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     Yesterday, there were two simultaneous hearings on Capitol Hill, which in and of itself is not unusual. But when one group of legislators is grilling the Secretary of Homeland Security and the heads of our intelligence units for answers on the Christmas Day bomber, one has to wonder if the hearing that became a game of “cat and mouse” witgh the White House party crashers was a distraction to drown out some of the words from the hearing on terrorism. Yes, Ms. napolitano, it is ACTS of TERROR, not ManMade Disasters.

      Did anyone hear that Dennis Blair said that the intelligence had failed by putting the Christmas Day bomber suspect into federal custody instead of into military custody? What did the Obama administration know beforehand? Has anyone been reprimanded? Did anyone hear the news that at the request of the Obama White House the Secretary of State has cleared the way for two individuals with terrorist ties to enter the US?

     The President, trying to appear unrattled by the Massachusetts Special Election results, once again found a way to blame Bush for even that, saying the same anger that he rode into the White House upon has now elected Scott Brown. What is significant in the President’s comments with ABC News, and comments from other legislators, is that they need to refocus on the economy and jobs, and work helathcare “into the debate”. Interpretation: we will hide the healthcare legislation within other bills we pass, like we did with the economic stimulus package.

       Thus it will be important that the American people, now awakened to the shafting that DC has been giving us, remain vigilant to the actions of those we have elected to represent us. They must be held accountable ON A DAILY BASIS.

Note: This week’s “buzz words” from the White House: “the anger and Frustration” of the American people!