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A few weeks ago, the lights in my house flickered, came back on, then died. The temperature was 32 degrees outside, and it was getting dark fast. I live out in the boondocks and that happens a half dozen times a year. I’ve learned to prepare myself for these little adventures in time travel back to the year 1794, and it’s not so bad really. Why, I can remember as a kid we used to love when a thunderstorm would knock out the power or when a blizzard would come and snow us in for days at a time. But in 1965 people were better prepared both physically and mentally for a loss of power. We lived in a different era.

Christmas is almost here, so I thought we’d take a little break from doom-and-gloom, surviving-the-end -of the -world scenarios and just look at short-term survival. For purposes of this article, we’ll assume it’s a three-day power loss and that emergency services such as ambulance, fire and police are still functioning. I know to some of you hard-core preppers, this will be boring you with the basics, but please humor me and just pass this article on to your friends and loved ones who are either just beginning the road to self sufficiency or you have yet to be converted. It’s a good starting point, and can help bring them up to speed.

When the power goes out, what are the top ten things that every home should have? I’m sure you can ask a hundred different experts and none of the lists would be identical. So let me just give you “my” list, and all you good folks can consider it and modify where you see fit.

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The U.S. dollar will be a safe investment for the next six to 12 months because global markets are focused on the euro zone’s troubles but America’s fiscal health is worse than Europe’s, an adviser to the Chinese central bank said on Wednesday.

Li Daokui, an academic member of the central bank’s monetary policy committee, said that U.S. bond prices and the dollar would fall when the European economic situation stabilized.

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