they wonder about his origins?  Are they all simply racist?

The answer, of course, is that Americans are desperately seeking an answer to a simple question: why does President Obama appear to be so un-American?  The term un-American here is not synonymous with anti-American (though Obama has been that on occasion); instead, it merely signifies that President Obama is unconcerned with typical American principles and traditions.  He sees capitalism as selfish and evil, religion as dangerous and oppressive; he sees the Constitution as antiquated and entrepreneurialism as exploitative.  He is the representative of the Fareed Zakaria ideology at work, celebrating the post-American world.

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A lot of court cases have been filed alleging that Barack Obama never qualified to become president, and therefore is occupying the Oval Office as a matter of fact, but not of law. Now there’s a new case that argues since Obama is not legally president, his Obamacare takeover of the nation’s health-care industry should be voided.

“It is indisputable and not denied that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama Jr.’s father was a citizen of the British Commonwealth,” says the lawsuit, now pending before a federal judge who is awaiting word from the Justice Department on how its lawyers want to defend against the claims.

“By law, it is undeniable Mr. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is ineligible to hold the office of president of the United States. The framers of the Constitution when they adopted the requirement they excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born,” the lawsuit says.


The focal point of the lawsuit brought by former financial company executive Nicholas E. Purpura and Donald R. Laster Jr., acting as their own attorneys, is a request to invalidate Obamacare.

Their complaint cites more than a dozen reasons why the act is illegal, and has been causing a stir in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, where, according to the plaintiffs, the government has missed several filing deadlines and a judge has expanded the definition of court procedure in order to prevent a default judgment against the government in the case.

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I guess because the Republican Governor of Hawaii says so in an interview, the “facts” are irrefutable……………

More than a year and half after Barack Obama was elected commander in chief, the governor of Hawaii is now publicly voicing the alleged exact location of Obama’s birth, saying “the president was, in fact, born at Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.”

The disclosure is believed to be the first time a state government official has declared the precise place where Obama was born, despite numerous other published claims, including some for a different hospital in Honolulu.

The remark came Sunday night when Gov. Linda Lingle, a Republican, was interviewed on New York’s WABC Radio by host Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. (The subject was addressed at the 77-minute mark.)

“It’s been an odd situation,” Lingle said, referring to the continuing controversy over the disputed natural-born citizenship of Obama. “This issue kept coming up so much in the campaign, and again I think it’s one of those issues that is simply a distraction from the more critical issues that are facing the country.

“So I had my health director, who is a physician by background, go personally view the birth certificate in the birth records of the Department of Health, and we issued a news release at that time saying that the president was, in fact, born at Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. And that’s just a fact and yet people continue to call up and e-mail and want to make it an issue and I think it’s again a horrible distraction for the country by those people who continue this.”

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OK, on to Occidental…………………..

The U.S. Army says a surgeon who has publicly refused to follow any further orders until he sees documentation that Barack Obama is eligible to be president is being “reassigned” at Walter Reed Army Hospital after he refused to deploy to Afghanistan as scheduled.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is the highest-ranking and first active-duty officer to refuse to obey orders based on President Obama’s eligibility.

While there have been reports Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is facing an imminent court-martial, Army spokesman Chuck Dasey told WND today that Lakin is only “under investigation” at this point.

“Lakin reported to the commander, Medical Center Brigade, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, on Monday, 12 April, after failing to report for duty at Fort Campbell, Ky.,” a statement sent by Dasey to WND today said.

“Lakin will be assigned to duty at Walter Reed pending investigation.”

A spokeswoman for the case, Margaret Calhoun Hemenway, told WND that whatever the “assignment” amounts to, Lakin’s access privileges were revoked, his computer was confiscated and he “is not permitted to support his Hippocratic oath … and take care of the troops as a doctor and a surgeon.”

On the day he was supposed to have reported for deployment, Lakin was read his rights by Col. Gordon Roberts, his brigade commander, who discussed the situation with him and told him he had the “right to remain silent” because he was about to be charged with “serious crimes.”

Hemenway said the message was that “he will shortly be court-martialed for crimes (specifically, missing movement and conduct unbecoming an officer) that for others has led to lengthy imprisonment at hard labor.”

Related: CBS News is reporting that Lakin is to be court-martialled, and confirms the reassignment to Walter Reed Army Hospital by linking to However, has either removed the story or ahs a “technical problem” with the link.

Attending the Tea Party Convention in Nashville this weekend, The Washington Independent’s always-excellent David Weigel recounts an extraordinary hallway confrontation between online publisher Andrew Breitbart and WorldNetDaily Editor-in-Chief Joseph Farah over the question of President Obama’s citizenship. (Here’s the video of his speech, courtesy of C-SPAN. It follows Angela McGlowan’s pep talk, starting at the 12.10 mark.)

During his speech, Farah said he hoped that Mr. Obama would not be able to go into any city without seeing signs asking about his bith certificate. “It’s a simple question but it hasn’t been answered,” he said, adding that “it’s one of the most important questions that we can be asking.”

Following the speech, Farah was cornered by Weigel, who informed him that Breitbart had dismissed the birther argument as a losing political argument. When Breitbart later walked by, Farah insisted that it was “a winning issue.” (You can read the entire article but I want to reproduce this verbatim snippet.)

“It’s not a winning issue.”

“It is! It becomes even more of a winning issue when the press abrogates its responsibility–”

“You don’t recognize it as a fundamentally controversial issue that forces a unified group of people to have to break into different parts? It is a schism of the highest order.”

“Nothing exposes the president’s–”

“Then prove it!”

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Note from JAMES: I have come to believe that the Obama birth certificate has been allowed to fester at the encouragement of the likes of Axelrod, who see it as a means of labelling opponenets of Obama and his policies (i.e birthers). Obama’s subtle reference to it at the National Prayer Breakfast underscores that. It has become more about the lack of integrity in Obama’s words and in Journalists, than in the actual birth certificate itself.

A recent photograph of Barack Obama Sr. with Stanley Dunham (Obama’s grandfather), along with other information from Stanley Ann Dunham’s acquaintances in Washington State, call the “nativity” story of the 44th President’s birth into question, and provide further challenges to the secrecy of his birth certificate.

World Net Daily reports:

WND has reported that contrary to President Obama’s statement, his father did not abandon the family in Hawaii when he accepted an invitation to study at Harvard in 1962.

Instead, his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, abandoned Barack Obama Sr., when she moved from Hawaii to Seattle where she was enrolled in extension courses beginning Aug. 19, 1961, only 15 days after Barack Obama Jr. was born, according to Dunham’s grade transcript that WND obtained from the University of Washington.

The Polk city street directory for Seattle in 1961-1962 has Obama’s mother listed as a student living at 516 13th Ave. E., apartment 2, in Seattle’s Capitol Hill area, where babysitter Mary Toutonghi reported Obama’s mother attended night classes at the university that began at 4:30 p.m., as part of her extension school curriculum.


Documents uncovered by WND have raised questions whether President Obama’s parents ever lived together as husband and wife, despite Obama’s repeated assertions his parents lived together in Hawaii during the first two years of his life.

WND further reported the Polk city street directory for Honolulu for 1961-1962 indicates Obama’s grandparents, Madelyn and Stanley Dunham, lived at 6085 Kalanianaole Highway, the address listed for Obama’s birth in the announcement published in the Hawaiian newspaper at the time. Barack Obama Sr., meanwhile, maintained a separate bachelor pad at an 11th Avenue address, closer to the University of Hawaii.

Still, the nativity birth myth that Barack Obama, Sr. abandoned Ann Dunham when he left for Hawaii matches the nativity story he told on page 126 of Dreams from My Father.

Are They hearing us NOW:

The “pink slips” being sent to members of Congress, warning them to abandon Washington’s “charge-it-and-spend-it” programs, new energy taxes under “cap-and-trade” and nationalized health care, have surged past 5 million, but supporters of the program say they need to keep coming.

Janet Porter, founder and president of Faith2Action and one of the organizers behind the “pink slips” campaign, and was at a news conference today in Washington where U.S. Reps Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn.; Louie Gohmert, R-Texas; Steve King, R-Iowa, and Trent Franks, R-Ariz., spoke in approval of the effort.

She said it’s clear the message – delivered through a stack of “pink slips” now standing approximately five feet high in congressional offices – is getting through.

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By Chelsea Schilling
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Saul Alinsky


The National Education Association has made a glowing assessment of radical socialist community organizer Saul Alinsky and is enthusiastically recommending American public school teachers read two of his books, including one dedicated to Satan.


On its website, the NEA dubs Alinsky “an inspiration to anyone contemplating action in their community! And to every organizer!”


It recommends Alinsky’s “Reveille for Radicals,” a 1946 book about the principles and tactics of “community organizing,” and “Rules for Radicals,” a 1971 text that articulated a socialist strategy for gaining political power to redistribute wealth from the “haves” to the “have-nots.”


The NEA, the largest labor union in the United States, represents public school teachers, college and university faculty, retired education employees and college students preparing to become teachers.


The association describes Alinsky as a “master political agitator, tactical planner and social organizer” who wrote a “guidebook for those who are out to change things.”


“He sets down what the goal is: a society where people are free to live, and also aren’t starving in the streets. A society where there is legal and economic justice,” the NEA explains to educators. “Then he sets out to say how to get there.”

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