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You have to wonder if there is any LEADERSHIP in our government whatsoever. Harry Reid overrules the POTUS on trade, Boehner tells the ranks not to fight a battle they cannot win on the debt ceiling, and Obama blames all of his troubles on Fox News.

From The Week:

Just days away from the deadline to extend the nation’s borrowing limit, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) told House Republicans in a private meeting not to fight it, according to Roll Call.

Said Boehner: “There’s no sense picking a fight we can’t win.”

Despite calls from House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) to insist on concessions from President Obama, Boehner knows it’s not possible without risking default on the nation’s debt.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew set a deadline of Friday to pass a bill. He said that otherwise he would need to take “extraordinary measures” to stretch out the current borrowing authority until the end of the month.

The problem now for Boehner is that, like with so many other issues, Republicans do not have a majority to coalesce around any one plan. They’re a bitterly divided party. They’ve held two rounds of private talks as a party but came up empty both times.

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What are your thoughts on the government shutdown, debt limit ceiling, and ObamaCare implementation fiasco? How can anyone in DC claim any form of “victory”, and at what cost to the taxpayers?


BOSTON (AP) — Paul Ryan said Wednesday that he will return to Congress, but will spend some time with his family first.

Ryan was re-elected Tuesday to his House seat from southeastern Wisconsin on the same night he and Mitt Romney came up short in their bid to unseat President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

State law allowed him to run for both offices simultaneously. He would have had to resign from Congress had he won both.

In a written statement released from Boston, Ryan said he was grateful for the chance to be part of a national campaign.

“I am immensely proud of the campaign we ran, and I remain grateful to Gov. Romney for the honor of being his running mate,” he said. “I look forward to spending some time with my family in the coming days and then continuing my responsibilities as chairman of the House Budget Committee and representative of Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.”

Ryan and his family spent the night in Boston after attending what they had hoped would be a victory celebration after the presidential election was decided. They were scheduled to return to their home in Janesville, Wis., later in the day.

Advisers had been weighing whether Ryan would be best served by returning to Congress for an eighth term if he were planning to run for president in 2016.

Even before he was tapped to be Romney’s running mate, the 42-year-old father of three was seen as a rising star within the Republican Party. As chairman of the powerful Budget Committee, Ryan gained national prominence when he drew up an austere budget blueprint that would reshape Medicare and retain tax breaks set to expire at year’s end.–election.html

An observation from JAMES: If Paul and Janna Ryan are even remotely considering a run at the 2016 Presidency, he is wise to return to his seat in Congress for the next session. I suspect that Ryan, like Marco Rubio, will be extremely “front and center” during the coming weeks and months in challenging the Obama agenda, both setting their groundwork to announce their intentions for 2016.

Reminescent of the 2008 Election Day, the New Black Panthers have taken up their “monitoring” of the polls in Pennsylvania, sans the billy clubs. GOP Pollwatchers were banned from another site until a judge issued an emergency order. A woman in Denver was told she could not wear her M.I.T. sweatshirt in to vote because it was “political”, as was a t-shirt in Texas that said “Vote the Bible”.

In the battleground areas such as Ohio and Florida, there will be challenges to the process made throughout the day.

Meanwhile, President Obama and the First Lady will do some satellite talks from Chicago, enjoying their home there (where they will soon be sent packing to unless they opt for that $35million dollar home in Hawaii). The President is said to be preparing for his traditional Election day basketball game. The GOP contender is taking the battle head on, right to the end. After the Romneys voted in Belmont, MA, and the Ryan’s voted in Janesville, WI, it was back to the campaign, with stops in Cleveland OH, Pittsburgh PA, and Virginia, before both couples meet up together in Boston tonight for what many expect to be the celebration of the Election of POTUS #45, Willard Mitt Romney!!

And, for the election weary, your rest will be shortlived. For regardless of tonight’s winner, there is one thing we can be assured of…. the 2016 Presidential race begins TOMORROW!


Today, both President Obama and Mitt Romney are jetting in every direction, hitting the ground in the key battleground states. They are making their last pitch to get the votes that they need for tomorrow.

Remaining cautiously optimistic, I believe we are in an electoral moment very similar to Election Eve 1976, as Democratic strategist Pat Caddell highlighted yesterday. On the weekend before the election in 1976, Pres. Gerald Ford was slightly ahead in a very close race with Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter. But thorugh the weekend, the pollsters saw a momentum change taht carried through to the Election…. when it came to it, the people simply did not want the incumbent to carry on. This weekend, Pat Caddell says, he began seeing very similar data sentiments late Saturday and early Sunday. The one kink in the data is that in 1976, there was no early voting.

In about 30 hours, the polls on the East Coast will begin closing. Some pundits say we may not know until Wednesday or beyond who the next President will be. Others say we may know before midnight. Throughout the weekend, I have watched the clips of Obama and Romney. The optics of Obama and the superstars that he has used to “draw in the crowds” are completely opposite of those of Mitt and Ann Romney, hand in hand, with their sons. Obama’s rhetoric sounds desparate, even angry, while Romney is appealing to our better selves. Yes, I know it is politics, it is just words. But anwer me this…… Can we really handle 4 more years of Obama! A “lame-duck” Obama!?

Let this be “OUR MOMENT”, that moment when we can tell the next generation that we made changes and with great prayer, we made this OUR TIME to correct the moral compass of this great nation, and we once again will become the great leader that is the envy of the world. It is not Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan, not Allen West or Nancy Pelosi, Rand Paul or Chris Christie…. it is ALL of US together, working toward our better tomorrow!

When a wise man has a controversy with a foolish man, The foolish man either rages or laughs, and there is no rest. – Proverbs 29:9 NASB

Politico picked up the story:

When it aired, reporter Terry Camp characterized the interview as ending badly, and said Ryan was “not specific in his answers.” Meanwhile, the Ryan campaign said the candidate was asked a “weird question” relating gun violence to tax cuts.

Actually, Camp mischaracterized this in two different ways.  First, Ryan was providing responsive answers to the gun questions.  Camp was asking broad, philosophical questions, not specific questions on proposals or individual laws, and Ryan was providing philosophical answers.  Second, Camp tells viewers at the beginning of the clip that the interview ended badly when he began asking about gun violence — which is patently untrue, as the video shows.  It ended badly when Camp tried to connect gun violence to tax cuts, and Ryan and his team called him out for it while the cameras were still running.  In fact, when Ryan challenges Camp for “stuffing words in my mouth,” Camp can’t even come up with a defense … even though his microphone is still hot.

An editor should have known from watching the interview that Camp mischaracterized the end of it in his introduction.  The local ABC affiliate still let Camp’s introduction go to air.  Draw your own conclusions from that.

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