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From the blog site of Dr. Orly Taitz:

How much is Obama paying to defend his ineligibility?

I was asked this question. How much is Obama paying to defend his ineligibility? Let’s see. I saw in Justia 48 legal actions in Federal courts alone. In state courts there are probably many more cases, since people are more at ease filing in their local state circuit courts pro se. In my Keyes v Bowen case there are 4 attorneys representing Obama, 4 representing SOS Bowen and one representing electors-9 in all. There are two issues here:
1. of course he is spending a fortune. His CA attorneys are Beverly Hills firm (unless it’s just a front) and DC Robert Bauer that has been around the block time and again. My guess they are charging $600 an hour. You do the math.
2. The States are spending a fortune. They are wasting our taxpayer’s dollars to defend indefensible. I believe in each one of those cases the judges should’ve issued a Writ of Mandamus to obtain necessary eligibility documentation from a legitimate source, like the Health Dep of HI and State Dep., instead of allowing Robert Bauer and Obama a free ride claiming political blog garbage as a reputable source. Why aren’t the judges sanctioning them for even claiming that this stupid political unverified blog is a reputable source? Additionally, why are they allowing such a waste of taxpayer dollars, instead of getting the docs within an hour and getting over with it? What are they waiting for? For people’s anger to reach the boiling point and a revolt to start? Is that the end game? I really don’t know…

A Editorial commentary on the mainstream media and the Obama birth certificate issue:

Is Obama a natural-born citizen?

Thomas J. Lucente Jr., The Lima (Ohio) News January 6, 2009 – 8:44PM

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LIMA, Ohio — The most underreported story of 2008 has to be the continuing saga of a few brave souls who are working through the courts to force President-elect Barack Obama to prove his citizenship.

In fact, a report from The Associated Press dismissed the whole thing as nothing but Internet conspiracy theories.

This lack of coverage is just the latest example of why I have mostly lost hope for the mainstream media in the United States.

Thanks to the lack of media coverage, many of you reading this may be unaware of the multitude of lawsuits challenging Obama’s citizenship and his legal right to be president.

The Framers, when putting together our Constitution, inserted Article 2, Section 1, Clause 4, which tells us. “No Person except a natural born Citizen … shall be eligible to the Office of President.” The same clause prevents Austrian-born California Gov. Arnold A. Schwarzenegger from being president.

There have been at least 17 lawsuits filed in state and federal courts alleging that Obama does not meet the Constitutional requirement of being a natural-born citizen.

The lawsuits filed all have varying theories on Obama’s citizenship, including that he was not born in the United States, that he became a citizen of Indonesia when he was adopted, or that he had dual citizenship at birth, which means he was not a natural-born citizen.

The lawsuit with which I am most familiar was filed in a federal court in Pennsylvania by Philip Berg, a Democrat.

That lawsuit alleges that Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya. Berg says he has a recording of Obama’s grandmother, Sarah Obama, saying she was present when Obama was born in Kenya.

Berg further claims that Obama himself and other members of his family have made conflicting statements as to where he was actually born. Additionally, Kenyan officials have said Obama was born in Kenya.

Much of the controversy surrounds Obama’s birth certificate. The state of Hawaii has refused to release the long-form or “vault” copy of the birth certificate. Obama has also refused to release the long-form copy.

Back in June, the campaign did release a short-form certificate, which is a certificate created by Hawaii that says the long-form certificate is on file. However, according to Berg, the campaign only released the short-form certificate to The Daily Kos, a left-wing blog, and, a pro-Obama organization. Additionally, Berg has called the short-form certificate a forgery.

Berg brought the case to the U.S. Supreme Court and was initially denied by Justices David Souter and Anthony Kennedy before submitting his petition to Justice Antonin Scalia.

The Supreme Court has scheduled two conferences on the case, one for Friday and a second one for Jan. 16, four days before Obama will take office.

I do not know if Obama is a natural-born citizen. My instincts tell me that it would have been difficult for him to hide that fact for so long. However, citizenship law can be very murky and Obama’s reticence on the matter is disturbing.

I know from personal experience that when dealing with duel citizenship issues, birth certificates are usually filed in both countries. The state of Hawaii’s statement that it has a birth certificate on file does nothing in solving the mystery of where Obama was born. It merely tells us that his birth was recorded in Hawaii.

The whole controversy might be nothing more than a crazy conspiracy theory. Then again, it might be a valid argument.

The whole matter could easily be settled by the state of Hawaii releasing the long-form certificate, something the Supreme Court can force if it accepts the case for arguments.

There is much at stake here. This is a serious constitutional question. If we find out later that Obama was not a natural-born citizen, then everything he did as president, treaties, laws, executive orders, etc., would be invalid.

The candidates spent more than $1 billion and two years vying for the job. Would it not make sense to give lawyers an afternoon arguing the issue in front of the Supreme Court? That is the least we could do to make sure the person taking the oath of office actually meets the requirements.

The Constitution demands nothing less.

    Thomas J. Lucente Jr. is a columnist with The Lima (Ohio) News, a Freedom Communications newspaper. He is also a veteran of the Iraq war and a law student at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio. Visit his blog at

     In just over 48 hours, we will dismiss 2008 as the year that was, and welcome 2009 as the new year, hopefully one with a better outlook than 2008 has given to it. So, we can reflect on some of the events of 2008, in no particular order:

     The biased liberal media trashes Hillary Clinton, and chooses Barack Obama to be the Democratic Presidential candidate, saying that any questioning of Obama is outright racism!

    The surge that was proposed by President Bush, under the direction of Gen. Petraeus, and supported by Republican Sen. John McCain, worked, although Barack Obama would not admit it.

     The Republicans choose a female Vice-Presidential candidate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. The liberal media attacks her, while continuing to vet Barack Obama.

    Questions swirl about Barack Obama’s citizenship, dual citizenship, and place of birth. The campaign posts a document that is reported to be legitimate, but refuses to produce the original vault document, creating a flurry of lawsuits, several of which reached the Supreme Court. No one, not even the Supreme Court Justices, want to question Obama for fear of being labelled racist.

     Israel attacks in the Gaza strip, while Iran continues to threaten the annihilation of Isreal.

     China was on the world stage as it hosted the Summer Olympics.

     AIG needs a huge bailout.

     The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage deriviatives, which the Democrats fostered in their urge of home ownership for all, caused a financial debacle on Wall Street, creating the beginning of the Fall’s “Bailout Mania”.

     In a vote against George Bush, the American electorate elected Barack Obama as President, touting him as the first Black American President. In reality, Obama is biracial, being more caucasian that black according to genealogists, and, by some records, he is the 6th biracial President. behind Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Harding, and Coolidge.

     Obama’s transition team became involved in the Illinois Governor’s controversy as he attempted to “sell” the vacant Senate seat that Obama held.

     New Orleans and Galveston were both hit by strong hurricanes, but there seemed to be a great deal more organization and preparation than was evident in Katrina in 2005.

    A young Orlando, FL mother failed to report her 2-year old daughter “missing” for nearly a month, and then claimed the child had been kidnapped. Five months later, and many lies later, the remains of young Caylee Anthony were found just 15 houses away from her grandparent’s home, where she had lived with her mother, now in jail on murder charges.

Other major events:??

Where were you born, Obama?


Syndicated columnist
Posted Dec 15, 2008 @ 10:37 AM

Roger Kimball may have tagged it first: The real news out of Chicago last week wasn’t Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s arrest on cartoonishly lurid charges of corruption stemming from his alleged attempts to sell President-elect Barack Obama’s now-vacant U.S. Senate seat. The real news out of Chicago was that President-elect Barack Obama had nothing to do with it.

And I mean nothing to do with any of it. There was an almost comical aspect to the spectacle of journalists across the mainstream media suddenly, as if on command, assuming pretzel positions in a contortionist’s effort not to seem at all curious, for instance, about the discrepancy between David Axelrod’s recent declaration that the president-elect had discussed Senate-seat replacements with Blagojevich, and Obama’s more recent declaration that he had done no such thing.

The MSM instantly agreed: Obama had nothing to do with it. Such a message took Obama out of the story even before the story itself was clear.

This mantra, this strategy should be familiar by now. Whether it is Jeremiah “G — d — – America” Wright, William “We didn’t do enough” Ayers, or now, Rod “F — – him” Blagojevich, Obama is never a player, never even a responsible presence in controversies involving associates past and present. In the media-filtered version of events, he’s just not even there. But in no story is what we may one day come to think of as Obama’s invisible man-hood more obvious than in the still-roiling controversy over Obama’s birth certificate.

What controversy? Anyone who relies solely on MSM outlets (and most conservative outlets) may not even know that Obama has, to this day, not authorized the state of Hawaii to release his Certificate of Live Birth  —  the “long form”  —  to prove that he is a “natural born citizen” (NBC), a Constitutional requirement of all presidents. Instead, We, the People, have online access to an Obama document known as a Certification of Live Birth, which, as Randall Hoven explains at American Thinker blog, is a computer-generated short form that is not even accepted by the Hawaii Department of Home Lands as adequate verification of Hawaiian identity. (The Home Lands Department requires “information that is found only on the original Certificate of Live Birth,” or long form.) Further dimming the online document’s Holy Grail aspects, it has been altered  —  the certificate’s number has been redacted  —  which, according to a statement printed on the document, actually invalidates it.

But that’s not all. Back on Oct. 31, Hawaii’s director of health, along with the registrar of Vital Statistics, released a statement verifying that the Hawaii’s Department of Health has Obama’s “original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.”

Well, that’s just great. But no matter how many times this statement from “Hawaiian authorities” is cited as the NBC clincher, it doesn’t prove a thing. It turns out, as Hoven reports, that Hawaii issues birth certificates even for babies born elsewhere, so simply having an original Hawaiian birth certificate “on record” doesn’t answer the key questions. Namely: What exactly does this original birth certificate say? And why doesn’t Obama simply authorize the document’s release and be done with the question?

This is some of the background to the birth-certificate controversy. According to the same MSM reporting that omits Obama from everything, however, the controversy is the sole, self-inflicted creation of people unreasonable enough  —  no, kooky enough  —  to be concerned about the issue. This includes citizens who have gone to court (up to the U.S. Supreme Court) in more than a dozen states with various NBC-related complaints, all of which could be resolved by the release of Obama’s original birth certificate. It also includes followers of radio shows or Internet forums including KHOW’s Peter Boyle in Denver, the blog Atlas Shrugs and the news Web site, which have aggressively covered the story.

In the MSM’s no-Obama version of events, though, such efforts and interest are mocked as the freakiest kind of lunacy. And this same MSM argument has lately been trumpeted by prominent conservative voices.

“Shut up about the birth certificate,” David Horowitz wrote this past week.

Shut up? Is he kidding? Apparently not. Horowitz went on to tell “fringe conservatives” and “birth-certificate zealots” that their “continuing efforts” to “deny Obama his victory” are “embarrassing and destructive.” NRO’s Mark Krikorian, in turn, congratulated Horowitz for “stomping on the ridiculous, bitter-ender efforts to disqualify Obama from the presidency.” Michelle Malkin, too, pooh-poohed the “birth-certificate hunters,” describing them as having “lurched into rabid Truther territory.” 

(“Truthers,” by the way, are people who believe the United States engineered the attacks of 9/11.)

I disagree. I think it is nothing less than good citizenship to seek to verify that Obama is a “natural born citizen” since our elites, which include the major political parties and the MSM, failed to bring the matter to its extremely simple resolution long ago.

But while important, this isn’t just a story about whether we as Americans are right or wrong to ask our president-elect the question about his original birth certificate. It is about whether our president-elect is right or wrong not to answer it.

Once again, Barack Obama is treated as though he were not even a part of this story. Those who seek to resolve the birth certificate controversy draw the fire, but not the man who causes it. Talk shows, court battles and blogs can air the issue, but it is only Obama who can put it to rest. And he can do it simply by authorizing the release of his original, “long form” birth certificate — and quickly, preferably before the Electoral College meets to validate his election on Dec. 15, but certainly before his term of office begins on Jan. 20, 2009.

Unless, of course, he has something to hide.

Diana West is a columnist for The Washington Times. She is the author of “The Death of the Grown-up: How America’s Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization,” and has a blog at She can be contacted via

Dear Barack,

     I wanted to take a moment before the rush of Tuesday’s elections to ask you a question or two.

     The “defined” income level for “rich” seems to be on a fluctuating scale based on the words – just words – from your surrogates, anywhere from less than $250k, less than $200k, less than $150k, less than $120K, or less than $42k. What the hell is the answer?! You are running an ad tha says if “you are a teacher earning $40k a year, you’ll get a $500 tax break”. OK, so why not say if you are a firefighter earning $45k or $60k you’ll get $xx! By all appearances, since you’re lying about the 95% that will get tax breaks, how do we know what to believe in the varying discrepancies.

     Since your wife Michelle has opted to remain in Chicago so as to not disrupt the lives of your young children with your Senate office, can we safely assume that we will not have to contend with her at the White House except on official social functions, should you happen to pull a “hat trick” on Tuesday? It is admirable that, as your sister said in an interview, Michelle wanted to give the girls the sense of home and community that you lacked in your childhood. After all, the political fishbowl of the White House will make you growl even more on those Halloween strolls!!

     In light of the present economic conditions, how do you propose that business owners should bear any more of the financial burden than they already are? For instance, in my state, in my county, as a part of the county initiative to lower the tax burden on the homeowner, while trying to keep from cuts in police and fire budgets, the tax values of the home properties were lowered, in line with the market trends, but the value of commercial properties were dramatically increased, despite the diminished value as a result of the market. Do our elected officials not realize that this too is an increase to each homeowner or resident, because the business owner is passing that additional cost on to the consumer?

     The mandates that will be required under your healthcare plan, if you are elected despite my prayers to the contrary, will be so burdensome to the small businesses, that you will see a shrinking of job growth instead of spurring economic growth and job expansion. Everytime I have heard Sen. Kennedy talk about the requirements of an employer to provide these benefits, I ask why he is allowed to make laws and policy pertaining to business operations when he has never operated a business before in his life. He’s not there on Fridays as the employer figures up the payroll and and pays the employees, sometimes unsure if he has enough to cover it. You’re not there when the Workers Compensation Insurance is calculated, or the penalty if the payroll taxes are deposited late.

     With your socialistic ideology of economic justice by redistribution of wealth, where is the incentive for the small business owner to take the risks involved in entrepreneurship to grow more jobs to grow our economy?

     Then there is this concept of a Civilian Security Force. What in the name of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson is the fundamental premise or need for such a thing? To assist in the implementation of Bill and Bernardine’s (the Ayers) ideology of politics? Will we have to worry about “truth squads”, particularly since, if you are elected on Nov. 4th, many of us who did NOT vote the Obamessiah ticket will begin on November 5th in earnest to insure you are not re-elected in 2012??!!

     You offered yourself as the candidate of change, a promise of a campaign of transparency. Then you have done the exact opposite. You promised to be a part of the public campaign funding, then opted out. You promised full and open candidacy, and then you post a phony birth certificate. You avoid every possible “hard” questioning, opting for a pathetic montage of half truths in an infomercial. Your surrogates attack John McCain’s health records, but your doctor issues a one page note. You have Princeton seal Michelle’s thesis, and all three schools you attended are not able to produce any of your records. You ask for investigations into conservative media that “question” Obama. Is this what we will have to expect with regard to our freedom of speech? And is your OWN words on the floor of the Illinois State Legislature regarding medical treatment for infants born alive in a botched abortion what we can expect of a President in defending everyone’s life and liberty? And I haven’t even got to your stand on gun control!!

      Then there is the issue of your private life. Yes, your private life, as a candidate and if you are elected are not that anymore. Are we going to have to be concerned about the “down low” rumors of Chicago? The word within the gay community that you will be a target to “out” to claim that the first gay President has been elected as well? What about travel to countries where that is a crime? What about Larry Sinclair, Nick Colvin, Reggie Love? Are there others? Is Donald Young something that is going to interfere with your Presidency if you are elected?

     You have lead the minions to believe that you will be taking care of their mortgages and their gas in their cars. So, I ask, do you take care of your household bills or does Michelle? Do I have my mortgage company send my bill to you or Michelle, and do we send it to Greenwood Avenue Chicago or Pennsylvania Avenue?

    Finally, how in the hell do you plan to PAY for all that you have promised??!!


                                                                                   America’s Small Businesses


                                                                                   Average Americans