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From the Wall Street Journal:

The collapse of ObamaCare is the tip of the iceberg for the magical                                       Obama                                 presidency.

From the moment he emerged in the public eye with his 2004 speech at the Democratic Convention and through his astonishing defeat of the Clintons in 2008, Barack Obama’s calling card has been credibility. He speaks, and enough of the world believes to keep his presidency afloat. Or used to.

All of a sudden, from Washington to Riyadh, Barack Obama’s credibility is melting.

Amid the predictable collapse the past week of’s too-complex technology, not enough notice was given to Sen.                                       Marco Rubio‘s                                 statement that the chances for success on immigration reform are about dead. Why? Because, said Sen. Rubio, there is “a lack of trust” in the president’s commitments.

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From the SharkTank:

Senator Marco Rubio is probably adrift on his boat somewhere down in the Florida Keys, as he is vacationing with his ‘familia’ before hitting the road again to make his case to defund President Obama’s Obamacare law.

Rubio, along with Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and others, is pushing to exclude funding for Obamacare in the upcoming short-term budget negotiations.

Rubio’s road trip could also be perceived as an immigration reform damage control play, as many Floridians took issue with him over his amnesty-lite policy shift on the immigration issue. It is fair to say that Rubio sustained a self-inflicted near-death blow to his reputation and political career when he embraced liberal Democratic Senators Charles Schumer, Dick Durbin, and John McCain, in co-sponsoring the Senate ‘Gang of 8′ immigration reform bill.

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In the first CPAC conference since the 2012 Presidential election, Kentucky’s junior Senator, Rand Paul, took the honors as the winner of the annual straw poll. On the heels of his epic filibuster, Rand Paul addressed the group earlier in the week. Sen. Marco Rubio, like Paul, is being touted as a potential candidate for POTUS in 2016, took second in the straw poll.

Sen. Paul is showing a “principled” approach, as evidenced by his filibuster. Perhaps it is time for principle over party politics.

Ok, we all saw Senator Marco Rubio take the now famous sip of water during his response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address.  Rubio even poked fun at himself by tweeting a picture of the bottle of water he drank out of. But now in true Rubio comedic form,  (he thinks he is a comedian- let him think that, because some of us who know him know better) Rubio answered my email request for a statement on his sip of water from last night.

Here’s the text he just sent moments ag0-

“I don’t always respond to the president but, when I do, I drink water. Stay thirsty my friends.”-Senator Marco Rubio

Will someone please tell Rubio to stop using other people’s material?  But then again, Rubio is “the most interesting man” in politics, so I guess he gets a pass.

The Rubio team is offering “water bottles” in exchange for “political contributions”!

Meanwhile, somewhere in Liberalville:

Well, well, well, it appears the Democrat party is beginning to lay the groundwork for their ‘great brown hope’ to possibly counter a Senator Marco Rubio 2016 presidential candidacy- this ‘hope’  rests in none other than San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.  Democrats featured Castro prominently at the 2012 Democratic National Convention to introduce him to the broader party in hopes that he would attract more Hispanics to the party.

After President Obama carried over 70% of Latino in the 2012 Presidential election, Castro would be a logical choice on the ticket to maintain that advantage.  But it’s not been widely disclosed that Castro is only now learning Spanish, and his mentor in this venture is non other than my ex-girlfriend’s look-alike, Eva Longoria.

Longoria is reported to have sent Castro some ‘Se Habla Espanol’ tapes to help Castro learn Spanish. Yes, Julian Castro, who spoke ‘un poquito’ (a little) Spanish during his DNC convention address doesn’t speak Spanish- at least not yet. (Washington Free Beacon)

Thanks to the SHARK-TANK team!

WASHINGTON (AP) — A bipartisan group of leading senators has reached agreement on the principles of sweeping legislation to rewrite the nation’s immigration laws.

The deal, which was to be announced at a news conference Monday afternoon, covers border security, guest workers and employer verification, as well as a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants already in this country.

Although thorny details remain to be negotiated and success is far from certain, the development heralds the start of what could be the most significant effort in years toward overhauling the nation’s inefficient patchwork of immigration laws.

President Barack Obama also is committed to enacting comprehensive immigration legislation and will travel to Nevada on Tuesday to lay out his vision, which is expected to overlap in important ways with the Senate effort.

The eight senators expected to endorse the new principles Monday are Democrats Charles Schumer of New York, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Michael Bennet of Colorado; and Republicans John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Marco Rubio of Florida and Jeff Flake of Arizona.–politics.html


BOSTON (AP) — Paul Ryan said Wednesday that he will return to Congress, but will spend some time with his family first.

Ryan was re-elected Tuesday to his House seat from southeastern Wisconsin on the same night he and Mitt Romney came up short in their bid to unseat President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

State law allowed him to run for both offices simultaneously. He would have had to resign from Congress had he won both.

In a written statement released from Boston, Ryan said he was grateful for the chance to be part of a national campaign.

“I am immensely proud of the campaign we ran, and I remain grateful to Gov. Romney for the honor of being his running mate,” he said. “I look forward to spending some time with my family in the coming days and then continuing my responsibilities as chairman of the House Budget Committee and representative of Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.”

Ryan and his family spent the night in Boston after attending what they had hoped would be a victory celebration after the presidential election was decided. They were scheduled to return to their home in Janesville, Wis., later in the day.

Advisers had been weighing whether Ryan would be best served by returning to Congress for an eighth term if he were planning to run for president in 2016.

Even before he was tapped to be Romney’s running mate, the 42-year-old father of three was seen as a rising star within the Republican Party. As chairman of the powerful Budget Committee, Ryan gained national prominence when he drew up an austere budget blueprint that would reshape Medicare and retain tax breaks set to expire at year’s end.–election.html

An observation from JAMES: If Paul and Janna Ryan are even remotely considering a run at the 2016 Presidency, he is wise to return to his seat in Congress for the next session. I suspect that Ryan, like Marco Rubio, will be extremely “front and center” during the coming weeks and months in challenging the Obama agenda, both setting their groundwork to announce their intentions for 2016.

Personally, while I like the charismatic young Senator, I think that Paul Ryan or Rand Paul would be solid “BOLD” choices that would electrify the GOP Ticket, but:

First it was Jeb Bush who suggested that Mitt Romney should pick Marco Rubio to be his VP, and now we have former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani giving Rubio a full-throated endorsement for the VP position. Giuliani was one of the first to endorse Rubio during his 2010 Senate race, and he believes that Rubio is the right choice who will bring “excitement to the race.”

Floridians feel the same way. In a completely unscientific poll conducted here on the Shark Tank, Rubio was the hands down favorite for VP with 306 votes of the 604 cast- that’s 50.66%!(POLL)

He’s right at the top of my list. He would be an excellent choice-he would bring a level of excitement to the race that it could use. – Mayor Rudy Giuliani

from RealClearPolitics:

Mitt Romney may be tight-lipped about his vice presidential short list, warning that only he and longtime aide Beth Myers know who is on it, but a close examination of the campaign’s activity suggests four contenders have risen through the ranks: Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell may be considered wild cards, and Romney has said he’s thoroughly vetting Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, though the first-term lawmaker’s status appears unchanged.

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     With Mitt Romney have all but clinched the GOP nomination for POTUS, the talk has now turned to the “LIST” of potential candidates for the 2nd slot on the ticket. The names that have been fielded range from Marco Rubio to Paul Ryan (He has my endorsement, for what its worth).

     But perhaps choosing a career politician is too expected, too much the norm, not enough to rally the masses to bring an “END TO THE ERROR” that was made in 2008.

       From the Daily Caller:

CNBC reporter Rick Santelli’s biggest fan couldn’t talk him into running for the White House.

But Jeff Kahn of the Draft Santelli for President effort admits he’s now on a new mission: creating some buzz in favor of presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney choosing Santelli as his running mate.

“Gov. Romney’s best, if not only, chance of defeating President Obama in November will be with non-politician Rick Santelli as his running mate,” Kahn said Friday.

He elaborated: “Rick Santelli complements Mitt Romney as a candidate. Choosing any career politician to run with him will not counter the voters’ concerns with Gov. Romney.”

“Rick’s populist appeal is broadly-based and includes, but is not limited to, traditional Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party members, independent voters, disenchanted former Obama supporters, and disenchanted with Congress, if not disenfranchised in general, Americans,” he said.

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 Although I despise the idea of the media telling us that Mitt Romney is the most electable candidate to unseat King Barack, if Mitt is to get the nomination in Tampa in August, who should he put on the ticket with him.

       Mrs. James believes that Romney has made a promise to Gov. Chris Christie. We both think this would be a colossal mistake.

       Of course, almost all of the pundits have annointed Florida’s junior Senator, Marco Rubio, to take the VP slot. A Tea Party favorite, and a Hispanic, Rubio could be a major force for a Romney ticket.

       Then there is the idea of Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell.

       While I cannot see Romney asking Ron Paul to be on his ticket, there is something intriguing in the idea of putting Rand Paul on the ticket. Could he bring over many of the supporters of his father?

       Lastly, there is the idea of a Kennedy-Johnson team: Just as there was no big friendship between John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, the same could be said of Romney and Rick Perry….. but it could be an interesting ticket.