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  • 765 voters with an exact match of first and last name, DOB and last four digits of SSN were registered in N.C. and another state and voted in N.C. and the other state in the 2012 general election.
  • 35,750 voters with the same first and last name and DOB were registered in N.C. and another state and voted in both states in the 2012 general election.
  • 155,692 voters with the same first and last name, DOB and last four digits of SSN were registered in N.C. and another state – and the latest date of registration or voter activity did not take place within N.C.

You need ID to take the SAT, but it’s racist to require one to vote.
“Students have long been required to show identification when they arrive for one of the tests. Under the new rules, they will have to submit head shots of themselves in advance with their test application. A copy of the photo will be printed on the admission ticket mailed to each student, and will also appear on the test site roster.” (Note from JAMES: Most of the states already do this for the Bar Exams, etc.)

This just smells of more VOTER FRAUD:

A longtime ACORN operative is about to take over the reins of the Democratic National Committee as its executive director – just in time to begin initial preparations for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

The activist in question is Patrick Gaspard. He currently holds the title of White House political affairs director, the same title Karl Rove held in President Bush’s administration.

Gaspard comes from the same world of radical left-wing community organizing that shaped Barack Obama. Gaspard is well schooled in the brutal, street-smart organizing tactics taught by the late Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals. He’s the hatchet man Obama sent to New York over a year ago to strong-arm then-Gov. David Paterson into dropping his reelection campaign. As executive director running the DNC’s day-to-day operations Gaspard will oversee Organizing for America, a project of the DNC supposedly modeled on Alinskyite organizing principles. (Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine will remain as general chairman of the DNC.)

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From Gateway Pundit:

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) member Steve Caddle of Houston, Texas has been caught registering 23,207 fake voters in Harris County alone due to the hard detective work of Catherine Engelbrecht and her “True the Vote” project.

This is one of the best examples of what good citizen activism inspired by Tea Party principles can do for their community.

Catherine Engelbrecht was sick and tired of the vote fraud perpetrated by unions and Democrats and set out to expose it herself. Along with many friends who donated their time, computers, and sweat, they’ve uncovered thousands upon thousands of illegal Democrat “voters” in Texas.

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EDITORIAL: Black Panther battle intensifies

Is the Justice Department against civil rights?

The dispute between the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and the Justice Department is starting to look like the legal equivalent of World War II’s Anzio campaign, which represented a major escalation late in the war. The battleground is the controversy about the department’s decision to drop voter-intimidation cases against members of the New Black Panther Party. The commission is mounting a massive legal assault; Justice is refusing to be budged; and the casualties could be high.

The shame of it is that the department itself would be well-served if it would merely cooperate. That’s what it would do if it were confident its decision was correct.

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Check this out: Despite the millions of dollars of misused funds, it seems ACORN couldn’t pay the rent at a couple of offices in Oklahoma City. When they vacated, they left some computers behind. As a testament to the stupidity of criminals worldwide, the passwords to the computers where written on pieces of paper left inside a desk.

Somehow these computers and passwords came in to the possession of state legislator Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City. And he’s getting ready to release source docs onto the Internet. Makes lots of popcorn – this is going to be good.

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An unidentified source from the FBI told the AP (OK- Associated Press) that in addition to the ACORN investigations that they have recently entered, the FBI is also looking at the connections of BO (aka Barack Obama) to the ACORN activities. Obviously annoyed at  the very thought that Michelle Obama might have to cancel the new drapes she ordered when she invited the Jonas’ Brothers to the White House this coming Spring, Obama has demanded that the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) have a special prosecutor look at the possibility that this is all politically motivated!! Politically motivated–> YOU THINK!!!

     It appears that since the Obama campaign paid ACORN $832,000 for “sound system services”, a FEC entry that has since been corrected, as well as the treasure trove of Google archives that have uncovered news articles relating to Obama’s involvement with ACORN as far back as 1992, it was not a great leap for the FBI to include Obama in their investigation. Other sources have gone as far as to say that the FBI has asked the media to downplay ACORN during the coming days while they attempt an expedited investigation.

     The Obama campaign believes that all of this is politically motivated (as though his use of voter fraud groups like ACORN isn’t), and has asked the Attorney General to investigate the FBI leaks and who may be pushing this issue.

     To the Attorney General: can you also investigate Sen. Obama’s Indonesian Passport!!

In another story, McCain relates Obama to European Socialists: