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It is official. Barack Hussein Obama II has taken the oath of office for the “4th” time, thus beginning his second term to, as he tweeted, “finish what he started”!

To that end, may we at JAMES take this date in history, and wish the nine Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States good health and long lives. May they yearn to continue their legal jurisprudence throughout the next four years, and beyond. And should the urge for retirement at an age “younger” than Justice John Paul Stevens chose (92?), may it be the Honorable Justice Breyer or Ginsberg that choose that avenue.

And perhaps, as age and wisdom comes to the “Latina” Justice, or Justice Kagan, may they not follow the leftist liberal ideology, but come to an understanding of our conservatism.

God Bless the United States, as we will need it to survive the agenda of this President in the days ahead.


      Although she has already participated in the campaign film case a few weeks ago, today was Day 1 for the new Associate Justice “from the Bronx”. The sessions are behind closed doors, but the beginning of the Supreme Court career of Justice Sonia Sotomayor will be watched very closely.

A flag waves next to the U.S. Supreme Court on May 1, 2009 in Washington, DC. According to reports, Justice David H. Souter has told the White House that he will retire from the Supreme Court after 18 years, when his current term ends in June.

       The other Justice being watched closely if 89 year old Justice John Paul Stevens. Justices typically have 3-4 law clerks, but Justice Stevens has only hired one for this term. This has given to speculation that once the Court is in full session, and Justice Sotomayor is settled in, Justice Stevens will announce his retirement. Retired Justices have 1 law clerk as a part of their retirement package.

       Since Justice Stevens and Justice Ginsberg have both ruled or leaned toward the liberal side, their replacement by Barack Obama may not have a bold change on the Court initially, but they will undoubtedly be forces to contend with as the conservative side of the Court might change, depending on whether Obama is able to pull a rabbit trick, and win a second term.

     The historians are already beginning to judge the full extent of the Presidency of George W. Bush, although the true test of his Presidency will be revealed as the future before us unfolds. On one point, though, most can already agree on what the longest lasting Bush legacy will be: the appointment of conservative leadership to the bench of our high court, the United States Supreme Court.

    The appointments of the strong conservatives Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts filled two positions on the Supreme Court with two jurists who are young, in comparison to some of the others on the bench, and whose years of service ahead on the bench will truly test their conservative values. Although the Court rules by majority, even if an Obama administration were to get the opportunity to fill several seats on the Court, the role of the Chief Justice will remain with John Roberts. All but two of the Justices, Justice Ginsberg and Justice Souter, were appointed under Republican administrations. Justice Stevens, at 88, will most likely be Barack Obama’s first opportunity to make an appointment to the Supreme Court.

Side Note: As of today, January 14, 2009, President George W. Bush, has kept Americans safe for 2689 days since the attack on our soil!

      Like Justice Thomas did after Justice Souter denied the Donofrio v. Wells case, and scheduled it for Court conference, Justice Scalia today distributed the case of Wrotnowski v. Bysiewicz (Connecticut Secretary of State) for December 12th conference review after Justice Ginsberg had denied it.

     Without any fanfare or discussion, the US Supreme Court today announced that it denied hearing the case of Leo Donofrio v. Wells (NJ Secretary of State), wherein he sought an emergency stay on the Electoral College until Barack Obama’s citizenship could be verified.

     Then, just a shor time later, Justice Scalia set the Wrotnowski case for conference review at this Friday’s weekly conference. As stated in a prior post, it is highly unusual for a Justice to bring a case to the conference after another Justice had denied it. Leo Donofrio, in commenting about the Wrotnowski case, has stated that he believes that Cort Wrotnowski’s filing is substantively and procedurally more sound than his case was on its face.

      Here is a listing of the cases in the system that are questioning Obama’s citizenship and his eligibility to be the President of the United States:

Current Lawsuit Listing

This information is taken from’s “Related Lawsuits” page. I am going to endeavor to carry on what the blogger originally started. All dates in parentheses are for the latest update in that case’s category.

Use to monitor this page.

What’s this all about, anyway?

At the Supreme Court (see “Supreme Court Info” on the sidebar):

At the State level:

Defunct Cases:


         Additionally, Pennsylvania attorney Philip Berg filed for an emergency stay of the Electoral College and the Senate certification of the election.  

     President-elect Obama, lets cease this charade and produce the Damn birth certificate!!