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     It has garnered barely a mention this week, in light of the “connect the dot” failures of the Obama administration (yes, he now owns the failure– no more “Bush’s fault”), but Speaker Nancy Pelosi lost one of her ObamaCare votes this week:

FL-19: This seemed to elude almost everyone yesterday, but Rep. Robert Wexler’s resignation was official over this weekend; he heads to the helm of a Middle East peace-oriented non-profit. His resignation leaves Nancy Pelosi short one “yes” vote for the upcoming post-conference HCR vote, meaning one less seat in the lifeboat for whatever vulnerable Dem wants to take a pass.



     Just three weeks shy of the November 4th General Election, a rumor became public knowledge as ABC News reported that Florida Congressman Tim Mahoney had allegedly paid his mistress $121,000 to keep quiet about their affair.

     Mahoney, representing Florida’s 16th District, won a decisive victory in 2006 after the long term incumbent, Mark Foley, was forced to resign after a sex scandal that centered around his inappropriate computer emails and instant messages with male Congressional pages. (Just a week or so ago, the criminal case was concluded with no charges being filed). Campaigning on a platform of making the “world safer, more moral”, Mahoney easily defeated the replacement that the Republicans quickly got on the ballot.

     Now, two years later, it is reported that Mahoney’s mistress was one of his Congressional staffers, and after Mahoney fired her and broke off the affair, Patricia Allen went to ABC as well as hiring an attorney. This past Spring, fending off the possibility of a sexual harassment lawsuit, Mahoney agreed to pay Ms. Allen $60,000 plus her legal fees of $61,000. In addition, she was promised a job at a consulting firm, and should that fail to come to fruition, she’d be paid additonal funds. Ironically, the attorney she chose was former Congressman Foley’s attorney.

     Mahoney, a wealthy entrepreneur, is married and he has one daughter.

Mahoney 2006 victory speech

     To no surprise, the Republican leadership in Mahoney’s district have called for his resignation. The Congressman has not responded to any media requests for a comment. Couple this with Florida Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) recently being “outed” by Bill O’Reilly as not having a home in FLORIDA, Speaker Pelosi may have two less seats than she thought.

     As this story makes the pages of the mainstream media, the Blogsphere is swelling with the stories that are growing. Larry Sinclair has been telling his story for months, the story of gay sex and drugs he shared with Obama in 1999. Today, as the Obama camp surely cringed, Larry Sinclair had the opportunity to meet with John and Cindy McCain in North Carolina. On top of that, the name of Vera Baker has cropped up with alleged romantic ties to Obama, as far back as 2004. One blog story even lists Ms. Baker as part of an even “angrier” Michelle Obama !

     The media is poised to have to play catch up again, as it did with John Edwards and Rielle Hunter!

Today’s Pop Quiz:

     (1) Did the funds for Mahoney’s mistress payoff come from trusted campaign contributions, expensed (at taxpayer expense) through his Congressional office, or from his personal account?

    (2) Why did Obama have Vera Baker AND another woman on his campaign payroll in 2004, both listed as FINANCE DIRECTOR?