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Tuesday, January 27, 2009




Proud of Obama?

Unless they accept the degrading premise of racism (that physical traits alone are a valid basis for identifying human communities), I cannot understand why people would assume that I should take pride in the election of Barak Obama simply because we both have dark skin. Because he takes the position that it’s right to slaughter innocent human beings by abortion, I believe he represents the antithesis of decent conscience. Like the southern slaveholders in the nineteenth century, he accepts the view that a human being’s most basic rights may be disregarded simply because another human being considers his physical characteristics or stage of human development inferior. Of course people like Obama aim at a more violently immoral result than the southern slaveholders. Whether from moral sentiment or selfish interest, the advocates of slavery supported a system that at the very least regarded the death of a slave as a regrettable, though sometimes necessary, waste of capital Those who support the abortion industry work to perpetuate a system that builds capital by wasting the lives of innocent human beings in the uttermost condition of helplessness.

People who wrote handbooks on slave husbandry actually gave advice to slaveholders about keeping the slaves healthy and strong for work. The abortion industry thrives on the development of more convenient and reliable methods of extermination. Its advocates fight hard to make sure potential clients are not exposed to any information that might interfere with the decision to devote new victims to the slaughter.

Slaveholders had to develop all manner of human relationships with their slaves, some of which involved genuine emotional attachment on both sides. The abortion industry depends on the denial of the emotional bond that is the paradigm of loving human relations, that between a mother and her child; and it implies the denial and irrelevance of the scarcely less fundamental tie that ought to bind a father to his offspring.

People pretend to scoff and take umbrage at anyone who dares to mention Obama and Hitler in the same breath. Yet the “good liberals” who staff the surgical killing fields that masquerade as medical facilities suppress the personhood of innocents in the womb with the same officious ruthlessness that characterized the “good Germans” who suppressed the humanity of the Jews, gypsies and other groups they regarded as inferior and consigned to the death camps. And the “choice” honored by pro-abortion slogans has about as much to do with freedom as the “work” honored by the slogan that reigned over Auschwitz and Buchenwald, “Arbeit Macht Frei.”

Far from any feeling of pride, I can feel only shame at the thought that someone now occupies the White House who in his rise to power consolidated the dedication of his most hard core devotees by boldly defending the murder of newborn children who survive intended slaughter, on the grounds that respecting their indisputable right to life would somehow interfere with their mothers’ “right” to the dead, dismembered little carcass they pay the abortionist to deliver.

Far from any feeling of pride, I feel only revulsion, and I cringe at the thought that anyone would identify me with a man who promotes evil more hard hearted and spiritually corrupting than that which claimed the liberty and blighted the lives of my forbears. I know that God forgives those who repent of the sin of abortion, even as he takes to his bosom the intended victims of their mistake. But as for those who defend the sin; who lure others into believing it has the sanction of right; who make the piled remains of tiny human beings the landfill on which to construct their edifice of profit and political power; as for these workers of iniquity I know that Christ rejects them (“…depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.” Luke 13:37) and for them our father God reserves only annihilation, (“…destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.” Proverbs 21:15)

Yet I also feel terrible grief at the sight of so many who rejoice in the triumph of evil that Obama represents because they have been deceived and manipulated into believing that he somehow represents a vindication of all the years of suffering, sorrow and outcast oppression experienced by Americans whose heritage includes the bitter reality of slavery, abuse and unjust discrimination. How can the generations beaten, hounded and murdered on account of the rejection of God ordained human equality be vindicated by the elevation to power of a man who champions that rejection, not just for one group or another, but for all human beings too young and inarticulate to defend themselves? How can the generations denied opportunity and a just recompense for their talent and labor be vindicated by the adulation given to a man who promotes as lawful, and would impose by law, the ultimate denial of opportunity and all justice to the posterity which represents the renewal of mankind’s hope in this and every generation?

As the children of those generations of bondage and tears lift up this golden calf of pride for the world’s applause they reject, like the children of Israel, the will and heart of the very God of Justice who made provision for their deliverance from floggings and unrequited toil, from contumely and searing humiliation. I grieve because I fear that like the Israelites of old, this generation prepares for itself a trial of renewed oppression, a place by the rivers of Babylon where they will learn again from hardship to seek the mercy of God by the only path that finds him- the path marked out by the true Messiah who best exemplified respect for his righteousness and obedience to his will. His is the heart from which we know the truth their new, false prophet of unity and hope cast down by the wayside in his rise to notoriety: real love and hope would rather lose all to preserve respect for God’s true gift of life than preside, by its destruction, over a nation departed from his knowledge and headed for calamity.

“For the LORD knows the way of the just: but the way of the unjust shall perish.” (Psalms 1:6)


     Let me begin with stating that I believe that the Federal government should be the “last resort” in emergency planning and emergency response…… the state and local governments being primarily responsible to assist their residents. Here and on other sites, it is being questioned as to why the Great “O” is not being blasted through the airwaves for his failure to quickly respond to the damages, loss of life, and the lack of power and heat encompassing areas from Texas to Maine,  primarily in Kentucky. Why aren’t they screaming because Obama is sitting in the Oval Office with the thermostat set at 72, and he has yet to “survey” the damages?

     I recived this in my email today:

“”      Iowa     “”





Where are the Hollywood celebrities holding telethons asking for help in restoring Iowa and helping

the folks affected by the floods? 

Where is good old Michael Moore?


Why is the media NOT asking the tough questions about why the federal government hasn’t solved

this problem?  …Asking where the FEMA trucks and trailers and food services are?

Why isn’t the Federal government moving Iowa people into free hotels in Chicago and Minneapolis?


When will Spike Lee say the Federal government blew up the levees that failed in Des Moines?

Where are Sean Penn, Bono, and the Dixie Chicks? 

Where are all the looters stealing high-end tennis shoes, cases of beer and television sets?       


When will we hear Governor Chet Culver say that he wants to rebuild a ‘vanilla’ Iowa

      … because “that’s what God wants”?


Where is the hysterical 24/7 media coverage complete with reports of shootings at rescuers, of

rapes and murder?


Where are all the people screaming that George Bush hates white, rural people? 

My God, where are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Oprah, and Harry Connick Jr?  


How come after two weeks we never heard about the Iowa flooding again?   (1 guess only) 



Where are the government bailout vouchers and the government debit cards?

There must somehow be one hell of a big difference between the value of the people who live in Iowa and Louisiana!  What is it???????????


Let’s float this one around for a while in contrast to all of the hullabaloo that New Orleans received and see how many Americans can and are still willing to THINK for themselves instead of letting our uncaged liberals and a questionably ethical press do it for them ……






“We Have A President With The Blood Of American Troops On His Hands”

January 31st, 2009 Posted By Pat Dollard.


A comment on Sgt. Welsh’s “Big Hollywood” post yesterday:

I did my time in Iraq. I was wounded, I’m alive against all probability. I have several friends who died for America there.

We have a President with the blood of American troops on his hands. I will die not believing that, but knowing it. He did all he could to extend the killing, so we would leave, and the Democrats’ Vietnam II script, would have the ending they needed.

And when he couldn’t win by killing us, he tried to by insulting us, dishonoring those of us who were still fighting, those of us who had returned, those of us who who had been wounded, and those of us who were dead.

“The surge didn’t work.”

And when that lie was obviously just too big, and he had to acknowledge the success, he stole it from us, and handed it to our Sunni brothers-in-arms. The ones who fought with our weapons and our training, who we’d spent years winning over to our side, who lived in barracks with us, who fought shoulder to shoulder with us, whose wounds we treated, and whose dead bodies we carried from the field. In Obama’s mythology, we weren’t there. He now murdered us with his words.

And we soldier on, his lies gone with the wind, but etched forever in the history books. We willingly and happily absorb more blows and cuts, all that we must, from all enemies foreign and domestic.

As for Obama, if Rush Limbaugh merely criticizes, he weeps and gnashes his teeth with the pain.

There’s a reason why boys like Barack Obama don’t join the military.

I know for sure there’s one thing we’re going to learn, and that is what it’s like to have a President with absolutely no conscience, absolutely no sense of decency, absolutely no sense of honor.

The Ghost Behind You


     Blame for the mortgage crisis is flowing everywhere. Of course, the legislators who pushed the banks into making homes available to “Everyone” (Barney Frank, Maxine Waters), and community stabilization groups (ACORN, Barack and Michelle Obama, Father Pfleger), have claimed no responsibility in the debacle.

    The follwoing article is from

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Last updated 2:58 p.m. PT


Bank repossession, foreclosure and for sale signs sit outside a foreclosed home in Houston. Two retired FBI officials asserted that the Bush administration was thoroughly briefed on the mortgage fraud crisis and its potential to cascade out of control, but made the decision not to give back to the FBI the agents it needed to address the problem.

FBI saw mortgage fraud early


The FBI was aware for years of “pervasive and growing” fraud in the mortgage industry that eventually contributed to America’s financial meltdown, but did not take definitive action to stop it.

“It is clear that we had good intelligence on the mortgage-fraud schemes, the corrupt attorneys, the corrupt appraisers, the insider schemes,” said a recently retired, high FBI official. Another retired top FBI official confirmed that such intelligence went back to 2002.

The problem, according to the two FBI retirees and several other current and former bureau colleagues, is that the bureau was stretched so thin that no one noticed when those lenders began packaging bad mortgages into bad securities.

“We knew that the mortgage-brokerage industry was corrupt,” the first of the retired FBI officials told the Seattle P-I. “Where we would have gotten a sense of what was really going on was the point where the mortgage was sold knowing that it was a piece of dung and it would be turned into a security. But the agents with the expertise had been diverted to counterterrorism.”

The FBI not only lacked the resources, but also never got the tips it needed from the banking regulatory agencies. The Securities and Exchange Commission, the Office of Thrift Supervision and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency also failed to detect the securities issue, said the first retired FBI official.

“These are very resource-intense cases that take a lot of work by very skilled people,” said John Falvey Jr., a former federal prosecutor who currently does white-collar criminal defense work in Boston.

And Falvey said that financial executives who deliberately chose not to learn the facts about dicey mortgage-lending practices in their companies — who chose to be “willfully blind” to such practices and the subsequent securitization of those mortgages — could be vulnerable to prosecution for securities fraud.

Both retired FBI officials asserted that the Bush administration was thoroughly briefed on the mortgage fraud crisis and its potential to cascade out of control with devastating financial consequences, but made the decision not to give back to the FBI the agents it needed to address the problem. After the terrorist attacks of 2001, about 2,400 agents were reassigned to counterterrorism duties.

This mass reassignment was first chronicled by the Seattle P-I in the Terrorism Tradeoff, a series of investigative reports beginning in 2007 and stretching into 2008. That administration policy, the P-I reported, resulted in a dramatic plunge in FBI criminal investigations and referrals for prosecution. And recent data from Syracuse University researchers shows the problem has worsened.

FBI Assistant Director Ken Kaiser — in a statement – took issue last week with any implication “that if the FBI had made more arrests for mortgage fraud, the crisis could have been averted. To even suggest that is a cry for a lesson in both civics and basic economics.

“It is not a fair or realistic assessment.”

The FBI is now making one of its largest hiring pushes ever. The bureau is seeking 850 new agents this year, some to fill vacancies that had been allowed to languish for years even as the administration blocked efforts to reinforce the FBI’s crime squads.

Still, a P-I analysis of information provided by the FBI shows that 850 new agents doesn’t come close to restoring the bureau’s crime squads. It would take more than double the number of agents and at least $400 million of new funding to bring the bureau’s corps of crime-fighters back to pre- 9/11 levels.

But Deputy Director Steve McMillin of the Bush White House’s Office of Management and Budget told the P-I last year that even partially restoring the FBI crime-fighting capabilities was not a priority.

“The assumption that how it was pre- 9/11 is how it ought to be for all time is not the correct premise,” he said.

The first retired FBI official said: “We made a direct pitch (for more agents) to the OMB even though we weren’t supposed to and they said no.” Instead, “we were looking at reductions, not additions.”

Further complicating efforts to detect and prosecute mortgage fraud, banks and other mortgage lenders were making so much money from the constant churn of transactions and the continually escalating price of homes that the fraud that did arise simply didn’t cost the industry enough money to raise their concerns.

“You had victim banks that would not acknowledge that they were victims,” said the first retired FBI official. ” ‘We’re not out any money,’ they would say. Nothing has been foreclosed. The banks weren’t reporting, the regulators weren’t regulating and the FBI was concentrating on external mortgage fraud as opposed to the underlying internal problem.”

And the administration’s attention was turned to terrorism.

When FBI Director Robert Mueller was briefed on mortgage fraud, “his eyes would glaze over,” the first retired FBI official said. “It was not something that he would consider a high priority. It was not on his radar screen.”

“We knew we had a broader problem, but you’ve got a Justice Department and the administration saying you need to concentrate on domestic intelligence and counterterrorism,” the first official said. “It wasn’t very popular to ask for resources for anything. It was dead on arrival.”

The second FBI official said: “Mueller was caught in a box.

“Mueller actually circumvented the Justice Department and the OMB to get resources. But he was shut down” by the administration.

Public statements by one high FBI executive shows that the bureau was well aware of the potentially devastating impact of rampant mortgage fraud at least five years ago. The executive ominously foretold the crisis in testimony before Congress.

“Based on various industry reports and FBI analysis, mortgage fraud is pervasive and growing,” Chris Swecker, then assistant director of the criminal investigation division, said in October 2004 before the House subcommittee on housing and community opportunity.

Then Swecker made a chillingly accurate prediction of the coming mortgage meltdown and financial collapse:

“The potential impact of mortgage fraud on financial institutions in the stock market is clear. If fraudulent practices become systemic within the mortgage industry and mortgage fraud is allowed to become unrestrained, it will ultimately place financial institutions at risk and have adverse effects on the stock market.”

Swecker went on to describe the scenario that ultimately wrecked financial havoc around the world: “Often mortgage loans sold in secondary markets are used by financial institutions as collateral for other investments. … When loans sold in the secondary market default and have fraudulent or material misrepresentation … these loans become a nonperforming asset, and in extreme fraud cases, the mortgage-backed security is worthless. Mortgage fraud losses adversely affect loan-loss reserves, profits, liquidity levels and capitalization ratios, ultimately affecting the soundness of the financial institution itself.”

Swecker declined recently to comment, other than to say, “My testimony in 2004 speaks for itself.”

But Kaiser, who currently occupies Swecker’s old post, warned against misinterpreting the testimony.

“In context, Assistant Director Chris Swecker meant he believed the FBI could stay focused on mortgage fraud to prevent fraud from becoming the major driver that would cause a collapse of credit in the housing market,” Kaiser said in comments e-mailed to the P-I earlier this month. “We believe by a good measure, the bureau did that.

“The FBI’s Criminal Division has arrested 1,000 suspects and targeted 180 criminal enterprises since 2004,” Kaiser said. “We targeted those lenders and buyers involved in multiple frauds or cases where the profits went to drug crews, gangs or organized crime. More investigations are ongoing. But the FBI is a law enforcement and intelligence agency, we are not banking regulators.”

It wasn’t just the FBI’s white-collar crime program that lacked the resources and political will to do its job.

The Office of Thrift Supervision and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency “and the bank regulators are really the first line of defense,” the first official said. “The investigative agencies (like the FBI) are the second line of defense. We all caught the mortgage fraud aspect. But none of us caught the corporate fraud aspect.”

But even if the regulatory agencies had come to the FBI with the tips, the resources necessary to pull off such an inquiry simply did not exist.

“There were two hurdles,” said the second retired FBI official, “not enough agents working in the criminal area and not enough (federal prosecutors) to prosecute these complex cases. You have to have investigators to follow the money, you have to follow the decision making to take it up to the corporate suites. And we didn’t have it.”

The FBI had every certified public accountant in the bureau working on big fraud cases such as Enron and HealthSouth, the first retired FBI official said. “The ones that weren’t working (those cases) went to terrorist financing.”

The SEC, said the official, did not show an interest in working with the FBI on the problem, either. And it didn’t begin responding to pervasive financial corruption until after the economy collapsed.

“The regulators are the ones embedded in the banks,” the first retired FBI official said. “They would be able to see it if they were looking. They were the first line of defense in detecting it.”

SEC officials declined to comment.

Thrift office spokesman William Ruberry said, “The OTS has a robust enforcement program to investigate and take appropriate action against corruption and fraud uncovered by our examiners, reported by consumers or conveyed by other sources.”

Comptroller’s office spokesman Kevin Mukri said only that “the OCC has always had and continues to have a professional and cooperative working relationship with all law enforcement agencies.”

Nevertheless, high FBI and Bush administration officials knew a potentially devastating problem was on the horizon and failed to stop it.

“It was a sleight of hand because the public thought the administration was resourcing counterterrorism when in fact they were forcing cannibalization of the criminal program,” the retired FBI official said. “Now the chickens have come home to roost.”


      Statistics are Statistics! Statistics don’t Lie!

      It does not matter your politics; we must all take pride in our military, and we pay honor to those brave men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our liberties, our freedoms, over the last 27 years (1980-2007):

The annual fatalities, by any cause, of military members while actively serving in the armed forces from 1980 through 2007:

1980 2,392 (Carter)
1981 2,380 (Reagan)
1984 1,999 (Reagan)
1988 1,819 (Reagan)
1989 1,636 (George H W)
1990 1,508 (George H W)
1991 1,787 (George H W)
1992 1,293 (George H W)
1993 1,213 (Clinton)
1994 1,075 (Clinton)
1995 2,465 (Clinton)
1996 2,318 (Clinton)
1997 817 (Clinton)
1998 2,252 (Clinton)
1999 1,984 (Clinton)
2000 1,983 (Clinton)
2001 890 (George W)
2002 1,007 (George W)
2003 1,410 (George W)
2004 1,887 (George W)
2005 919 (George W)
2006 920 (George W)
2007 899 (George W)

Clinton years (1993-2000): 14,107 deaths
George W years (2001-2007): 7,932 deaths

Are you surprised when you look at these figures? They indicate the loss from the two latest Middle East conflicts are less than the loss of military personnel during Clinton’s presidency when America wasn’t even involved in a war–unless you include Bosnia and Mogadishu, Somalia. (Remember Blackhawk Down?) Even more surprising is that in 1980, during Carter presidency, there were 2,392 US military fatalities!

These figures appear to indicate many members of our media and politicians pick and choose the information on which they report–that they present only those “facts” that support their agenda. (Oh, Gosh, Do you think?) Consider the latest census of Americans. It shows the following distribution of American citizens by race:

European descent 69.12 percent
Hispanic 12.50 percent
Black 12.30 percent
Asian 3.70 percent
Native American 1.00 percent
Other 2.60 percent

Many members of the media lead us to believe the military death ratio is off balanced compared to the distribution by race in America. Here are the fatalities by race over the past three years in Iraqi Freedom:

European descent 74.31 percent
Hispanic 10.74 percent
Black 9.67 percent
Asian 1.81 percent
Native American 1.09 percent
Other 0.33 percent


This clearly shows how the media manipulates the statistics and leaves certain facts out. These statistics are from the Congressional Record Service, May 2008.

     The letter that Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager wrote to Malia and Sasha Obama, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal, was a heartfelt letter from that small group of people who have actually spent their youth in the glaring spotlight of the White House. Within the words that the Bush twins share with the Obama girls, Jenna and Barbara actually pay the greatest tribute to their father, not the President, the leader of the free world, but the man who is simply “Daddy” to them. NBC asked the Bush twins to put their letter to video.

     My research staff has brought the following article to my attention, and it shows how very similar our present circumstances, economically, are to 1931. What is more important is that our leaders be held to the task of avoiding 1933.

Bad news: we’re back to 1931. Good news: it’s not 1933 yet

Barack Obama inherits an economy already contracting at an annual rate of 6pc, much like the mid-Depression year of 1931 (-6.4pc), writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard


This may beat Germany (-7pc) Japan (-12pc) and Korea (-22pc) over the fourth quarter. But that merely underlines the dangers ahead as the collapse of global trade chokes the mini-boom in US exports, setting off another stage of the crisis.

The US is losing 500,000 jobs a month. Brazil lost 650,000 in December. Beijing says 10m Chinese have lost their jobs since the crunch began. Japan’s exports fell 35pc last month, year-on-year. The central bank is printing money furiously, buying bonds to prevent a relapse into deflation.

So yes, it is like early 1931. Citigroup and Bank of America have more or less disintegrated. JP Morgan’s health is failing fast. General Motors and Chrysler survive only on life-support from the US taxpayer.

But it is not yet like 1933. That second leg down was the result of “liquidation” policies by a Dickensian leadership blind to the dangers of debt deflation. By then the Gold Standard had degenerated into an instrument of torture. It forced the Fed to raise rates from 1.5pc to 3.5pc in October 1931 to stem gold loss, with predictable results for shattered banks.

It is worth glancing at the front page of New York Times on Monday March 6, 1933 to see what the world looked like three days after Franklin Roosevelt moved into the White House.

The newspaper splashed with the story that FDR had closed the US banking system – invoking the Trading with Enemies Act – and ordered the confiscation of private gold. From left to right, the headlines read: “Hitler Bloc Wins A Reich Majority, Rules Prussia”; “Japanese Push On In Fierce Fighting, China Closes Wall, Nanking Admits Defeat”; “City Scrip To Replace Currency”; “President Takes Steps Under Sweeping Law of War Time”; “Prison For Gold Hoarders”.

President Obama faces a happier world. The liberal economic order is still in tact, if fraying at the edges. Capital and ships move freely. North America and Europe talk the same political language. China has so far proved a dependable pillar of the international system.

But then the world seemed benign enough in early 1931. It is the second phase of depression that does terrible things.

Roosevelt took over a country where the economic machinery had completely broken down. The New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade had closed. Thirty-two states had shut their banks. Texas had restricted withdrawals to $10 a day.

Few states could borrow on the bond markets. Illinois and much of the South had stopped paying teachers. Schools closed for months. An army of 25,000 famished war veterans squatting in view of Congress had been charged by troopers of the 3rd US cavalry with naked sabres – led by a Major George Patton.

Armed farmers threatening revolution had laid siege to a string or Prairie cities. A mob had stormed the Nebraska Capitol. Minnesota’s governor was recruiting Communists only for the state militia. Lawyers attempting to enforce foreclosures were shot. More than 100,000 New Yorkers applied to go to the Soviet Union when Moscow advertised for 6,000 skilled workers.

We forget how close America came to open revolt. Eleanor Roosevelt feared the country was beyond saving. Her husband kept the faith. He channelled the anger against Wall Street, diffusing it. “The practices of the unscrupulous money-changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion,” he began his presidency.

The Fed was an ideological deadweight. Bowing to pressure from Congress it began to purchase bonds in mid-1932 to boost the money supply, but then recoiled, before retreating into pitiful self-justification. A third of the rescue funds in Hoover’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation had been embezzled.

Today there has been no such failure of US institutional imagination, even if, as George Soros argues, the Treasury’s policies have been “haphazard and capricious”.

The twin blasts of fiscal and monetary stimulus have been massive. In short order the Fed has slashed rates to zero. It is now conjuring money out of thin air on an industrial scale, buying $600bn of mortgage bonds to force down the cost of home loans, and propping up the commercial paper market to avoid mass corporate default. Ben Bernanke, a Depression junkie, is proceeding with a messianic sense of certainty. The wash of money should ensure that the next 18 months will not mimic the cascade of disasters from late 1931 to early 1933.

It buys time. But it does not solve the deeper problem, which is that a West addicted to Ponzi credit has put off the day of reckoning with ever more extreme monetary policy with each downturn, stealing prosperity from the future.

It will be an extremely delicate task to right the ship again. Central banks will have to extricate themselves from their venture into the bond markets without setting off a bond debacle in 2010 or 2011. Governments will have to map out of a path of Puritan discipline for year after year.

This will be Barack Obama’s grim test of statesmanship.

More on …

     The pageantry of the Inaugural process, the orderly transition of power in our American Republic, is under way, and fully on display on an international stage. As the clock approaches the strike of noon, Chief Justice John Roberts, using the Bible of Abraham Lincoln, will administer the Oath of Office to the nation’s 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama II. With the road that lies ahead of him, the new President will almost assuredly invoke the same blessing the Almighty God that George Washington did as he nervously took the same Oath more than two centuries ago.

     Party politics aside, this day, regardless of who would have won that November 4th election, is one of great pride in our nation, in our Armed forces, in our youth and in our senior citizens, and it is meant to be the display of the great Republic that our forefathers had envisioned. Last Spring, as President Bush hosted the Pope at the White House, we took personal note that there are not enough public displays of  our national patriotism, not enough exposure of our Marine Corp Band, along with all of the national symbols of our greatness. So it is important to take into account what the day itself is representing. This is the celebration of our ability to disagree, to challenge, to have differing views, and yet strive for similar or common goals.

      At the exact moment that the Chief Justice completes the administration of the Oath of Office, our Nation will not only begin a new era under a new President, we will begin what may be one of the greatest Constitutional crisis of our Nation’s history. It has been said that part of in President’s Inaugural address will be focused on our personal responsibility for our future. In that light, it is ironic that personal responsibility will be at the forefront of the Constitutional crisis that Barack Obama will be fully embroiled in as a result of his lack of responsibility in being forthright with his personal records that could have ended any question of his eligibility to be the President of the United States.

     It has been said by a commenter on this site that he does not want Obama to be ineligible for the Office, he just wants to know that he IS eligible for the Office. Our Nation is at a pivotal point economically, globally, and morally, and as such, we must face the future with the knowledge that we are doing so in the true words and spirit of the values that Washington, Jefferson, Adams and other great patriots set forth in the Constitution and in their writings. The person that represents America must represent the values instilled in the Constitution that he affirms to preserve and defend.

     So, as the struggle to minimize the damages that our looming Constitutional Crisis may bring forth, all Americans must invoke the same humbling words of President Washington “so help us God!”.

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     UPDATE: On 1/19/09, Bush commuted the sentences of Ramos and Compean

     Less than 48 hours remain in the Bush Administration, and the clock is ticking for President Bush to either pardon or commute the sentences of the two border patrol officers who have become the scapegoats in a high stakes game of politics vs. illegal immigration and drug-trafficking.

    Many believe that the two U.S. Border Patrol agents were wrongfully convicted in the shooting of a Mexican drug dealer and allegedly covering it up. The families are hoping that before President Bush leaves the White House on Tuesday morning to hand the reigns of the Executive branch over to Barack Obama, that he will clear the way for the release of Ramos and Compean.

     The historians are already beginning to judge the full extent of the Presidency of George W. Bush, although the true test of his Presidency will be revealed as the future before us unfolds. On one point, though, most can already agree on what the longest lasting Bush legacy will be: the appointment of conservative leadership to the bench of our high court, the United States Supreme Court.

    The appointments of the strong conservatives Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts filled two positions on the Supreme Court with two jurists who are young, in comparison to some of the others on the bench, and whose years of service ahead on the bench will truly test their conservative values. Although the Court rules by majority, even if an Obama administration were to get the opportunity to fill several seats on the Court, the role of the Chief Justice will remain with John Roberts. All but two of the Justices, Justice Ginsberg and Justice Souter, were appointed under Republican administrations. Justice Stevens, at 88, will most likely be Barack Obama’s first opportunity to make an appointment to the Supreme Court.

Side Note: As of today, January 14, 2009, President George W. Bush, has kept Americans safe for 2689 days since the attack on our soil!