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Dem Congresswoman Seeks “Retroactive Recusal” Of Justice Thomas’ Rulings




Countdown reports: “Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) explores the failure of Justice Clarence Thomas to disclose that his wife made millions of dollars from clients whose cases were decided by the Supreme Court.”

Tonight, Rep. Slaughter revealed on “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann that she’s exploring “retroactive recusal” in cases like Citizens United, which would nullify Thomas’ vote and overturn the ruling.

“There is such a thing as a retroactive recusal, we’re looking into that. That case (Citizens United), if you remember, was decided 5-4. If we could take away his vote, we can wipe that out. It would lose,” Slaughter explained.

     Until MSNBC’s Laurence O’Donnell took over bobble-head Olbermann’s 8PM time slot, and began trying to emulate the sports broadcaster, I had a respect for his positions. Though for 99% of them I disagree with him, he always seemed to present them in a good way, and “seemed” to show respect to the opposing his viewpoint.

       But just weeks into his new time slot, he has taken on the Olbermann persona, and is already intolerable.

       Ann Coulter recently entered the O’Donnell “Lion Den”, and was challenged about her support of NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

       For the exchange, click:

This guy is the real deal!

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I just couldn’t resist this one.  If you want a good chuckle on this Sunday morning…go to Twitter and type in #KeithOlbermann or #countdown and read the posts from the people who are in mourning over the firing of Olbermann.  They’re downright rabid over this one.

     As Keith Olbermann ended his show tonight, he thanked his staff and crew, and stated that this was his last night, his last show.

     MSNBC immediately made a statement that the contract between the two parties was “ended”, and they wished Olbermann luck in his future endeavors. When the Olbermann show was tossed off to the Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel’s guest host went right into the storyline, with no acknowledgement toward Rachel’s mentor whatsoever. (Corrected)

      This was obviously NOT a planned departure, and by all apearances, occurred within the past few hours, catching even Ms. Maddow off guard.

      Olbermann’s show was simply intolerable, but let’s hope they do not put ED SCHULTZ into that time slot!

     Keith Olbermann’s latest rant calls for apologies from “Mrs.” Palin, Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Reilly for their violent vitriolic rhetoric. Ironically, he doesn’t mention Barack Obama’s own words saying about bringing bats, bringing guns. Eugene Robinson in Washington says the violence rhetoric is ALL on the “Right”. Gov. Palin has been trashed (mentioned over 6000 times in a 12 hour period yesterday in print and on the air) for her “cross hairs” list of candidates targeted in the last election, with  no mention of similar advertisements used in 2006 against Arizona’s former Congressman JD Hayworth during a campaign.

      What must come from this tragedy in Tucson, AZ is several things:

                   Our elected officials must not cower in fear, and separate themselves even further from the people that they “REPRESENT”.

                   Our leaders MUST NOT USE this tragedy to “brow beat” those who dissent with their viewpoint, nor should they use this “crisis” to push any unwanted agenda, i.e.- the rhetoric on the talk shows today has used the issue of immigration more than any other.

                   The Congressional majority has respectfully postponed all legislative actions during the coming week, but they should not deter from their resolve to move forward with the repeal of the job-killing law known as ObamaCare.

                    We should not permit this crisis to be used as a bully-pulpit to try to silence the voices ON EITHER SIDE in the open forums of radio, internet, and television. With the Rev. Al Sharpton already seeking the FCC to challenge Rush Limbaugh’s talk show, we are treading dangerously close to completely overpowering our Freedom of Speech, simply because the American majority, the conservative viewpoint, has a stronger input in the marketplace. (Remember, liberal talk radio could not sustain itself with government subsidies).

                  The focus on the 24/7 coverage has pointed at the vitriolic and incendiary rhetoric, and yet, the likes of MSNBC or CNN have failed to mention any of the rhetoric from the likes of Frances Fox Piven and Van Jones when discussing this issue.

                 The focus should be on the POLICIES that have been pushed forward, against the WILL OF WE THE PEOPLE, and why they are bringing forth such opposition to the agenda of the progressive Left.

        As I posted earlier this week, we are in a New Revolution, but it is not, nor should it be, one of violence. Nor should it be one that tries to silence the opinions of the public. This New Revolution is for each of us to accept our personal responsibilities, first for ourselves, then our family, and so forth. It is for our return to the moral foundation that made this a Great Nation. If we fail at this New Revolution, one need only look to the Roman Empire, whose decline coincided with its moral decline. America is an EXCEPTIONAL NATION (Note to Obama) and we MUST correct our course now.

           If the tragedy in Tucson is to be used for anything, let it be used to remind us that our time on Earth is short, and we should each resolve to leave our imprint in a positive manner, to move forward and not to cower.

     NBC’s anchors and commentators’ political views are clearly on the left side. No one disputes that fact. But in its  attempt to be “unbiased”, the NBC policies forbid the likes of Keith Olbermann from making political campaign contributions.

     So, upon learning that Olbermann had contributed to THREE Democratic campaigns, he has been suspended indefinitely without pay.

For the story:

CNN’s John King on Wednesday mocked Barack Obama for calling Fox News a “destructive” force in our society while at practically the same time a White House spokesman was saying MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow provide “an invaluable service” to the country.

As NewsBusters reported Tuesday, the President bashed FNC in a just-published interview with Rolling Stone magazine shortly before his Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton was praising MSNBC during a gaggle held on Air Force One.

With this in mind, on Wednesday’s “John King USA,” the host surprisingly derided the White House’s inconsistency

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