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President William Howard Taft went on to be appointed to the US Supreme Court, and served as the Chief Justice.

So the idea of the current occupant of the White House ending up wearing the robe of the Justice’s isn’t that far-fetched. One could easily see, should Hillary Clinton run and be elected as our next President, her appointing Barack Obama to the bench when a vacancy occurs.

JAMES offers a different scenario, and perhaps one a bit scarier.

Imagine a seat opens on the US Supreme Court due to the retirement of any one of the Justices before November 2016. Barack Obama has to nominate someone to fill that seat. Our “Narcissist in Chief” can think of NO ONE more qualified than Barack H. Obama. He nominates himself and is confirmed, leaving Biden’s lifelong dream of being POTUS fulfilled, even if only for a short time. Add to that, if this were to occur in the near future, that a “President Biden” would need to nominate a Vice President…… Hillary Clinton.

All of this should give everyone pause, in light of the President’s apparent lack of following the law. Let us hope that there are no vacancies any time soon at the Court.


     If a white man had addressed a conference in 2001 and stated that he as a white man was more qualified or better able to make judicial decisions, all things being equal, he would be labelled as a racist and mysoginist. But Pres. Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor said that her life experiences as a Latina woman qualified her to make better decisions than a white male. Shall we call this a double standard, there being no outcry over that?

       Add that to her YouTube comments, acknowledging her belief that judges DO MAKE POLICY, not simly interpret the law.

      In a recent decision, Judge Sotomayor sided with the City of New Haven in not promoting several firefighters because there were no minorities in the group that had passed the exam for the promotion. The Supreme Court that she may sit on has just heard the case at their level, but has not ruled.

     Sonia Sotomayor is being touted as the first Hispanic Justice, when in fact, she, like the great Justice Benjamin Cardozo, are both Hispanic– a term that began to be used in the Nixon era, replacing Latino. Because the media wants to tout her as a historic appointment, they have stated her to be the first Hispanic or first Latina, and the “second” Ibero-American…… FYI- they are basically the same! It might also be worth noting that it took over a year for the Senate to confirm her when Clinton appointed her to the Court of Appeals.