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(Daily Mail) — Parents of children at an elementary school in Colorado are furious after the American flag was lowered at the multi-cultural school and replaced with a Saudi Arabian flag.

As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, someone at Bauder Elementary School in Fort Collins appears to have lowered the American symbol while raising that of the Muslim country in its place.

The flag is thought to have initially been hung at the school as one of many posted around the site in recognition of the various nationalities represented by the young students.

The school’s principal insisted the flag was not raised by a member of staff in order to disrespect the American flag — and said the American flag immediately was returned to its prominent position when the issue came to his attention.

But parents argue the display was a direct violation of federal law, which states: ‘No other flag or pennant should be placed above, or, if on same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America.’

They argue it’s the result of the effect a growing Muslim population is having on the area.

A photograph of the Saudi Arabian flag was taken by a concerned local and first posted on the Greeley Report blog.

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Just Briefed By VERY Senior Retired CIA Officer. “Egypt Is Possible/Probable Disaster For US”
Old proven source | Friends and Fiends

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2011 6:01:22 PM by MindBender26

As many of you know, am old network TV newsie. Just tapped former proven source, retired VERY senior CIA officer. No Hq paper-pusher type, he is the real deal, a highly successful very senior ME field operator. Retired as ES-4.

From an intel assesment stanspoint, he is a proven source, with access to information, extensive field work in the area, no reason to lie and has always given good data in past.

His assessment (in shorthand:)

1. If Egypt falls, disaster for US. Put succinctly; “the horse we bet all our life savings on may be about to drop dead in the backstretch.”

2. If Egypt gmvt falls, radical Muslim Brotherhood will be the new power, totally.

3. If Egypt falls, Jordan and Saudi are in trouble, but not necessarily gone. Even Syria is not safe.

4. Although Muslim Brotherhood would take over, the cause of revolt is not religion but the lack of jobs, horrible standard of living. Saudi and Jordan citizens have somewhat better conditions, so might be saved.

5. Egyptian Army is the absolute key. If Army stays local, Mubarak may be safe. If they falter, he is absolute toast.

6. Problem is, Army does not like Mubarak. They loved Sadat, he was one of them, but they do not like Hosni.

7. If Egypt falls, biggest winners are Iran and Russia. Iran becomes big kid on block. Russia desperately needs crude oil prices to go up to help economy. They prosper at $90 barrel crude. This could create $220, $250 a barrel crude oil prices

8. Big loser? Surprisingly not Israel. Just more enemies… who all know Israel will take war nuc if necessary to save self…. but due to US aid, Egyptian Army has great American equipment.

9. Biggest loser #2; Western Europe

10. Biggest loser #1; USA. Oil prices cripple economy. Even worse, word in every diplomatic circle becomes “See what happens to America’s friends.”

Bottom line; possible/probable disaster for US

Capt. Pete Hegseth should be appointed to fill the vacancy of Justice Steven’s seat on our high Court !!

Sen. Orrin Hatch has stated that he cannot support Ms. Kagan’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

Question: If Sen. Arlen Spector could not support Ms. Kagan’s appointment as Solicitor General last year, how can he support her LIFETIME appointment to the US Supreme Court?


It will be interesting to hear mouthpiece Robert Gibbs spin this faux paux:


The Veiled Superpower (Part 3)

By agentblond

And the Mother of ALL Money Grabs



An Arab friend explained to me the difference between an American and an Arab man:  “An American man sees a lovely bird and says, ‘Oh how beautiful’ as he watches it fly away.  But an Arab man sees the beautiful bird; he grabs it and puts it in a cage.”


To accept who are the players behind the September 16, 2008 Market Crash, you need a bit of perspective and context to really believe it.


For years I have told my friends and family that there is a big difference between the various Arab countries, particularly between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the other more moderate countries of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman.  The difference stems from their very genesis as a country. 


King Abdul Aziz, who in 1911 united the many city-states of today’s KSA into one country, had to do so by fighting them into submission.  That included fighting against the Wahhabis of which he could not really prevail so he got their cooperation in fighting with the other city states to create the new union.  As a result, the House of Saud has never really had control over this religiously fanatical tribe. 


As oil entered the picture to the benefit of the Sauds, the divide between the paths of the two tribes grew wider and more troubling.  With newfound wealth, the Saud family became less religious and more “of the world” while the Wahhabis became the watchdog of their countries’ observance of Islam.  And they Wahhabis never gave up their desire to conquer more city-states, or “Sheikdoms” in the rest of the Arabian Peninsula.  At various times, they were able to control each Sheikdom with the exceptions of Abu Dhabi and Dubai (two of the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates today).  It was the British who helped to break the Wahhabis’ hold on the Sheikdom’s outside of the KSA.


Now keep in mind, these city-states were really little more than a few old buildings around which a tribe resided and there were plenty of nomadic tribes moving through the same area.  “Raiding” for supplies and women was a matter of survival in the fierce heat of the Arabian Desert.  The waterfront of the Arabian/Persian Gulf offered little more sustenance.  So these tribes took to raiding the British ships when the Brits started trading in the Gulf.


The House of Saud was the first to realize the wealth beneath their feet.  Though they have been able to buy anything they want—and their appetite for buying is unfathomable by most people—they know it is only because of the Western assistance.  Their country was ran and managed and developed by outsiders from all over Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Europe and the US.  In 1991, they call all Westerners “Khwadjis” meaning “Experts.”  And this quickly became sand in the open wound of their inflated ego and pride. 


Socialism came easy to them as the Koran (Qur’an) would demand the House of Saud take care of their poor citizens.  Before the First Gulf War, the KSA citizens were making 4 times the mean income they would be making by 2000.  Or in other words, the mean income of KSA citizens in 2000 was just ¼ of what it was in 1991.  This is a recipe for disaster.  And the Wahhabis were able to use this to up their control with the Kingdom and keep the Saud family (government or family is interchangeable here) in check.  Saudi Arabia was little more than a social welfare state all drawing from the oil reserves to survive.  But with the years, the Saud family’s size exploded and they siphoned off more and more of the oil revenues to the family members.  This left dwindling resources for the citizens.


Communism comes shortly after Socialism when there is ANY amount of greed entered into the equation.  Communism relies on an internal Para-military force whose only goal is to keep the citizens in place.  The Kingdom had a military, of course, but that was mostly because it seemed expected of them and because they could afford to have one.  And it was another way to provide employment to the citizens who they were paying for anyway.


Of course, as the KSA was one of our closest allies for a time, we referred to their form of government as “tribalism” which was perfectly accurate too.  However, it failed to note the natural inclination of the Saud family to understand other communist governments more easily than our own. 


But getting back to their insecurities and inferiority complex generated by the Khwadjis’ necessity in their own country to keep things running, imagine the sense of pride they secretly felt when one of their own made international news for efforts he achieved on his own—Osama Bin Laden. 


NOTE:  And keep in mind that the very nature of the consensual governments of the Gulf Region is to agree in public and disagree through secretive means behind others’ backs.  The veil is a symbol of the way everything in their culture works.  There are walls around every house so no one can see in and see their wives.  Where did this come from?  Remember the raiding?  Most raids occurred at night when it was dark and the raiding tribe would take horses, food, water and women.  So they began to dress their women in black so they wouldn’t be seen so easily at night. 


Finally, one modern Arab had succeeded at something newsworthy!  And it all began with his winning the “holy war” against the Soviets in Afghanistan.  With this sort of success, how could Osama possibly return to his life of luxury where he had no personal respect? 


After the Dot Com Bomb, plenty of Princes and Sheiks were funding Al Qaeda (see History of Raiding Each Other’s Banks and Markets), rather unwittingly at first, but maybe knowingly at some point.  That was likely the case with the Saudi Minister of Interior whose own son was Al Qaeda’s #1 in the KSA.


So, finally, it would seem the House of Saud had its own perfectly deniable, but proxy nonetheless, military force.  Though Al Qaeda was religious zealots and fanatics like the Wahhabis, and had even swollen their ranks from that same tribe, it mattered not if the House of Saud could coop this military for their own use at times.  How much better they were not within their own boundaries too?  Though they could not have seen this coming, it was a blessing nonetheless.  And the House of Saud is masterful at one thing—using their money to control things. 


For imagine if you have hundreds of billions of dollars of personal wealth, as no doubt the top tiers of the Saud family does, and you have not had to “earn” it in any way most of us do (or even the Koran says you should), what would you focus all of your energy on?  Remember, your family heritage is as raiders and that is all you know.  That is where you came from.  And the Koran so perfectly supports many of the things your money would allow you to accomplish—world dominance. 


And your Nemesis (read USA), who you must be cordial with as they provide you with the technology and security you need to keep your oil pumping, has the freedoms you long for.  You have all this money, but not a country worth owning or a country free of the fanatics you wish you didn’t have to deal with.  And you’re running out of oil so the land is soon to be useless anyway.  And how will you be able to live in a country where the people will have less than the Sudan in no time?


So you think:  “But, if the family pools their resources, their clout (we already own all of London and a lot of Switzerland), we could wrangle our way into power over a country of our choice.  Say, the USA?  Yes, that’s perfect.  Its payback for the way they made us feel inferior in our own country for years.  And the USA has been worried about China pulling their money out, but what if we did it before China could?  We would need a Muslim President in the White House first.  Of course, we can count on Russia to frustrate any decision of the UN Security Council and between them, Iran and Al Qaeda, we can frighten the daylights out of the US citizens.  “I love the idea.  Let’s do it.


“And we have the US to thank for the uncovering of a government’s Achille’s Heel—their economy—when they brought down the Soviet economy in the 80s.  So, there you have it.  Damn it, it was an American idea, AGAIN!  I really wish we could have thought of it first, but the good new is we have the money to do it.