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(Politico)In another statement of the new House Republican majority’s commitment to the Constitution, aides to incoming Speaker John Boehner plan to take their oath of office Tuesday morning — a day before the same oath is administered to the 435 House members of the new Congress.

At Boehner’s request, Chief Justice John Roberts will preside over the staff ceremony, which may be a first in congressional history. Aides in Boehner’s Washington and district offices are expected to take the oath in the Capitol in a private, low-key event with no press coverage, a Boehner aide said.

“As Boehner said on election night, this isn’t a time for celebration; it’s a time for focus, commitment, and tough choices. The challenges that lie ahead for our nation demand a serious approach,” the Boehner aide told POLITICO. “Having the highest judicial officer in the country administer the oath underscores our commitment to listen to the American people and honor the Constitution.”

In a sense, the ceremony will be symbolic. House aides already commit to supporting the Constitution when they sign their employment forms. But the formal event will be another measure that Boehner takes seriously his new responsibility.

The staff ceremony will be part of a series of steps to emphasize the House GOP’s commitment to the Constitution—including the scheduled reading of the document on the House floor Thursday, and a requirement that members cite their constitutional authority with each bill that they file. Many new GOP members won in November with strong support from tea party groups, which have emphasized first principles.

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     It is still early in liberal San Francisco, but it is acceptable to say that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will win her re-election. But at the same time, she will have to surrender her gavel, office and title to the Republican party…. presumably to John Boehner.

     So, Nancy, will you be comfortable being named to the position of House Minority Leader? Or, as many of would like, will you notify the Governor that you will be resigning, going home to the vineyard? Now is the moment Nancy, to do the right thing…………………….Call it a day!!

To the Honorable John Boehner,

       With the House of Representatives’ passage of HR3962, on behalf of Constitutional Conservatives, I would like to congratulate you on your early selecyion as the next Speaker of the House.

      Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic in Congress have opted to disregard the “We The People” voice that has been addressed to Congress since the TARP bailouts and the economic stimulus package in the Spring. By ignoring the voice of the People, the Speaker and the Democrats have assured that Speaker Pelosi will not be in the majority as of November 2010.

       It is incumbent on you, and Rep. Cantor, and other Republican leaders to begin the task of making sure that the legislation that will be hammered out in conference after the Senate comes to agreement on a bill is NOT passable, that we end this healthcare debacle. Reform is imperative, but we must push “Restart”, and do this in a positive and fiscal manner.

UK Commons speaker steps down over expense scandal

LONDON – The powerful speaker of the British House of Commons resigned Tuesday, bowing to a backlash over excessive expense claims by lawmakers and becoming the first speaker in three centuries to be forced out.

Though Michael Martin has not been caught up in recent revelations about lawmakers expenses — reimbursements for chandeliers, moat cleaning and mortgage payments have outraged taxpayers — he was blamed for creating a climate that allowed excesses.

In an extremely short statement to the House of Commons, Martin said he would leave the post June 21 to maintain “unity” in Parliament’s lower chamber.

“This will allow the house to proceed to elect a new speaker,” Martin said. “This is all I have to say on this matter.”

He then moved on to other parliamentary business as lawmakers left the chamber, surprised that such a historic moment was over so quickly.

Since details of lawmakers expense claims were revealed earlier this month, public anger has intensified as party leaders have tried to restore confidence in parliament.

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