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from the Washington Free Beacon:


Two Russian strategic bombers conducted practice cruise missile attacks on the United States during a training mission last week that defense officials say appeared timed to the NATO summit in Wales.

The Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers were tracked flying a route across the northern Atlantic near Iceland, Greenland, and Canada’s northeast.

Analysis of the flight indicated the aircraft were conducting practice runs to a pre-determined “launch box”—an optimum point for firing nuclear-armed cruise missiles at U.S. targets, said defense officials familiar with intelligence reports.

Disclosure of the nuclear bombing practice comes as a Russian general last week called for Moscow to change its doctrine to include preemptive nuclear strikes on the United States and NATO.

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apologized Tuesday for a November attack by U.S. forces that left 24 Pakistani troops dead.

“I once again reiterated our deepest regrets for the tragic incident in Salala last November,” Clinton said in a statement about her call with Pakistani foreign minister Rabbani Khar.

“I offered our sincere condolences to the families of the Pakistani soldiers who lost their lives.  Foreign Minister Khar and I acknowledged the mistakes that resulted in the loss of Pakistani military lives.  We are sorry for the losses suffered by the Pakistani military.  We are committed to working closely with Pakistan and Afghanistan to prevent this from ever happening again,” Clinton said.

The Salala incident involved NATO helicopters crossing into Pakistan from Afghanistan, and engaging Pakistani troops at two border crossings while conducting operations against Afghani Taliban forces. The NATO air forces claimed that they had come under fire and were only defending Afghan troops on the ground.

Until now, the administration has declined to apologize — citing an ongoing investigation. Clinton also announced Tuesday that an agreement had been reached with Pakistan over supply routes — a longstanding source of tension between Washington and Islamabad. Those overland supply routes have been closed ever since the attack.

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      The square in Benghazzi is jubilant as large screens show the news that the rebels have entered the Libyan capital of Triploi.

      Reports have at least two of Quaddafi’s sons have been captured/ arrested.

      Quaddafi has issued several messages stating he was still in control

       Several African planes have been reported on the tarmac of the Libyan airport; speculation that the 40 year regime of Quaddafi is trying to escape under the cover of night.