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     After Philip Berg’s lawsuit challenging Obama’s qualifications was dismissed yesterday, it seems that it became “acceptable” for members of the mainstream media to report on the story, which had been held primarily to the internet. The Associated Press and FOX News have both had stories on the case.

     In a press release earlier today, Berg questioned Judge Surrick’s decision that Berg lacked standing to bring the lawsuit. “If I don’t have standing, if you don’t have standing, then who does?” to question the constitutional requirements of a candidate for the office of the President. Mr. Berg has stated that he is going directly to the United States Supreme Court, bypassing the Court of Appeals. Pesumably, since time is of the essence to prevent a potential Constitutional crisis, Berg wants to get this matter before our highest Court.

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     Although disappointed, but not defeated, Philip Berg had somewhat expected that the Honorable Judge R. Barclay Surrick would dismiss his lawsuit challenging Sen. Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President. With 10 days until the election, with the volume of controversy growing daily, Berg sees us heading toward a Constitutional crisis.

Philip Berg

     For a legal analysis of the Judge’s 34 page decision, which was handed down shortly after 6pm yesterday, I refer you to Jeff Schrieber’s . Suffice to say, the legal reasoning is of course sound as to whether or not Mr. Berg had proper standing to bring this action. Later today, through a press release or press conference, the Pennsylvania attorney will outline his plans to pursue this action through the Court of Appeals, and ultimately to the Supreme Court.

    It is worthy to note that although Mr. Berg’s case, touched upon only lightly in the mainstream media, has had a large cyberspace following, it is by no means the only case challenging Obama because he has failed to release key documents that would satisfy all of this controversy. There are cases filed in Washington, California, Connecticut, and Florida, too name just a few.

    Mr. Berg has also revealed that he has audio tape of Obama’s paternal grandmother with information about Obama’s birth, and it has been noted that he is representing the African Press (API) in their release of their phone conversation with Michelle Obama that reportedly took place last week. API has released some of the information that is on the taped conversation through their blogsite, and based on the volumnious traffic they have experienced, they are acknowledging that the expedient release of these tapes is important for the Americans to know the exact nature of the intentions of a possible Obama administration, directly from one of Obama’s closest advisor’s, his wife!

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