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  In our country’s Bill of Rights, our Freedom of Speech is on that we regard with great respect.

     Yet, as the Sen. Barack Obama became the presumptive Democratic nominee, then its nominee, the context of how our Freedom of Speech will be affected if Obama wins in November is clear and evident in the blogsphere:

This is the 3rd case that I’ve heard about from blog talk radio.


Obama’s “Truth Squads” Censor Free Speech on BlogTalkRadio?

–this is serious people we all need to contact ———– ————– ———————— ————– —————…blogtalkradio/

This is breaking news: In yet another Orwellian move by the Obamites, Tracy, over at “No Compromise when it Comes to Being Right” was shut down by blogtalkradio tonight when she was interviewing Phil Berg about the lawsuit against Barack Obama! Here is her post:

Phil Berg is my guest today on No Compromise Radio:

I scheduled a show with Attorney Phil Berg who has filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama for not being a US Citizen therefore he is an illegal alien.

My show was terminated at the beginning of the show. Why? The BTR assistant Director of Customer Relations, Shannon Dingee-Kramer stated that my show was, “racially or ethnically offensive, defamatory, unreasonably violent, threatening, intimidating or harassing; 2. contains falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage BlogTalkRadio or any other person; (BTR red emphasis–not mine!)

In other words, those who claim to be for free speech are afraid of it when they see it, or hear it in this case! It might offend someone and that’s far more important to protect than the American Principle of exercising the flow of speech in the arena of public ideas.

So I am officially off the air until further notice thanks to the Obamunists and Islamists who support him!

 BLOG TALK RADIO ==== where is the Freedom of Speech. Phil Berg questions Obama’s citizenship, and that is Racist!!??


     In Tom Cruise’s Jerry Maguire, Cruise and his co-star Cuba Gooding Jr., have a great scene where the line is ” Show me the Money!!”. In the case of Sen. Barack Obama, the chant will be “Show us the Proof”!!

    Continuing to avoid the requests from Pennsylvania attorney Philip Berg,  Sen. Obama refuses to produce any documents which have been legally requested in Berg’s lawsuit. Now, in Washington State, a lawsuit has been filed against the Secretary of State to challenge Obama’s name on the ballot for the General Election.

     Steven Marquis of Fall City, WA, alleges very similar items as Berg, and states that the Secretary of State (Sam Reed) has a duty to ensure that the candidate on the ballot meets the qualifications.

     In addition to this newest lawsuit, another blogsite has reported speaking with Michelle Obama, who is enraged that her husband’s patriotism and citizenship are being questioned. If the conversation is true, Mrs. Obama states that its no big deal that Obama was “adopted by his stepfather” (Lolo Soetoro).

     I am not questioning Barack Obama’s love of this country, but I believe that he should show the respect that our flag and our anthem represent. To make the argument that we are an “oppressor” is to fuel the charges of those who hate us already.

     And, it is so simple to resolve this matter: Show us the Proof !!

     “Transparency”, “Open”, “Different Kind of Campaign”

     These are all words and phrases that Sen. Barack Obama has used to describe the type of candidate that he wanted to be in this election. Sen. McCain has been accused of running a negative attack campaign, and inciting racial tones. Yet McCain has refrained from discussing Rev. Wright, and has pointed NOT to Obama’s ties to terrorist Bill Ayers BUT to Obama’s lack of candor about the alliance with Ayers, ACORN, and others. Obama, on the other hand, has not been followed through on his statements and promises of being “open and transparent.”

Obama training for ACORN

     Would you vote for Obama if you knew he was a member of the Socialist Party, known in Chicago in the 90’s as the New Party?

      On numerous websites that had been in Google’s archives, articles about Obama’s ties to the Socialist agenda through the New Party and the Democratic Socialists of America have been well documented. It seems that Obama forgot to have those scrubbed from the World Wide Web.

     Would you vote for a Obama if you knew that he is refusing to release his school records from Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard?

      The campaigns for the Presidency are like a job interview, and most applications, you not only list past work experience, but you education as well. In addition to that, to apply for Bar membership, these documents would have to be provided as well.

     It has been well written that John McCain did not graduate at the top of his class at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. In fact it was near the bottom. There are conflicting reports about Obama’s educational skills, and whether his academic history at Columbia was sufficient to have qualified for admission to Harvard without Khalid Al-Mansour asking Percy Sutton of New York to write a letter on behalf of Obama due to Sutton’s Harvard connections.

      Would you vote for Obama if you knew that he has refused to produce his “vault” birth certificate to be verified, but instead posted a forged document in conjunction with the leftist blogsite Daily Kos?

     While I find David Axelrod to be arrogant and obnoxious, I am sure that he is intelligent enough to have foreseen that with Obama’s biography, there were going to be questions about his heritage, his lineage, his citizenship.

     It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever that the only media that the Obama team addressed the birth certificate issue with was the Daily Kos, especially when mainstream media is fawning over him. Unless the production of the vault birth certificate and his Indonesian records are going to reveal more untruths, like his initial Ayer’s answers, then it would seem that it would be most prudent to simply supply the information.

     Obviously, with the increased traffic on attorney Philip Berg’s website regarding his lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility to run for POTUS, it would seem that the interest in the answer to this part of Obama’s biography are finally growing. With 22 days until the election, if Obama is elected, we could be facing a Constitutional Crisis that could have been avoided by his openness and the media doing their job of vetting the candidate.

     Would you vote for Obama if you knew that he has downplayed his role in ACORN, or that his campaign gave ACORN $832,000 for voter registration assistance (which the campaign initially reported as an expense for sound and lighting; “an error”), and ACORN’s activities are now being investigated in at least 12 states?

     The ACORN investigations cannot be labeled as partisan attacks. The Nevada investigation was begun at the behest of a Democratic Secretary of State. ACORN was active in Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign. in 1992, Obama said he worked with Project Vote in the Chicago area on voter registrations, not ACORN. However, both organizations’ records show they were at the same location.

     So, what exactly is the bottomline? To ask these questions is not stoking the coals of racism! To ask these questions is to verify the thin resume of a candidate whose record does not support the claims that he has made in his campaign. Because the economy has become a major focal point, and because McCain is a member of the party that presently occupies the White House, the Democratic candidate is bolstered by those main factors. But with such lack of candor from Obama, he should not receive the “free pass” that the media and the Democratic party have so freely issued to him.

       Louis Farrakhan may claim him as the Messiah, but to average Joe SixPack, he still needs to provide proof to back up his just words!!

     Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg is challenging Sen. Barack Obama to “Put up or Get Out“!!

     Illuminati Films, which has produced several short films on the Illinois Senator, has released this short film, featuring Philip Berg giving his reasons and justification as to why Barack Obama is not eligible Constitutinally to be elected to the United States Presidency:

    I have said on numerous occasions, this is just a very simple task for the Obama campaign. It is obvious from Mr. Berg’s website that in the last 3-4 days, even the mainstream media is carefully monitoring this case. The answer for Obama is simple: Show the real documents, or WITHDRAW from the Campaign!




FOXNews “Fox and Friends”

  Obama Spokesperson Bill Burton appeared on FOXNews Fox & Friends earlier today to condemn Sen. McCain’s ads about Sen. Obama’s ongoing friendship with terorist Bill Ayers and his wife. In his usual beligerence, Burton brushed off most questions about Ayers, claiming that the Americans want to know about the economy, etc. I am responding as an American voter to Mr. Burton here:

     Dear Bill Burton:

    As the Obama campaign spokesman, I found your attacks on FOXNews “Fox & Friends” this morning obnoxious and boorish.

    From this American voter, let me answer and address your concerns of what we want from your campaign, at least in my opinion-

     Yes, we want answers on the economy, the bailout, McCain’s mortgage plan using the bailout funds, the war on terrorism, the war in Iraq, Osama bin Laden, healthcare, and every other pressing issue impacting us.

     Yes, we want honesty. No, we don’t like attack ads, but, be realistic, if they didn’t work, millions would not be spent on them.

     What we want is honest answers to the problems, and that honesty must have a foundation in a trust that has been earned from the American voter.

     Sen. Barack Obama’s “hidden” anger at the Ayers questions stems from the anger he built over the questions into his Rev. Wright relationship. If Obama cannot be forthright and “transparent” as he promised, then how is he the candidate of “Change”? How can he expect our trust if he won’t answer the questions:

       Yes, it’s important to know the FULL extent of Obama’s involvement with Ayers:

                      Their wives worked together. They served on several Boards together. Ayers chose Obama for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to dole out between $50 & $100 million dollars to various organizations.

                       Obama was involved with the Democratic Socialists of America, which itself is alleged to be affiliated in the 1960’s with Ayer’s Weather Underground.

                       While out Columbia, a time that Obama has the journalists gloss over, Ayers lived just a few blocks from Obama…… sort of as he does now.

                        Are all of these things just coincidences. Give some honest answers.

     If Sen. Obama wants our trust on all of the important issues, he must be forthright. This candidate, whose father was from another nation, had to expect questions into his heritage, and should not have expected that his words…just words… would be or should be taken as gospel.

     Therefore, I ask:

           Why did the Senator use the Daily Kos to “role out” his birth certificate when it was questioned?

           Why is the Senator seeking a Protective Order to Halt Discovery in the lawsuit filed against him in Eastern Pennsylvania federal court by attorney Philip Berg?

           Why has the campaign opted to use a forged document as Obama’s birth certificate instead of simply providing the vault original?

           How did Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro travel to Pakistan in 1981 when the State Department had a travel ban to the area? Did Obama have an Indonesian passport as the amended lawsuit alleges, and thus Obama his CITIZENSHIP issues that can be raised just 26 DAYS before the election?

           Why won’t you permit your records from Occidental, Columbia and Princeton to be released, including the financial aid? Why does Mrs. Obama mention just “paying off the student loans” but in the debate Tuseday you alluded to having gone through school on scholarships? Were your student loans paid off prior to your 2004 run for the Senate? Which tax returns are they reflected on?

       You see, Mr. Burton, there are many questions for which the answers would give the American voter the truth, and the truth would garner Obama the trust he needs. Threats to McCain about the Keating 5 are Obama’s veiled attempt at intimidation; G. Gordon Liddy, unlike Ayer’s, paid his “debt to society”, so these attacks at McCain further inflame the American voter.

      Mr. Burton, I will put it in sales terms…. Obama has not “closed the deal” yet, and won’t if he cannot resolve these issues satisfactorily to us, the American voters.



                                                  Just Americans Making Ethical Statements



     In a move that is designed as a stall tactic, John Lavelle, attorney for Sen. Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee, has filed a Motion for a Protective Order to halt the discovery in the Berg v. Obama, lawsuit.

      The lawsuit, which Berg filed on August 21, 2008, calls into question Obama’s citizenship, and thus his eligibility to be the President of the United States. The lawsuit claims, among other things, that Obama was not born in Hawaii as claimed, and that, even if he was born in Hawaii, his mother’s marriage to Indonesian Lolo Soetoro and her relocation to Indonesia severed Obama’s possible American citizenship.


     In accordance with the Indonesian Constitution, when Lolo Soetoro acknowledged and/or adopted Barack Obama, he legally became an Indonesian citizen. Further, school records in Indonesia show Lolo Soetoro as his father. To attend public school in Indonesia, one had to be an Indonesian citizen. Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship with the United States. Mr. Berg uses Obama’s own words about traveling to Pakistan in 1981, which he writes about in his memoirs. At that time, there was a travel ban by the US State Department for travel to Pakistan. The only means that Obama could have traveled into Pakistan at that time would have been with an Indonesian passport.

     This issue is important because Obama would have been required to renounce his Indonesian citizenship as an adult, take an Oath of Allegiance to the United States, and receive a Certificate of Citizenship. By technicality, if these things were not done, he could be held to be an illegal alien. Complicating the electoral process is the fact that IF this is the scenario, Obama would be a “naturalized” citizen, not a “natural born” citizen as is Constitutionally required. The irony here is that Barack Obama was a Constitutional Law lawyer and professor, and he would have studied these concepts in great detail.

      Rather than seeking a stall tactic with a Protective Order, the Obama team should be forthright, as they had promised to be, by releasing ALL of the pertinent data that would resolve this matter.