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( – During Tuesday’s second  presidential debate, President Barack Obama said that  women “rely” on Planned Parenthood for mammograms, but, according to the Food and Drug Administration, no Planned Parenthood facility in the United States is licensed to do mammograms.

During Tuesday night’s debate against his Republican challenger Mitt  Romney, Obama said, “When Gov. Romney says that we should eliminate  funding for Planned Parenthood, there are millions of women all across  the country who rely on Planned Parenthood for not just contraceptive  care; they rely on it for mammograms, for cervical cancer screenings.  That’s a pocketbook issue for women and families all across the country,  and it makes a difference in terms.

from Gateway Pundit:

Monday, December 14, 2009, 6:23 PM
Jim Hoft

This won’t end well.
A full 20 states have now cut funding for mammogram screenings for low income women after a government task force last month made its recommendations that women in their 40s should stop routinely having annual mammograms.

     The recently announced “position” on the necessity of mammograms for women under the age of 50 has sparked debate and controversy in the medical field, with the American Cancer Society, among federal leaders. In the context of ObamaCare, the “information” gives rise to the underlying idea of healthcare rationing, particularly since these suggestions mirror those used in Great Britain by ts NHS bureau. Under the Greta Britain guidelines, a larger percentage of women die of breast cancer than in the United States.

     One of Speaker Pelosi’s “deputies”, Floruda Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was very quick to react to suggestions about mammograms:

Do they see the writing on the wall yet?