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The chatter is getting a little louder as the time draws closer. Hillary Clinton will make a decision to run for President, presumably in early 2015.

At the same time, speculation is growing that our present FLOTUS may have her eyes on the Senate seat in Illinois presently held by Sen. Mark Kirk (R). Kirk, a stroke survivor, has shown himself to be a fighter, battling his stroke to return to the duties of being the junior Senator from Illinois. But if a powerhouse figure such as Michelle Obama were to enter the race to challenge him in 2016, escpecially of Hillary is at the top of the ticket, does Kirk have the fortitude to wage that type of battle? Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (D) is also one who would be a beneficiary of a run by both Hillary and Michelle. Pollsters are showing that his reelection prospects are in trouble, but if both Hillary and Michelle were on a November 2016 ballot, he might ride their coattails back into office for another term.

Of course, all this assumes that the American electorate could stomach MORE Clinton years and MORE Obama years.



Despite the attempts of ABC, CBS, and NBC to frame yesterday’s “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day” as support for anti-same-sex marriage, Americans across the country packed the company’s 1600 stores to show their support for Dan Cathy’s freedom of speech. Cathy is the CEO of the privately-held, family owned fast food organization, and his support of “traditional marriage and family values” sparked a firestorm that has several high profile Mayors making threats to keep the company from any future expansions in their areas, a chilling thought that borders on fascism.

Pictures of long lines and great service were plastered on every social media.

At my Chick-Fil-A, the staff had been busy all day, and all managers were on hand to make sure everything went great.

This was not a protest against same-sex marriage, and anyone who tried to frame it as such just didn’t get it. It was heartening to even hear a few gay people being interviewed showing their support for Mr. Cathy’s freedom of speech. I am sure there were many, though we know the media will not permit it to be framed in that way.

So tomorrow, members of the LGBT community have called for a “kiss in”, encouraging same-sex couples to express their freedom of speech by kissing each other in Chick-Fil-A. While those who heed this call would be classified as those who “don’t get it”, thinking this was about marriage equality, I strongly support THEIR RIGHT to exercise their freedom of speech. A pastor on TV today said he debated with a lesbian pastor last night on a radio show about the Chick-Fil-A controversy, and to make his point about the freedom of speech issue and the “government intrusion” being intimidated by the likes of Rahm Emannuel, he told this woman that if she wanted to build a church and the city said “no way” because of her values or beliefs, he would stand with HER to defend her right to build her church.

And that is tolerance.

Strange Rahmbo story.


Lori Halpin, a tenant in Emanuel’s home, had testified Wednesday that she was unaware of the crawl space and didn’t think Emanuel had left anything at the house. Even though she was the one who let the attorneys and a neighbor into the house Thursday, some of those challenging Emanuel’s residency objected to the photos being admitted into evidence.”

“I believe that these photographs are phony and faked. Those could have been taken in my house,” said objector Zakiyyah Muhammad.”

     There are 75 days to the inauguration, and 1461 days until the 2012 Election, and President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama II is beginning to establish his inner sanctum in the West Wing, as well as the high profile Administration members. No one is surprised that campaign strategist David Axelrod will join the Obama White House as a Senior Advisor, as well as the Key Secret Keeper!

     Rep. Rahm Emmanuel, a former Clinton staffers, and a member of Congress who is well versed in the strengths and weaknesses of each Democrat on Capitol Hill, has accepted the position of Chief of Staff. Emmanuel is Jewish, and his father was born in Israel. The new Chief of Staff has a fierce reputation on the Hill, and has been known to throw out epithets of four letter words! Obama wants this close aide at his side to soothe Israel and the American Jewish committee.

     Now comes word that Caroline Kennedy may be appointed an ambassadorship position, possibly to the United Nations, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., her cousin, has been mentioned as a possible head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Robert Kennedy’s activism with regard to the environment is strong, and his approach would be very “anti-business” which would follow the Obama plan of breaking the backs of the mainstay of our economy, the small businesses.

     In the early days of this long campaign season, the Chicago Tribune referred to Michelle Obama as our new Jackie Kennedy. From Hope’s Audacity: There was Only One Camelot:

   Shortly after the death and funeral of President John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy agreed to a brief interview about the assassination and the Kennedy legacy. When the First Lady was asked how she wanted the Kennedy White House years to be remembered, she thoughtfully said that she likened it to Camelot.


“Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot.”…There’ll never be another Camelot again…

Interview with T.H. White on November 29, 1963

at Hyannis, MA, for LIFE Magazine

         Now, 45 years later, in the midst of another election period, it is important to remember that it is just words to equate one’s candidacy to the legacy of our fallen leader. It is History that will determine the true legacy of the candidates in this election, the winners and the losers. Instead of trying to be likened to the iconic Presidency of John F. Kennedy, perhaps the better strategy would be to be fully forthright in one’s own accord.


President-Elect Obama, to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, “You’re No Jack Kennedy”