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     The battle for Gov. Patterson’s “golden” appointment of a replacement for the Senate seat of our incoming Secretary of State, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, has turned into a family affair. New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (son of former Gov. Mario Cuomo) and Caroline Kennedy (Daughter of the late President Kennedy) are the top top named contenders for the appointment. Andrew Cuomo was married to Caroline Kennedy’s cousin.  The relationship between the two contenders is even deeper than that, since Cuomo was a very close friend of Caroline’s brother, John Kennedy Jr., and he took on the role of family representative and spokesperson when John Kennedy’s plane crashed in 1999.

     The Los Angeles Times is reporting that  New Yorkers favor Cuomo  over Kennedy as Sen. Clinton’s replacement. Many politicos are still defending Kennedy’s qualifications, but many believe that it will come down to the person who can carry more clout withthem into the Senate chambers, and many believe that despite her name recognition, Cuomo has the better qualifications to serve as the junior Senator from New York. 

     The Senate Foreign Affairs committee voted on Sen. Clinton’s appointment as Secretary of State, which sends the confirmation to the full Senate for a vote next week, which most say is merely a formality.


     Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin is making noise in the lower 48, and in doing so is setting the record straight about the manner in which the left-leaning liberal media manipulated their coverage of her to make her out to be the “Tina Fey Sarah Palin” that SNL portrayed!

      Saying that attacks on her family bring out the “Mama Grizzly” in her, Gov. Palin thinks that the media played with a double standard in their coverage and investigation of her background while at the same time giving the Presidential candidate a “free pass” on every one of his character flaws. On a daily basis, her office fields numerous calls asking for confirmation that she is in fact the biological mother of her infant son Trig.

      “The world doesn’t revolve around Katie” was an off-the-cuff remark that she made about Katie Couric during an interview for a documentary about the media and its fawning over Barack Obama. The documentarion is John Ziegler, and he went toe to toe with David Shuster of MSNBC, who uttered the opinion “she’s clearly not qualified”, sparking the ire of Ziegler (as well as infuriating Greta Van Susteren, who insists that reporters should get back to going out in the field and doing firsthand journalism)

      Ziegler’s website has highlights of his interview with the Alaska Governor. She states that when Katie Couric kept trying to have a “gotcha” moment by being repetitive in her abortion stance questions, Palin saw that the interview was not going to be anything but a trash piece on the Governor, and she then made the mistake of becoming flippant with her answers, such as what she reads. Gov. Palin has said on many occasions that she felt that questioning was inferring that the Alaskans are not as literate or well-educated as the East Coasters.

      Gov. Palin did not even leave Caroline Kennedy out of her mix, though the comments are aimed primarily at the media. “Is she being treated with kid gloves?”. Is this an example of “class difference”? As parts of her interview were used by the media to claim she was attacking Caroline Kennedy’s qualifications to be Senator, Gov. Palin released the following statement:

I was not commenting at all on Caroline Kennedy as a prospective U.S. senator, but rather on the seemingly arbitrary ways in which news organizations determine the level and kind of scrutiny given to those who aspire to public office. In fact, I consider Ms. Kennedy qualified and experienced, and she could serve New York well.”

      The organization and webiste for TeamSarah has recently come under attack by the cyberbullies that abounded during the campaign season, attacking anyone and anything anti-Obama. These cyberbullies have employed the tactics they used this summer by using screennames from TeamSarah to spread racist hate comments on other websites.

     What makes all of this important is the fact that Gov. Sarah Palin is not retreating to the woods of Wasilla, but is intent on remaining a force in the national picture. Are the “Palin2012” domain names already registered? You Betcha!!

     Well known for his informative  medical and health related news stories on CNN and as a contributor on other media outlets, Dr. Sanjay Gupta of Atlanta has been approached by the Obama Administration to serve as the nation’s top doctor, the Surgeon General. The 39 year old neurosurgeon, father of three, is presently the Associate Chief of Neurosurgery at Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hosptal, as well as a professor at Emory University.

     Dr. Gupta has also served as an advisor to Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State designee. He also writes a regular column for TIME Magazine. Dr. Gupta met with President Elect Obama in November in Chicago, and an announcement is to made at anytime.


     In just over 48 hours, we will dismiss 2008 as the year that was, and welcome 2009 as the new year, hopefully one with a better outlook than 2008 has given to it. So, we can reflect on some of the events of 2008, in no particular order:

     The biased liberal media trashes Hillary Clinton, and chooses Barack Obama to be the Democratic Presidential candidate, saying that any questioning of Obama is outright racism!

    The surge that was proposed by President Bush, under the direction of Gen. Petraeus, and supported by Republican Sen. John McCain, worked, although Barack Obama would not admit it.

     The Republicans choose a female Vice-Presidential candidate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. The liberal media attacks her, while continuing to vet Barack Obama.

    Questions swirl about Barack Obama’s citizenship, dual citizenship, and place of birth. The campaign posts a document that is reported to be legitimate, but refuses to produce the original vault document, creating a flurry of lawsuits, several of which reached the Supreme Court. No one, not even the Supreme Court Justices, want to question Obama for fear of being labelled racist.

     Israel attacks in the Gaza strip, while Iran continues to threaten the annihilation of Isreal.

     China was on the world stage as it hosted the Summer Olympics.

     AIG needs a huge bailout.

     The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage deriviatives, which the Democrats fostered in their urge of home ownership for all, caused a financial debacle on Wall Street, creating the beginning of the Fall’s “Bailout Mania”.

     In a vote against George Bush, the American electorate elected Barack Obama as President, touting him as the first Black American President. In reality, Obama is biracial, being more caucasian that black according to genealogists, and, by some records, he is the 6th biracial President. behind Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Harding, and Coolidge.

     Obama’s transition team became involved in the Illinois Governor’s controversy as he attempted to “sell” the vacant Senate seat that Obama held.

     New Orleans and Galveston were both hit by strong hurricanes, but there seemed to be a great deal more organization and preparation than was evident in Katrina in 2005.

    A young Orlando, FL mother failed to report her 2-year old daughter “missing” for nearly a month, and then claimed the child had been kidnapped. Five months later, and many lies later, the remains of young Caylee Anthony were found just 15 houses away from her grandparent’s home, where she had lived with her mother, now in jail on murder charges.

Other major events:??

     After meeting privately to discuss the cases the US Supreme Court would hear, or to issue Writs of Certiorari upon, the list of cases denied or granted was issued late Friday afternoon (Dec. 5th), and the Leo Donofrio case questioning President-Elect Barack Obama’s citizenship and Presidential eligibility was not on EITHER list.

     A spokesman for the Supreme Court said that no decision had been reached as of yet, and that a decision from the Justices would most likely be forthcoming in the next week or so.

     Unlike other cases, such as Pennsylvania attorney Philip Berg’s case, which allege that Obama was NOT born in Hawaii, the Donofrio case concedes Obama’s verbal assertion that he was born in Hawaii, but Donofrio claims that Obama’s British citizenship, afforded to him as the son of a British subject, precludes him from being the President. Barack Obama Sr., as a Kenyan citizen, was automatically a British citizen, since Kenya was a part of the British Commonwealth.

     Other cases are still pending in the lower courts, including the lawsuit brought by Presidential candidate Alan Keyes against California’s Secretary of State to stop the certification of the State’s Electors. Each of the cases that have been filed throughout the country have the potential of being heard in the Supreme Court, based upon their outcome at the lower court and appellate level.

     Since the Director of the Hawaii Dept. of Health stopped short of stating that the documents on file in Hawaii state that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, the only satisfactory resolution to the “birthplace” part of the citizenship question would be for Barack Hussein Obama II to authorize the Hawaiian authorities to release the vaulted documents.

     The Electoral College can, though it is unlikely, vote by conscience, based upon the Obama team’s like of candor in this matter, and not vote for Obama. Some states require their Electors to the Electoral College to vote as the state voted, but others allow the Elector’s a bit of discretion in their votes. In fact, a massive lobbying effort directly to the Electors in some states has been going on since November 4th.

     Although President-Elect Obama has resigned his Senate seat, a move which is irreversible, it is noteworthy that Sen. Joe Biden has not yet resigned his seat, nor has Rep. Rahm Emanuel, and Sen. Hillary Clinton has said that she will not resign until she is confirmed as Secretary of State by the Senate. Senator Clinton’s decision not to resign just yet is completely understandable, but if their is such certainty in Obama’s election, one has to wonder why Sen. Biden and Rep. Emanuel have not resigned their positions.

     Career recruiters have been touting the “evils” of the social networks on the Internet for years, and have issued strong warnings in seminars and lectures on our college campuses and in our high schools. Since you never know where one’s path may take you, what is meaningless today, may haunt you tomorrow.

     Case in point involves Facebook, MySpace, and one certain Obama campaign worker.

      If you’ve looked at the “questionnaire” for vetting if you are interested in a position in the Obama White House, several questions pertain to the Internet. One asks what URL’s, blogs, social networks you might post, comment, or appear on. And another asks if there is anything that might cause embarassment to family, friends, or the President.

      And therein lies the twist. President-Elect Obama was able to appeal to the youthful masses because of Jon Favreau. As Obama’s head speechwriter, the 27-year old graduate of Holy Cross College was able to write for Obama from the youthful perspective that brought the youth masses to his rallies. Now Obama has tagged the youthful Favreau to be the White House Director of Speechwriting.

     On December 5th, this was found on Favreau’s Facebook account, and shown in the Washington Times, as well as swirling through the Internet:

Favreau is the one doing the “groping”

     With Senator Clinton having been tapped to be the Secretary of State, the head of Obama’s cast of  “All Star” characters, one could say that this photo of one of his key campaign staffers is a “bit of an embarassment” for the President-Elect. Favreau has already extended his apologies to Senator Clinton.

     Of course, having read all of the questions on the vetting questionnaire, even President-Elect Obama could not pass his own vetting. After all, Larry Sinclair’s tell-all book is less than a month away…….. and since there’s no legal challenge to it, one could add another layer of credibility and validity to Mr. Sinclair!

     Co-President Elect Hillary Clinton is very wise to retain her Senate seat pending Senate confirmation, particularly in light of the CONSTITUTIONAL questions about HER eligibility to leave the Senate for the Office of the Secretary of State.

    Is this a bizarre twist? Clinton’s Co-President Elect Obama refuses to settle a Constitutional question on his eligibility for office because of questions on his citizenship, and there is not more than a whisper of the story, with a few lines creeping into the mainstream media. Yet the MSM is very quick to put forth every story that purports the fact that the Constitution has a provision that would keep Clinton out of the Secretary of State position primarily because the pay rate for the office was raised while she was a Senator, and a Senator cannot constitutionally take the civil office if its pay was raised (above the Senator salary) while the Senator was serving.

     Its time for Obama to play by the rules: Prove your citizenship, and lets get on to the business of fixing this country’s problems….. with our new President, whoever that person legally shall be!

     Reports from the Obama Presidential transition team are showing the New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is on the short list of prospective candidates for the coveted position of Secretary of State. A source within the transition team said has confirmed to the Associated Press that Sen. Clinton met with President-Elect Obama at his Chicago office. There was an obvious “double contingent” of Secret Service agents onsite, since Sen. Clinton has a Secret Service detail assigned to her because she is a former First Lady.

     Sen. Clinton’s office did not confirm or deny any meeting, except to say that she had no “official public schedule” for Thursday.

     Obama, who had campaigned on the pretext of “Change” coming to Washington, is surrounding himself with Washington insiders and powerbrokers. The selection of Sen. Joe Biden as his Vice President was just the first selection that shows that Obama is counting on the “Politics as usual” network to move his agenda. Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff and Ron Klain as Biden’s Chief of Staff add to that network plan. Both men had positions in the Clinton Administration, and Klain led the recount battle in Florida for Vice-President Gore in 2000.

     The two Cabinet positions being watched carefully by the world in general, and the global financial markets in particular, are the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of State. Sen. John Kerry has publicly lobbied for the Secretary of State position, and Rep. Chuck Hagel has also been mentioned for the position. Putting Sen. Clinton in that role has many positives for Obama, including the high level of international respect that is accorded to her and former President Bill Clinton. But the greatest benefit to Obama would be in having her within his Administration as opposed to in the Senate where she can be a vocal challenge to him, and where she could, if she wanted to rebuke tradition, challenge a sitting President for the Party nomination in 2012.

     For the Change President, it is looking more and more like the same old Washington and the same old Clinton people!

     I found this scenario, on , describing how Sen. Barack Obama would handle the actual withdrawal from the campaign later this week when it is legally determined that he is Constitutionally ineligible to serve as the President of the United States:

I’m worried about how this will be handled from this hour forward to avoid the most massive widespread youth/race riots in history, that will make Ayers wet dreams and Manson’s “Helter Skelter” look like a Rodgers & Hammerstein Ice Cream Social.

1. Obama gives a LIVE press conference in Hawaii with Biden at his side, announcing that he just received “word” from his dying grandmother that he was really born in Africa. And that he MUST, for the good of the country and the Constitution, immediately pull out of the Presidential race and that he is throwing his support to Hillary Clinton and will spend the rest of the race campaigning at her and her Vice Presidential Pick’s side.

2. Biden steps in afterward to declare his support for Hillary Clinton, and that he will not accept the Vice Presidency due to the unprecedented situation the DNC has found itself in; that he feels it would be best for Hillary Clinton to choose her own running mate and “start with a clean slate,” and “that would and should not include or involve me.”

3. Hillary Clinton immediately gives a LIVE press conference from Washington DC, with ONLY press present and not any cheering supporters, from a room that will look amazingly like, but not identical, to the White House press room. She will announce that she is “incredibly disappointed” that Barack Obama is ineligible, that no charges should even be dreamed of being brought against him “because he, and therefore the DNC, had NO idea about this whatsoever” and that her Vice Presidential Pick is Jesse Jackson Jr. She will also announce and explain that Barack Obama will be her Secretary of State in her cabinet, however he will merely serve out of the line of succession for the Presidency; that he could not assume the office and it would pass to the next position in the line of succession should something happen to both her and the Vice President. After fielding the most incredibly hostile press conference with some of the toughest questions ever asked of any candidate in history, she will hand the reigns over to Jesse Jackson Jr. who will immediately give an incredible statement designed to “heal the DNC, heal the nation, and restore confidence in the electoral process, which through these recent events, has proven that the Founding Fathers, in the Constitution, created a system that ‘works’ no matter what happens, and that a Constitutional Crisis has been completely averted.” He will emphasize over and over that he is Obama’s close friend, that no one wanted Barack Obama to be President more than he, but Constitutionally it proved to be absolutely impossible.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

4. Howard Dean will come on last, flanked by Pelosi and Reid, and announce that the DNC “had absolutely no way of knowing Obama was ineligible” with a lot of legalistic gobbledygook that few will believe for a single second, but they will have no choice. He will also announce a series of THREE LAST MINUTE DEBATES between Hillary Clinton and John McCain, as well as ONE debate between Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sarah Palin, times and details to be worked out asap with the various networks involved because of this astounding “breaking” news.

Riots will be averted; order will be restored; after a day or two of scrambling, it will be campaign business as usual as if nothing had happened. The MSM will fall in line, and immediate nonstop attacks against Hillary Clinton and Jesse Jackson Jr. will proceed in earnest on all the airwaves and all over the net. The rationale will be that the DNC knew about this from the beginning, and the GOP-owned mainstream media will do everything in their power to alienate and anger Obama supporters to keep them from voting by claiming that the Clintons stole the Presidency from Obama via a technicality.

That will be the rationale; it will work, for a small handful. Not enough to influence the election, and Hillary/Jackson Jr., after the debates, and especially after the Vice Presidential debates, should sweep to an easy, if not landslide victory. One far too great for Diebold and ES&S and GOP voter disenfranchisement programs to have any real effect, just as they couldn’t swing the midterm in 2006.

All amazingly JUST as McLaughlin predicted more than a half a year ago and hasn’t backed off from since, and also as Rush Limbaugh predicted several months ago as well.

THIS is how we get out of this mess.

Is it the only way? No. Is it the best way? I’m afraid so.

P.S. And to further clarify; Obama can serve in ANY office in the cabinet; he would just be passed over and not included in the line of succession for the Presidency. There have been several non-naturalized citizens who have served in various positions in many cabinets already; they are merely passed over in the line of succession.

While it would be technically legal for Obama to be Vice President, it would be out of the question because the Vice President is the FIRST in the line of succession for the Presidency should anything happen, and indeed, in almost every Presidency, has assumed the position on at least one occasion.

The world wants Obama, and they shall have him; he will make an EXCELLENT Secretary of State; the US’s FIRST ambassador to the world.

Update from J.A.M.E.S: I would like to state that I saw this in the comments at Bigheaddc, and posted it here only for the “humor” I found in the scenario as it was presented, not necessarily as a support of all of the comments that may be made by the commenter at Bigheaddc.


 For many months, Larry Sinclair has tried to get the Obama campaign to acknowledge the Senator’s drug use with him in 1999. He has tried to get the media to hear his story and investigate it. He has endured, along with his family, personal attacks that have included intimidation of his mother, the cessation of his disability income, and his arrest precipitated by a bogus claim pushed through a Delaware grand jury at the behest of Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, whose father was rewarded for his cooperation in this matter by being named as Obama’s running mate.

     Late yesterday, in an illegal activity that will make Watergate look like child’s play, BOTH of Larry Sinclair’s email accounts, through AOL and HotMail, were hacked into and ALL emails removed. That was then followed by the complete elimination of all of the postings on Larry Sinclair’s blogsites. In addition to that, the site that started the Larry Sinclair story rolling, YouTube, removed his videos and closed his account. Of course, all of this was preceded by the Blogspot radio completely erasing his entire radio show and archives without any warning.

     The email accounts were obviously attacked to garner the information that had been sent to Sinclair. Months of speculation by the Sinclair naysayers have pointed to various groups that the naysayers believed were behind the Sinclair movement. Although Sinclair has made it abundantly clear that he was not an operative for anyone, the internet Obama thugs have tried to attach him to anyone they could, from Hillary Clinton to John McCain.

     Even as I post this, Larry Sinclair is in the process of getting the sites restored, and continuing to get the message out.

Larry Sinclair, “Taking It To the Streets”

     So, if Larry Sinclair’s story is not true, WHY THE MAJOR CONCERTED EFFORT to make sure it is stopped NOW ?? Why not Phil Berg’s story, or TexasDarlin’s blogs? Why not NoQuartersUSA?

     Looks like it’s going to get even bumpier !!