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From the mouth’s of the youth often comes Truth:

“I think this is very common, this isn’t out of the ordinary, it happens both ways,” said Jake Carnes, who is in the class where the assignment was given.

“The mistake made (by the teacher),” said Carnes, “was the line crossed between comparing our president to someone like Stalin, even though we are most definitely progressing toward a socialist union.”

This was in response to an assignment to compare hos Stalin changed Russia from a capitalist society to how President Obama is changing our capitalistic society to one of socialism.

Here is the video and rest of the story:


      Some of Barack Obama’s college colleagues made it clear in 2008 that Obama had solid Marxist views, but the MSM dismissed their stories.

      Dr. John Drew had extensive discussions with Obama when he was at Occidental, and his discussion is informative:

Dr John C. Drew joins us to discuss his impressions of the young Barack Obama and their extensive discussions of Marxist theory”

Read this detailed analysis of Marxism, and Neo-Marxism from American Thinker, then you decide if we ae on the right path:

This article offers the basic teachings of Karl Marx, so readers may judge themselves whether these might be at work influencing current Administration decisions. In the present chaotic political atmosphere, the phrase “Marxist” is tossed around without explanation. But what exactly does Marxism represent? Marx’s universe was simplistic. It presents a godless, sinister world where the powerful prey upon the weak, which can only be healed through revolution. In the resulting apocalypse, wealth is confiscated by revolutionaries so all may benefit. Private property is outlawed as enlightened leaders build a paradise of communism. But before utopia arrives, a principled assault must destroy capitalism.

Besides the above classic theory, a new approach, called Neo-Marxism, has arisen. It focuses upon cultural conversions for communism, and produces explosive fruit, such as Political Correctness, the Sexual Revolution, Global Warming, Hate Speech laws, Feminism, Multiculturalism, and Universal Health Care, etc. Critics warn reborn Marxism is exceedingly dangerous since it is delivered below the radar, and represents a devious bloodless communist assault, a polar-opposite of the violently murderous Bolshevik and Mao uprisings.

Openness to Dialogue: Marxism is an ideology of pure secular dogma, hermetically sealed as any religious creed. Marx considered his theories proved, by definition. Merely to question his ideas was a diabolical attack against Truth itself. Marx said his critics used… “not a scalpel but a weapon. Its object…not to refute but to destroy.”