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This takes real Chutzpah!!

     Barack Obama publicly opposes the “Fairness Doctrine”, but privately has no problem using “backdoor” tactics to have it implemented again!

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has obtained documents from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concerning the “Fairness Doctrine,” a policy abolished in 1987, and other governmental means to limit free speech in the media. Judicial Watch obtained the documents in response to a December 2008 Freedom of Information Act request.

While President Obama is on record opposing the return of the Fairness Doctrine, which is viewed by many as an attempt to squelch the free speech of conservatives in the media, these documents show that the FCC is considering alternative proposals that may also regulate free speech in the media under the professed goal of “diversity.”

For example, in December 2007, the FCC proposed new “localism” measures to force broadcast stations to offer programming more “responsive to the needs and interests of the communities that they are licensed to serve.” These proposed measures, highlighted in a document entitled, “The Report on Broadcast Localism and Notice of Approved Rulemaking,” included a requirement that broadcasters, “provide 3 hours per week of locally-produced program,” and that licensees establish “permanent advisory boards (including representatives of underserved community segments).” The FCC noted that these measures would become part of the application renewal process to make sure broadcasters “meet their responsibilities.”

Problems with “localism” are highlighted in a legal memo written by Kathleen Kirby of the law firm Wiley Rein and submitted to Rosemary Harold, serving as legal counsel to FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell. In the document, which was distributed internally at the FCC, Ms. Kirby advises that the Fairness Doctrine “would do well to stay dead.” Ms. Kirby then turns her attention to “localism,” advising that such a policy could represent a “stealth enactment” of the Fairness Doctrine. Ms. Kirby states: “Convene permanent advisory boards? Give aggrieved listeners ‘more straightforward guidance’ on ‘how individuals can directly participate in the license renewal process?’ That sounds mild. But then again, so did the Fairness Doctrine.”

“These documents are a useful insight into the internal debates at the FCC about the Fairness Doctrine and its cousin, ‘localism,’ said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “We’re going to have to keep an eye on this FCC. The last thing our country needs is bureaucrats in the Obama administration stomping on the First Amendment rights of conservatives.”

Press Advisory: Judicial Watch will host a panel discussion regarding the “Fairness Doctrine” May 14th, 12:30 – 2 p.m., in the First Amendment Lounge of the National Press Club, 14th & F Streets, NW, Washington, DC.

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     America’s favorite pasttime is baseball, and some Presidential candidate has the audacity to get the first pitch of a World Series game moved 30 minutes so he can put forth a 30 minute infomercial on the Messiah’s,… I mean the Obama’s message. Let’s be realistic– by October 29th, that 30 minute infomercial isn’t going to get its money’s worth of chenged minds!

    That being said, I was listening to an interview this morning of Jose Canseco, regarding his book “Juiced”. The accusations made in his book were the basis for the unraveling of the steroid use in the Major Leagues of Baseball. Superstars like Roger Clemmons and Barry Bonds have been brought into the spotlight for steroid use.

     Canseco was asked about the backlash from his revelations, the naming of names, in his book. In asking the question, he was asked how many lawsuits he’s defending. Canseco said that if every word is true, a lawsuit would be fruitless. To date, no one mentioned in Juiced has even threatened legal action.

     That leads me to Sen. Barack Obama. Think of the accusations that have been made against him. Some he addresses, others he ignores. Some he has his internet hit-squad go after, others he just ignores. There are some though, that would have a team of lawyers in court filing motions and cease and desist letters if the accusations were false.

       For example, Larry Sinclair’s allegations of doing cocaine with Barack Obama in a limousine, followed by two gay sexual encounters, have been splattered across the internet and the pages of the GLOBE. He held a press conference in Washignton DC at the National Press Conference, and was subsequently arrested on trumped up charges through the office of Delaware’s Attorney General Beau Biden (eldest son of VP candidate Sen. Joe Biden). Larry has just traveled several thousand miles attending rallies with his signs and flyers, making his claims very public. Yet not one legal action from the Obama campaign.

      On the other side, the Obama team is trying to avoid producing possibly incriminating documents that have been requested in the case of Berg v. Obama to prove his birth place and citizenship. As a distraction, the Obama team has use Blog Talk Radio to be its pit bull, shutting down any blog radio site that interviews or discusses Philip Berg or his case. The reason given: Mr. Berg’s comments that question the veracity of Obama’s own stated word, assumed as Gospel without need of review, are deemed to inciting racism.

       Additionally, the Obama team has not countersued Mr. Berg for libel and defamation of character based on Berg’s allegations.

      So look for the lawsuits and we might just see the answer!