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The chatter is getting a little louder as the time draws closer. Hillary Clinton will make a decision to run for President, presumably in early 2015.

At the same time, speculation is growing that our present FLOTUS may have her eyes on the Senate seat in Illinois presently held by Sen. Mark Kirk (R). Kirk, a stroke survivor, has shown himself to be a fighter, battling his stroke to return to the duties of being the junior Senator from Illinois. But if a powerhouse figure such as Michelle Obama were to enter the race to challenge him in 2016, escpecially of Hillary is at the top of the ticket, does Kirk have the fortitude to wage that type of battle? Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (D) is also one who would be a beneficiary of a run by both Hillary and Michelle. Pollsters are showing that his reelection prospects are in trouble, but if both Hillary and Michelle were on a November 2016 ballot, he might ride their coattails back into office for another term.

Of course, all this assumes that the American electorate could stomach MORE Clinton years and MORE Obama years.



     Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock appeared on FOX Business News Network tonight, discussing tax issues wth regard to multinational companies, etc.  Doing some internet research on this young Congressman, it turns out that this is a young Republican who has the work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit hat is the basis of capitalism and the he has the drive to push his conservative values and roots. Rep. Schock served on the Peoria School Board after being elected in a hard fought write in campaign, at the age of 19. Three years later, his colleagues made him the School Board’s President.  At 22, he defeated an incumbent in the Illinois State House of Representatives, making him the youngest elected to that body. This past November, Aaron Schock was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, and at 27, he is the youngest member of the House, and is the first one born in the 1980’s (5/28/81).

This is a clip of Rep. Schock regarding the Obama Economic Stimulus package:

Schock’s Air Force One story:

The other reason Schock has drawn so much attention is what conservatives now refer to, in hushed, reverential tones, as “the Air Force One story.” In February, when Barack Obama traveled to Peoria to stump for the stimulus bill, the president invited the congressman along for the trip, and lobbied him—privately, aboard Air Force One, and then publicly, during a rally at a Caterpillar plant—to vote for the bill. Maybe Obama figured that the freshman congressman would be an easy sell. But the day after the trip, Schock voted against the stimulus package, denouncing it on the House floor as a “skunk.” In doing so, Schock became a GOP folk hero—a conservative Cool Hand Luke who looked Obama in the eye and didn’t blink. “That was a true test of character,” says John Shimkus, one of Schock’s fellow Republican representatives from Illinois, “and Aaron passed it with flying colors.”

Full article:

An open thread for the discussion of Senator Barack Obama: his positions, his experience, his voting record, etc.