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Right now the biggest political story of the day is the disgraceful ad released by the pro-Obama super PAC, Priorities USA, that shamelessly, openly, and falsely blames Mitt Romney for the death of a woman afflicted with cancer. In the ad, a man named Joe Soptic tells a tragic but completely misleading story that lays the unfortunate death of his wife at Romney’s feet.  The ad is so outrageous, even the mainstream media has demanded the Obama Campaign repudiate it.

The response from the Obama camp has uniformly been to declaratively deny any knowledge of the content in the ad. This includes Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter, Obama Campaign Senior Adviser Robert Gibbs, and Obama Campaign Spokesperson Jen Psaki.

So, you have the biggest political story in the country, you have three Obama officials (two of them very high-profile) playing Who me? when it comes to the story, and then you discover the following….

But Cutter hosted an Obama campaign conference call in May in which Soptic told reporters the very story featured in the Priorities spot.

…what do you do?

Well, if you’re the corrupt Politico, you dutifully report but bury what is very big news that could affect Your Precious One’s credibility.

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In the midst of all the hoopla over NBC’s big Republican debate, George Stephanopoulos quietly returned to his old position as anchor of ABC’s This Week, and already he’s made some news with today’s appearance by former White House advisor David Axelrod. A new book out about President Obama details tensions between First Lady Michelle Obamaand White House staffers, which led to one advisor cursing her out during a meeting. Axelrod confirmed today that this incident did take place.

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The New York Times published an excerpt of the book, titled The Obamas, where the author alleges that former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was the advisor in question, reacting to a chain of events following the discovery that Mrs. Obama was quoted in a new French book as saying living in the White House was “hell.” Then he cursed out the first lady, who was absent at the time, but later Gibbs decided he had “misdirected his rage.”

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Meet the new WH press secretary…no better than the last. 
 If our reporters want to know what specifically is going on in Japan, they should ask our reporters over there.

It‘s a shocking question from one of the country’s main news outlets: Is the Obama White House replacing the traditional press with its own “state run” media machine?

According to ABC, it seems the answer might be “yes.“ The news outlet points out ”the White House Press Office now not only produces a website, blog, YouTube channel, Flickr photo stream, and Facebook and Twitter profiles, but also a mix of daily video programming, including live coverage of the president’s appearances and news-like shows that highlight his accomplishments.”

ABC’s story goes on to cite examples:

But while these innovative communications tools ostensibly offer greater transparency and openness, critics say they have come at a troublesome expense: less accountability of the administration by the independent, mainstream press.

Over the past few months, as White House cameras have been granted free reign behind the scenes, officials have blocked broadcast news outlets from events traditionally open to coverage and limited opportunities to publicly question the president himself.

Obama’s recent signing of the historic New START treaty with Russia and his post-State of the Union cabinet meeting, for example, were both closed to reporters in a break with tradition. And during a recent question and answer session with the president and visiting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the White House imposed an unusual limit of just one question each from the U.S. and Canadian press corps.

“The administration has narrowed access by the mainstream media to an unprecedented extent,” says veteran ABC News White House correspondent Ann Compton, who has covered seven administrations. “Access here has shriveled.”

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During a speech Monday, President Barack Obama once again omitted the Declaration of Independence‘s mention of man’s “Creator” as the source of his “unalienable rights.” While delivering remarks at a dinner fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) in Rockville, Md., President Obama spoke about what he called the “essence” of the upcoming midterm election:

As wonderful as the land is here in the United States, as much as we have been blessed by the bounty of this magnificent continent that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, what makes this place special is not something physical. It has to do with this idea that was started by 13 colonies that decided to throw off the yoke of an empire, and said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that each of us are endowed with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The sole mention of man‘s Creator in Obama’s remarks came at the end when he thanked the audience and said, “God bless you.”

This isn’t the first time the president has selectively edited the Declaration in not acknowledging the role of God in bestowing these rights upon man. During a Sept. 15 speech before the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s Annual Awards Gala, the president omitted the religious reference, but the White House dismissed criticism, saying that Obama “went off script and adlibbed when he made that mistake.” But just a week later, the President made the exact same “mistake” speaking during another fundraiser, this time in New York City.

When asked why the president did not use the words “endowed by their Creator” in his Monday speech, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters Tuesday, “I can assure you the president believes in the Declaration of Independence.”

The Obamorons Strike Back


During the 2008 election campaign I coined the phrase “Obamorons” to describe the uncritical cheerleaders of Obama–the people who would leap to his defense even if he drove a truck over his aged grandmother.  Love-stricken TV host Chris Matthews comes to mind, complete with thrills running up his leg, as does English major Maureen Dowd, lifestyle columnist for the New York Times.  The Times itself is a leading Obamoron outlet.

Well, the Obamorons are now in a mad fury, and this time the culprit is my cover story in the September 27 issue of Forbes.   The story is adapted from my new book The Roots of Obama’s Rage.  Let me just say that if the Forbes article so upset these guys, wait until the book comes out.  It may prove extremely difficult for the Obamorons to digest; perhaps it will have to be administered as a suppository.

Leading the Obamoron charge this time was White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.  Gibbs was reacting to Newt Gingrich’s comment that my article offered the most “stunningly insightful” analysis of Obama that he had read in six years.  Gingrich’s reference to “Kenyan anti-colonialism” raised Gibbs’ ire.   Gibbs said he had “no idea” what Gingrich was talking about.  He should have stopped there: if you have no idea what someone is talking about, it’s a good idea to shut up.  But Gibbs went on to link Gingrich and me with the birther thesis: the charge that Obama was not born in the United States.

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Below is an email from my FNC colleague Chad Pergram:

Per Pergram-Capitol Hill

From House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH).

“It’s disappointing and counterproductive that the president and his advisors have decided to spin my comments yesterday as a sign that I am willing to accept tax hikes on any American. Here’s a news flash for the White House: I am not. The only way forward that will help our economy get back to creating jobs is to stop all the coming tax hikes and cut spending immediately.”

Chad Pergram
FOX News
Senior Producer-U.S. House of Representatives

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 White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says he doesn’t have the slightest idea what Newt Gingrich is talking about.

Gibbs’ comments come a day after the former House Speaker told the National Review that President Obama follows a “Kenyan, anti-colonial” worldview that in turn supports his policy positions on a range of issues.

“I don’t even have – quite frankly – the slightest idea what he’s talking about,” an amused Gibbs told ABC News Monday morning. “I think Newt Gingrich knows that he’s trying to appeal to the fringe of people that don’t believe the president was born in this country.”

“You would normally expect better from somebody who held the position of speaker of the House,” Gibbs added. “But, look, it’s political season. And most people’ll say anything. And Newt Gingrich does that … on a regular basis.”

In his comments to the National Review – published on the conservative publication’s Web site over the weekend – Gingrich also said Obama had conned his way into the Oval Office by painting himself as a mainstream American.

“This is a person who is fundamentally out of touch with how the world works, who happened to have played a wonderful con, as a result of which he is now president,” he said, adding later “I think he worked very hard at being a person who is normal, reasonable, moderate, bipartisan, transparent, accommodating – none of which was true. In the Alinksy tradition, he was being the person he needed to be in order to achieve the position he needed to achieve . . . He was authentically dishonest.”

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A Democratic member of Congress called for White House press secretary Robert Gibbs’s resignation Tuesday due to inflammatory comments he made about the “professional left.”

Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.), a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), said Gibbs went over the line when he told The Hill that some left-wing critics of the president “ought to be drug tested.”

“This is not the first time that Mr. Gibbs has made untoward and inflammatory comments and I certainly hope that people in the White House don’t share his view that the left is unimportant to the president,” Ellison told the Huffington Post. “I understand him having some loyalty to the president who employs him, but I think he’s walking over the line.”

Asked if Gibbs should resign, he said “That’d be fair, because this isn’t the first time. And, again, people of all political shades worked very hard to help the president become the president. Why would he want to go out and deliberately insult the president’s base?”

Gibbs took heat from liberal bloggers and activists for his comments, who argued Gibbs’s comments were foolish. Gibbs later stood by his comments, but called them “inartful.”

He did not participate in the White House daily press briefing Tuesday.

Deputy press secretary Bill Burton told the White House press corps that Gibbs was absent because he is suffering from a cold.

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