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“I don’t know why any individual should have a right to have a revolver in his house,” Nixon said in a taped conversation with aides. “The kids usually kill themselves with it and so forth.” He asked why “can’t we go after handguns, period?”

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Today, both President Obama and Mitt Romney are jetting in every direction, hitting the ground in the key battleground states. They are making their last pitch to get the votes that they need for tomorrow.

Remaining cautiously optimistic, I believe we are in an electoral moment very similar to Election Eve 1976, as Democratic strategist Pat Caddell highlighted yesterday. On the weekend before the election in 1976, Pres. Gerald Ford was slightly ahead in a very close race with Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter. But thorugh the weekend, the pollsters saw a momentum change taht carried through to the Election…. when it came to it, the people simply did not want the incumbent to carry on. This weekend, Pat Caddell says, he began seeing very similar data sentiments late Saturday and early Sunday. The one kink in the data is that in 1976, there was no early voting.

In about 30 hours, the polls on the East Coast will begin closing. Some pundits say we may not know until Wednesday or beyond who the next President will be. Others say we may know before midnight. Throughout the weekend, I have watched the clips of Obama and Romney. The optics of Obama and the superstars that he has used to “draw in the crowds” are completely opposite of those of Mitt and Ann Romney, hand in hand, with their sons. Obama’s rhetoric sounds desparate, even angry, while Romney is appealing to our better selves. Yes, I know it is politics, it is just words. But anwer me this…… Can we really handle 4 more years of Obama! A “lame-duck” Obama!?

Let this be “OUR MOMENT”, that moment when we can tell the next generation that we made changes and with great prayer, we made this OUR TIME to correct the moral compass of this great nation, and we once again will become the great leader that is the envy of the world. It is not Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan, not Allen West or Nancy Pelosi, Rand Paul or Chris Christie…. it is ALL of US together, working toward our better tomorrow!

One never knows what turns up in the Inbox of our email:


President Obama:

      Today I read of your administrations’ plan to re-define September 11 as a National Service Day. Sir, it’s time we had a talk.

      During your campaign, Americans watched as you made mockery of our tradition of standing and crossing your heart when the Pledge of Allegiance was spoken. You, out of four people on the stage, were the only one not honoring our tradition. YES, “We noticed.”

During one of your many speeches, Americans heard you say that you intended to visit all 57 states. We all know that Islam, not America has 57 states. YES, “We noticed.”

       When President Bush leaned over at Ground Zero and gently placed a flower on the memorial, while you nonchalantly tossed your flower onto the pile without leaning over. YES, “We noticed.”

     Every time you apologized to other countries for America ‘s position on an issue we have wondered why you don’t share our pride in this great country.. When you have heard foreign leaders berate our country and our beliefs, you have not defended us. In fact, you insulted the British Crown beyond belief. YES, “We noticed.”

     When your pastor of 20 years, “God-damned America ” and said that
9/11 was ” America ‘s chickens coming home to roost” and you denied having heard recriminations of that nature, we wondered how that could be. You later disassociated yourself from that church and Pastor Wright because it was politically expedient to do so. YES, “We noticed.”

       When you announced that you would transform America , we wondered why. With all her faults, America is the greatest country on earth. Sir, KEEP THIS IN MIND, “if not for America and the people who built her, you wouldn’t be sitting in the White House now.” Prior to your election to the highest office in this Country, you were a senator from Illinois and from what we can glean from the records available, not a very remarkable one. YES, “We noticed.”

       All through your campaign and even now, you have surrounded yourself with individuals who are basically unqualified for the positions for which you appointed them. Worse than that, the majority of them are people who, like you, bear no special allegiance, respect, or affection for this country and her traditions. YES, “We noticed.”

      You are 24 months into your term and every morning millions of Americans wake up to a new horror heaped on us by you. You seek to saddle working Americans with a health care/insurance reform package that, along with cap and trade, will bankrupt this nation. YES, “We noticed.”

  We seek, by protesting, to let our representatives know that we are not in favor of these crippling expenditures and we are labeled “un-American”,”racist”, “mob”. We wonder how we are supposed to let you know how frustrated we are. You have attempted to make our protests seem isolated and insignificant. Until your appointment, Americans had the right to speak out. YES, “We noticed.”

      On September 11, 2001 there were no Republicans or Democrats, only Americans. And we all grieved together and helped each other in whatever way we could. The attack on 9/11 was carried out because we are Americans. And YES, “We noticed..”

   There were many of us who prayed that as a black president you could help unite this nation. In six months you have done more to destroy this nation than the attack on 9/11. You have failed us. YES, “We noticed.”

  September 11 is a day of remembrance for all Americans. You propose to make 9/11 a “National Service Day”. While we know that you don’t share our reverence for 9/11, we pray that history will report your proposal as what it is, a disgrace. YES, “We noticed.”

       You have made a mockery of our Constitution and the office that you hold. You have embarrassed and slighted us in foreign visits and policy. YES, “We noticed.”

And last but not least, we noticed that on August 10, 2011, you held a big Muslim ramadan celebration at the White House, at TAX PAYERS expense.  INTERESTING!!! YES, “We noticed.” 

  We have noticed all these things. We will deal with you. When Americans come together again, it will be to remove you from office. Take notice.  ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES, in case YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED !!

“Under its terms, Pakistan would allow US forces to conduct a unilateral raid inside Pakistan in search of Bin Laden, his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and the al-Qaida No3. Afterwards, both sides agreed, Pakistan would vociferously protest the incursion.”
Looks like the “sabre-rattling” before its Parliament yesterday was the “vociferous” protesting!

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has expressed his concerns over this very issue in a tersely worded statement stating that, “The absurdity of what we have witnessed on the Senate floor is only eclipsed by the lack of leadership demonstrated by the White House, and a President who has been absent from this debate and even sent his lead negotiator on a five-day foreign trip.”

Rubio has been pushing for a long term budget instead of continuing to push for 2-3 week budget extensions- Rubio believes this needs to be addressed once and for all rather than with these stopgap measures whose primary purpose is to win the ongoing PR battle in the the news cycle.  Rubio also supports a balanced budget amendment- where is the progress in Congress on this bright idea?

“I will no longer support short-term budget plans. While attempts at new spending reductions are commendable, we simply can no longer afford to nickel-and-dime our way out of the dangerous debt America has amassed. It is time our leaders in Washington wake up and realize that we are headed for a debt disaster.”- Senator Marco Rubio

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As nightfall came across Cairo, word came to the angry protesters, on their 18th day, that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has officially resigned.

Reports earlier in the day had indicated that under the cover of night, Mubarak was shepherded out the country. These reports are unconfirmed. Update: It is being reported that Mubarak left the Presidential residence, and flew to his winter home.

At 1:30pm, Pres. Barack “Carter” Obama is expected to make a public statement about the ongoing process in Egypt. It should be noted that with Mabarak’s departure, the coming months will be volatile, and could have a major impact on our international relations.


     Although TIME Magazine labels this article “Confident Republicans give Obama Frosty Reception”, the awkwardness of the evening comes through in the article, and it comes through on both sides of the aisle. Everyone in the chambers last night knew that we are at a crucial point in our history, where the “progressive” agenda that is a priority for certain members of both parties is now apparent and that the public is not going to allow the progressive movement. Everyone in that chamber knows that the People are watching, and are willing to hold them accountable.

From TIME:

Stand-up comics call it a “tough crowd,” but then tough crowds are part of their business. It’s a whole other matter to be met with cold stares when you are the President of the United States, talking in prime time before a joint session of Congress, when your own party controls both chambers by historic margins. (Read “Obama’s State of the Union Address: Five Ways to Judge Its Success.”)

President Obama spoke the first 676 words of his State of the Union Address Wednesday night before the first hand clap. His tone was so somber, and the room’s mood so grave, that no one moved when Obama said, “We must answer history’s call.” There were no ovations when he called for “Democrats and Republicans to work through our differences, to overcome the numbing weight of our problems.” He got no love for saying, “the worst of the storm has passed.” (See “Judging Obama’s First Year, Issue by Issue.”)

By the time he announced that, “We cut taxes for 8 million Americans paying for college,” Obama was forced to go off script. “I thought I’d get some applause on that one,” he said, looking over to the Republicans, who were sitting on their hands. There was some giggling, and some of them relented, offering the Congressional version of a golf clap.

So it went all night for the President, who a year ago came before the same body to announce, “Now is the time to act boldly and wisely.” That bold wisdom has, in the course of a year, been transformed into a much more qualified vision of something short of significant legislative failure. “To Democrats, I would remind you that we still have the largest majority in decades, and the people expect us to solve some problems, not run for the hills,” he said. (See pictures of Barack Obama’s first year in office.)

While the Democrats, at times, seemed to be considering the exits, the Republicans in the crowd handled the event with a renewed sense of confidence. A few minutes before Obama arrived, Republican Rep. Mike Pence stood in statuary hall, explaining why he had turned down a chance to run for Senate so that he could help lead Republicans back to power in the House. “This is a genuine, authentic, American movement,” he said of the political winds that had won Republicans state-wide races in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Virginia.

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During the most recent election, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., made the following statement about transparency:

“When you’re running for president, everything should be public – including your full medical records. I believe in a right to privacy. But when you’re running for president, which is such an important job, the need of the public to know supercedes it.”

SEE WorldNetDaily for personal information on our Presidents and the Transparency of the Obama Administration:

     As Glenn Beck said on his show several times this week, violence will not further any cause. That was the philosophy of the Rev. Martin Luther King as well, and it was the cause for strife among his ranks. But it has been predicted in various places that this would be a harsh summer, and I believe that the White House is precipitating this situation, with their rhetoric and their actions. Usually I post a portion of an article and provide the link for the reader to follow up on the “rest of the story”. I will provide the link to this one, but I am posting the entire post becuase of its importance. “Let me be clear”, the media will show this to be the angry mob and orchestrated by the GOP crazies…… it is NOT…… this is the Chicago machinations at their best!!

Yesterday, I Had One Message: “There Will Be Blood” Tonight, Drudge Validates Me – Update WITH RAW VIDEO: Dem Thugs Beat Up Black Republican

August 7th, 2009 Posted By Pat Dollard.


UPDATED: I just got this message from a colleague in St. Louis: “The Dems crossed a line today. Their union thugs just beat up a black voter on our side.”

Yesterday, I published and re-published, the following message everywhere, twittering and emailing and im’ing, as well. It became the title and theme of my BTR show, “The Jihadi Killer Hour”, last night. I don’t care how limited these first violent confrontations were, if you listen to the show, you’ll understand my point in full detail and context. This first fight between an average citizen and a Leftist revolutionary precisely marks the direction this country is headed. The civil war is here my friends – – I sincerely hope you are ready. This is not a call to arms, it is the legitimate product of a legitimate political and social analyst. We are at war, so far limited to a propaganda, cultural, and political war, but if the trends I discuss below continue unabated, then my dispassionate, objective analysis is that this country is going to be torn by nothing less than an entirely unpredictable level of violent conflict fitting the most traditional definition of war.

Here’s what I wrote yesterday:

You are going to learn one thing by the end of August: the media are engaged in a mostly successful conspiracy to deny you a say in the American political process. You have been shut out. And if they are willing to fabricate news stories which say you either don’t exist or are a paid advocate of insurance companies, then they, and the administration, are clearly willing to also literally steal your vote at the ballot box. If they are willing to deny you a fair hearing of your concerns and opinions in the political debate, then why would you think they would be unwilling to deny you your vote?

The media fabricating a news story of this magnitude is one of the most tyrannical crimes in history.

You can deny people an election result. That, they will accept as fair.

But you cannot deny them a voice in the political process, you cannot deny them their fair hearing. That, they will accept only as a literal act of war.

I predict there will be blood in September.

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