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“Together We Thrive”

Perhaps there is a great explanation for souvenir t-shirts at a Memorial service to honor the victims of the shooting in Tucson!!

Anyone with insight into this?


    Just 48 hours after his embarassing defeat that led to pulling the Omnibus spending bill off the floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid was delat another defeat as the Senate voted 55-41 on a Motion for Cloture of Debate on the DREAM Act, thus stopping the immigration legislation in its tracks.

“”The more he talked the more he got upset,” Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) said. “He needs to talk a valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans and just calm down, and don’t take anything so seriously. If you disagree with someone, it doesn’t mean you’re attacking their motives – and he takes it that way and tends then to lecture and then gets upset.”
LOL…another temper tantrum.

Note: Barack Obama announced shortly after the meeting that he would send 1200 troops to the US-Mexico border… that is one person for every 1.67 miles, if they work 24/7 !!

     Christopher Cox, a 30-year old attorney who served as the Executive Director for John McCain’s Presidential Campaign in New York, has announced that he will run for Congress in New York’s 1st Congressional district:

Chris Cox, an attorney and the grandson of former president Richard Nixon, is running for Congress in New York, according to his campaign web site.

Cox, 30, a New York native, is among a field of candidates seeking the GOP nomination to face incumbent Democrat Tim Bishop in the state’s 1st Congressional District on Eastern Long Island, Huffington Post reported. A web site bio describes Cox as “a fiscal conservative who will fight for limited government and lower taxes.”


During the 2008 presidential election, Cox served as executive director of John McCain’s New York campaign. He is a former associate at the law firm Weil, Gotshal and Manges and is the son of the Ed Cox, current chairman of the Empire State GOP.

Cox, a graduate of the New York University School of Law and Princeton University, has never held elected office.

     Yesterday, there were two simultaneous hearings on Capitol Hill, which in and of itself is not unusual. But when one group of legislators is grilling the Secretary of Homeland Security and the heads of our intelligence units for answers on the Christmas Day bomber, one has to wonder if the hearing that became a game of “cat and mouse” witgh the White House party crashers was a distraction to drown out some of the words from the hearing on terrorism. Yes, Ms. napolitano, it is ACTS of TERROR, not ManMade Disasters.

      Did anyone hear that Dennis Blair said that the intelligence had failed by putting the Christmas Day bomber suspect into federal custody instead of into military custody? What did the Obama administration know beforehand? Has anyone been reprimanded? Did anyone hear the news that at the request of the Obama White House the Secretary of State has cleared the way for two individuals with terrorist ties to enter the US?

     The President, trying to appear unrattled by the Massachusetts Special Election results, once again found a way to blame Bush for even that, saying the same anger that he rode into the White House upon has now elected Scott Brown. What is significant in the President’s comments with ABC News, and comments from other legislators, is that they need to refocus on the economy and jobs, and work helathcare “into the debate”. Interpretation: we will hide the healthcare legislation within other bills we pass, like we did with the economic stimulus package.

       Thus it will be important that the American people, now awakened to the shafting that DC has been giving us, remain vigilant to the actions of those we have elected to represent us. They must be held accountable ON A DAILY BASIS.

Note: This week’s “buzz words” from the White House: “the anger and Frustration” of the American people!

“McCain disagreed with an audience member who suggested presidential candidates as well as their parents should have to be born in the United States.
McCain also questioned if being born in the United States should still be a requirement for presidential candidates.
If someone (was born elsewhere) and came here as a 1 year old, and served a productive life, I’m not sure,” McCain said.”

     Say what you want about Ted Kennedy, but rest assured that he would NOT have supported this one-sided obamanation we refer to as ObamaCare. As Sen. Jihn McCain pointed out, Kennedy would have found the common ground to use as the foundation for legislation.

     In the long debates in the Senate, Sen. Max Baucus appears to be “literally” invoking Kennedy’s spirit(s)….. who has the keys to Teddy’s office?

My Friend,

The Senate is days away from re-convening for another session when we will continue our debate on crucial issues affecting each American family.

Just a few days ago, my campaign launched our American Issues Survey to solicit your opinions on the topics of debate in the Senate. There is still time to take the survey, so if you haven’t yet had the time, I ask that you fill out the survey right away by following this link.

We’ve received a tremendous response over the past ten days. Nearly 54,000 people from across the country have filled out the survey and I’d like to share a few points from the early feedback we’ve received:

  • 95% of respondents supported my amendment to block Democrats from cutting $500 million of Medicare benefits for our seniors.
  • 95% of respondents do not think the Obama Administration is spending stimulus funds wisely.
  • 79% of respondents support sending an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, and 90% do not support an arbitrary date for withdrawal.

I value your opinion and want to hear from you.  follow this link to share your thoughts through our American Issues Survey today!