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     The comments from the Obama people regarding the unrepentent terrorist William Ayers and his relationship with Sen. Barack Obama is that “Barack was only eight years old when Ayers did those things”. Personally, I find that comment insulting to the intellect of America as a whole.

     Just like they don’t get the point on the “Joe the Plumber” questions, choosing instead to vet the plumber more than they have vetted Obama, the Obama media and the Obama campaign does not get the point about Ayers. It is not that Obama “knows” Ayers, it is that he has not been forthright and honest about the relationship, and even moreso, he has not been honest in their shared philosophies.

     Under an Obama presidency, God forbid, the Senator is encouraging a $4000.00 tuition tax credit in exchange for volunteer duty in community organizations or the military. This plan is just a bit shy of Ayer’s educational philosophy that says that all young people should be “drafted” into a time period of community service. How ironic that this terrorist who waged war on America during the draft era of the Vietnam War espouses draft into community service, which includes the military. Further, with regard to the tuition tax credit, Obama has obviously not checked with David Axelrod to find out what his son’s tuition is at the University of Michigan!

      Obama wanted us to believe that Ayers was just a man in the neighborhood. If their relationship was that distant, why would Ayers ask Obama to “blurb” one of his books for him?

    It appears that the relationship was so much “just neighbors”, that Obama appeared at a discussion forum with Ayers and others, organized by a Michelle Obama,  to discuss the concepts of Ayer’s book “A Kind and Just Parent”, regarding the juvenile justice system:

Just a few weeks before this review (Obama’s review of Ayer’s book) was published in the Chicago Tribune, Obama and Ayers appeared together on a panel about juvenile justice organized by Michelle Obama on November 20, 1997:

Children who kill are called “super predators,” “people with no conscience,” “feral pre-social beings” — and “adults.”

William Ayers, author of A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court (Beacon Press, 1997), says “We should call a child a child. A 13-year-old who picks up a gun isn’t suddenly an adult. We have to ask other questions: How did he get the gun? Where did it come from?”

Ayers, who spent a year observing the Cook County Temporary Juvenile Detention Center in Chicago, is one of four panelists who will speak on juvenile justice at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 20, in the C-Shop. The panel, which marks the 100th anniversary of the juvenile justice system in the United States, is part of the Community Service Center’s monthly discussion series on issues affecting the city of Chicago. The event is free and open to the public.

Ayers will be joined by Sen. Barack Obama, Senior Lecturer in the Law School, who is working to combat legislation that would put more juvenile offenders into the adult system; Randolph Stone, Director of the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic; Alex Correa, a reformed juvenile offender who spent seven years in Cook County Temporary Detention Center; Frank Tobin, a former priest and teacher at the Detention Center who helped Correa; and Willy Baldwin, who grew up in public housing and is currently a teacher at the Detention Center.

     A candidate of CHANGE: A Candidacy of Transparency!!

Thank you Sen. Obama for being open and forthright so we can make informed decisions on Election Day!!


     For months, Sean Hannity, both on his radio show and on FOX News’ Hannity and Colmes, has been crying out the mantra  of asking Barack Obama questions like “Exactly what is your relationship with known admitted terrorist Bill Ayers?”

     These types of questions have been overlooked or brushed off as minimal in the vetting of Obama. Now, with just 30 DAYS before what is reprortedly the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION of OUR LIFETIME, now, the media is beginning to question certain KEY areas with regard to Sen. Obama, his character and his judgement.

      It is starting in no less than the New York Times. It is no secret that the NY Times is no friend of Republican nominee Sen. John McCain, and that the NY Times has fawned over Obama as much as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. But there it is today, front page news, where the NY Times is reporting the Sen. Obama’s ties and relationship with Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadette Dorn, go far deeper than the “casual” acquaintance relationship that the Obama campaign has tried to portray. I actually awoke this morning thinking I was having a dream because FOX News was reporting that the Obama-Ayers story was running on the front page of the Times AND that O.J. Simpson had been found guilty of 12 counts of robbery, etc. in Nevada (13 years after his acquittal for his wife’s murder and the murder of her friend Ron Goldman).

     Ayers, who does not apologize for his terrorist activities, and who in fact, on 9/11/01, stated he should have “bombed more”, has sat on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Board with Sen. Obama. Two fundamental footnotes here: The Annenberg Foundation is also responsible for which the media has cited extensively during this election, and, the files from the Chicago Challenge, which had been donated to the library at the University of Illinois at Chicago, could not be viewed by the media until it was cleared by the donator (the Foundation), presumably to allow time for any incriminating items to be removed.


     Ayers and his wife, who were both fugitives until the federal charges against them were dropped for prosecutorial misconduct, have served as fundraisers for the Obama campaigns, beginning with hosting one of Obama’s first fundraisers as he began his bid for the Illinois State Senate. Bernadette Dorn was also a colleague of Michelle Obama’s at the law firm she worked at in Chicago.

William Ayers and his “respect” for America

     Today, the terrorist who set a bomb at the New York City Police Station, is a “Distinguished Professor” at the University of Illinois at Chicago, in the College of Education. Imagine that, a known terrorist being paid with tax dollars to educate young minds so those students can go on to become teachers in our schools to teach the next generation!

     This, I believe, is just the beginning of a rough month for Obama. The McCain team, because of the party ties to the sitting President, has had a bad few weeks as a result of the financial crisis that has gripped us in the past two weeks. But, as they enter the last stretch of the campaign, there will be more rhetoric about Obama’s character and judgment, and while much of it will appear in ads and speeches from the McCain campaign, part of the sleeping giant known as the liberal media are awakening to the fact that they may have pushed just a bit too far with the elevation of Chairman Obama!

UPDATE: At a closed door fundraiser, Gov. Sarah Palin got “tough” on Obama and his relationship with Ayers:

“Our opponent though is someone who sees America it seems as being so imperfect, imperfect enough that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country. Americans need to know this.Talk about taking the gloves off, I too being that outsider and only being a part of this for 5 weeks now, I think ok we gotta get the word out.This is in fairness to the electorate we gotta start telling people what the other side represents.”

It looks like the gloves are off!!