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     The Constitution establishes a separation of powers to provide a “checks and balances” for  a reason: The framers did NOT want another Monarchy.

     From the most loyal of Democrats this weekend, the question has been posed over and over again, as to whether President Obama overstepped his constitutional authority in committing the United States resources to Operation Odyssey Dawn (where did that name come from).

     The President stated in his speech that he had consulted with his National Security team, and with the United Nations, and that he had met with a bipartisan group of Congressmen and Senators. But did he need the “consent” of Congress? Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has gone as far as to suggest that the POTUS mat have committed an impeachable offense!

      And then there is the Arab League, who urged the No-Fly zone, and after the commital of resources from the US, UK, France, etc., are now condemning the action. Is there a reason why the US weighed in so quickly in the peaceful demonstrations in Egypt, but kept a low-profile as the bloodshed occurred at the hands of Quaddafi, as the Libyan citizens pleadded for international help, much like the Iranians did when Obama turned a deaf ear? Is Obama’s response to the Libyan matter, which has even drawn the ire of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, tied to his longtime association with the ev. Jeremiah Wright, who is tied to Louis Farrakhan and Libya’s Quaddafi? Farrakhan has spoken out vehemently at Obama’s actions in the past few days, criticizing him for any statements or involvement in the Libyan matter.

       Using Rev. Wright’s words, perhaps the “chickens have come home to roost” in Obama’s world, and his past is now becoming his present, and no longer being able to “vote present”, he must decide exactly where his allegiances lie!

      In the last day of his impeachment trial before the Illinois State Senate, Gov. Rod Blagojevich made in impassioned plea to keep his job as the Chief Executive of Illinois, saying that he cannot apologize to them because he has not done anything wrong. With tones consistent with old-time gangster movies, Blago’s demeanor and his body language show that those politicos throughout Chicago, Illinois, and probably has them on edge in the halls of Washington DC.

     After a vote of 59-0, the Governor was removed from office, and in a separate vote, the State Senate voted to bar Blagojevich from holding public office in Illinois ever again. Immediately thereafter, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn was sworn in as the Governor in his office, and then again in a ceremonial swearing in.

     As the locks are changed on the doors of the Governor’s office, the press is waiting for the former Governor to address the gathered group.

     In an announcement paid for by the Illinois Republican Party, NOT by Illinois taxpayers, the top Illinois Republican chastised State Rep. Madigan (D) for reversing his publicized support for a measure to have a special election for the Senate seat vacated by President-Elect Barack Obama.

      Tom Madigan, whose daughter is the Illinois Attorney General, had said that he would support the measure to get a special election in the process, so that the “politization” of Obama’s Senate seat could be minimized. However, in an apparent reversal, Madigan has opted to change his support, along with most of his fellow Democrats, putting their hopes for the Senate seat into the hands of possibly the Lt. Governor, Pat Quinn (D). This is the apparent attempt to make sure the seat is filled by a Democrat, instead of allowing the Illinois voters to resolve this scandal-ridden replacement problem.

      Well, give the Dems their credit, at least they aren’t hiding their partisanship!!