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Today, both President Obama and Mitt Romney are jetting in every direction, hitting the ground in the key battleground states. They are making their last pitch to get the votes that they need for tomorrow.

Remaining cautiously optimistic, I believe we are in an electoral moment very similar to Election Eve 1976, as Democratic strategist Pat Caddell highlighted yesterday. On the weekend before the election in 1976, Pres. Gerald Ford was slightly ahead in a very close race with Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter. But thorugh the weekend, the pollsters saw a momentum change taht carried through to the Election…. when it came to it, the people simply did not want the incumbent to carry on. This weekend, Pat Caddell says, he began seeing very similar data sentiments late Saturday and early Sunday. The one kink in the data is that in 1976, there was no early voting.

In about 30 hours, the polls on the East Coast will begin closing. Some pundits say we may not know until Wednesday or beyond who the next President will be. Others say we may know before midnight. Throughout the weekend, I have watched the clips of Obama and Romney. The optics of Obama and the superstars that he has used to “draw in the crowds” are completely opposite of those of Mitt and Ann Romney, hand in hand, with their sons. Obama’s rhetoric sounds desparate, even angry, while Romney is appealing to our better selves. Yes, I know it is politics, it is just words. But anwer me this…… Can we really handle 4 more years of Obama! A “lame-duck” Obama!?

Let this be “OUR MOMENT”, that moment when we can tell the next generation that we made changes and with great prayer, we made this OUR TIME to correct the moral compass of this great nation, and we once again will become the great leader that is the envy of the world. It is not Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan, not Allen West or Nancy Pelosi, Rand Paul or Chris Christie…. it is ALL of US together, working toward our better tomorrow!

Romney Blames Obama for Iran Mess: ‘Apology Tour Isn’t Working’

Former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass., …blasted President Barack Obama’s handling of U.S. foreign relations, accusing him of “apologizing for America” and arguing that Obama flipped “180 degree” on Iran’s nuclear program.

Jeb Bush to help party rebuild

Former Gov. Jeb Bush and other Republican leaders are holding the first of a series of town hall meetings aimed at remaking the party’s image.


When national Republican leaders brainstormed about repairing their party’s image after the setbacks of the last two elections, it was only natural that they would turn to Jeb Bush.

The popular two-term governor who led the fourth largest state to Republican dominance. A bilingual, telegenic and powerful near-celebrity. A policy wonk who heads his own education think tank.

Who better to travel the country, mingle with voters and articulate the Republican Party’s agenda through the newly formed National Council for a New America? Bush is slated to join former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Republican congressional leaders at the group’s first town hall meeting Saturday in northern Virginia.

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     A Congressional group of Republican Senators and Congressmen have announced that they are forming a National Council for a New America to go to the grassroots levels to show where the Obama agenda is taking America, and to establish the principles and values that will enable the Republican Party to be leaders to make sure that the Obama agenda does not dramatically alter America.

     Bringing back memories of Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, Rep. John Boehner acknowledged that the Republicans have to show Americans, at the ground level, why they are the best alternative to the Change Obama wants us all to believe in.

    In conjunction with the RNC, and beginning on a “shoestring” budget, the National Council for a New America will begin a series of TownHall meetings, starting this weekend. The speakers at this first TownHall function in Virginia will be former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. From these gatherings, it is expected that the RNC will find fresh support, as well as fresh leaders, at the local, state, and federal levels.

Articles: says Gov. Mitt Romney is sounding like he is on the 2012 Campaign trail. We all know that the campaign for the White House 2012 began at approximately 11:00pm on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008.

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Now, I know that many conservatives have their misgivings about Mitt Romney and, believe me, I understand where they’re coming from. Still, everybody–misgivings or not–needs to let go of their skepticism for a moment and, at the very least, just listen.

As I’ve mentioned before, when Romney first began his bid for president in the obscenely long lead-up to last year’s election, I saw a starched-shirt and plastic-haired man who knew what he was supposed to say while running for the GOP nomination and spoke accordingly. I didn’t buy it at first, and that perception was driven and augmented by some of his pitfalls while running the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

Over time, however, I saw in Mitt Romney a transformation. More accurately, I saw in Mitt Romney an awakening. It seemed to almost have happened overnight, and while his awakening was immediately recognizable to me, it was by no means quantifiable — and therefore is a little bit difficult to describe.

Just like there are politicians on both sides of the aisle that I like, there are those that I dislike on both sides as well. In other words, it takes an awful lot more than simply mentioning Ronald Reagan in a sentence to get my attention and win my respect. Romney, to me, has become more and more impressive with each interview I see. When he talks–without a TelePrompTer, no less–I find the depth of knowledge he elicits extremely comforting in a time where comfort is scarce.

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     Gov. Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and Presidential candidate, provided the following commentary on CNN:

Special to CNN

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Editor’s note: Mitt Romney is the former governor of Massachusetts and was a candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2008. This commentary was adapted from remarks he made last week to the House Republican Conference.

(CNN) — These are extraordinary times, and like a lot of Republicans I believe that a well-crafted stimulus plan is needed to put people back to work. But the Obama spending bill would stimulate the government, not the economy.

Mitt Romney says Obama's spending bill would stimulate the government rather than the economy.

Mitt Romney says Obama’s spending bill would stimulate the government rather than the economy.

We’re on an economic tightrope. The package that passed the House is a huge increase in the amount of government borrowing. And we’ve borrowed so much already that if we add too much more debt, or spend foolishly, we could invite an even bigger crisis.

We could precipitate a worldwide crisis of confidence in America, leading to a run on the dollar or hyperinflation that wipes out family savings and devastates the middle class.

It’s still early in the administration of President Obama. Like everyone who loves this country, I want him to adopt the correct course and then to succeed. He still has a chance to step in and insist on spending discipline among the members of his own party.

It’s his job to set priorities. I hope for America’s sake that he knows that a chief executive can’t vote “present.” He has to say yes to some things and no to a lot of others.

As someone who spent a career in the private sector, I’d like to see a stimulus package that respects the productivity and genius of the American people. And experience shows us what it should look like.

First, there are two ways you can put money into the economy, by spending more or by taxing less. But if it’s stimulus you want, taxing less works best. That’s why permanent tax cuts should be the centerpiece of the economic stimulus. Video Watch Romney make argument for tax cuts »

How to boost the economy
Mitt Romney talks about the stimulus plan on “American Morning.”
Friday 6 a.m. ET

Second, any new spending must be strictly limited to projects that are essential. How do we define essential? Well, a good rule is that the projects we fund in a stimulus should be legitimate government priorities that would have been carried out in the future anyway, and are simply being moved up to create those jobs now.

As we take out nonessential projects, we should focus on funding the real needs of government that will have immediate impact. And what better place to begin than repairing and replacing military equipment that was damaged or destroyed in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan?

Third, sending out rebate checks to citizens and businesses is not a tax cut. The media bought this line so far, but they’ve got it wrong. Checks in the mail are refunds, not tax cuts. We tried rebate checks in 2008 and they did virtually nothing to jump-start the economy. Disposable income went up, but consumption hardly moved.

Businesses aren’t stupid. They’re not going to invest in equipment and new hires for a one-time, short-term blip. What’s needed are permanent rate cuts on individuals and businesses.

Fourth, if we’re going to tax less and spend more to get the economy moving, then we have to make another commitment as well. As soon as this economy recovers, we have to regain control over the federal budget, and above all, over entitlement spending for programs such as Social Security and Medicare. This is more important than most people are willing to admit.

There is a real danger that with trillions of additional borrowing — from the budget deficit and from the stimulus — world investors will begin to fear that our dollars won’t be worth much in the future. It is essential that we demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the value of the dollar. That means showing the world that we will put a stop to runaway spending and borrowing.

Fifth, we must begin to recover from the enormous losses in the capital investment pool. And the surest, most obvious way to get that done is to send a clear signal that there will be no tax increases on investment and capital gains. The 2001 and 2003 tax cuts should be extended permanently, or at least temporarily.

And finally, let’s exercise restraint in the size of the stimulus package. Last year, with the economy already faltering, I proposed a stimulus of $233 billion. The Washington Post said: “Romney’s plan is way too big.” So what critique will the media have for the size of the Obama package?


In the final analysis, we know that only the private sector — entrepreneurs and businesses large and small — can create the millions of jobs our country needs. The invisible hand of the market always moves faster and better than the heavy hand of government.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Mitt Romney.

     With the election of Barack H. Obama as the 44th President, and the Democrats maintaining the majority in the House of Representative and the Senate (with a possible filibuster-proof majority), the message to the Republicans, through the beloved media, has been that their policies and beliefs have seen their day, and the Democrats are in control for a long time to come.

     The Party of Lincoln and of Reagan is the Party of strength, and it is the Party that challenges the electorate to remain strong in the ideals of a conservative Nation, a Nation where the government is meant to be less intrusive into our lives, and where we rely on the concept of self preservation instead of government reliance.

     The mandate from the 2006 and 2008 elections is more of a mandate on the Presidency of George W. Bush, and less of a mandate on the Republican Party. This is evidenced further by the election of more Democrats who share a moderate view on social issues, such as abortion and gun control.

     The RNC, to forge ahead in 2010 and moreso in 2012, must revitalize and put forth a new face. As Rep. Paul Ryan, one of the rising stars of the Party commented, “we must move away from being the Party of angry white men, and become a Party of Warriors!”. The RNC must implement the necessary programs to begin to draw the diversified base that will be inclusive of women, Hispanics, the Black commmunity, among others. The Party must present itself as strong, unified and diverse, as diverse as the President-elect presents the Democratic Party to be.

      The RNC must set into motion NOW a comprehensive use of the Internet, for database building, for fundraising, for grassroots organizing. This was a key strength within the Obama campaign, and its model will be used by the DNC in future campaigns. The RNC must utilize the technology and strategies that the Internet provides to be competitive in future campaigns, and to be able to reach and focus on target markets.

      It is time that the conservative message of the Republicans not be looked upon as “gun toting God lovers”, but on the message of what these beliefs are premised upon and from where they have come. The RNC needs a leader capable of reflecting that ideology, and the true leader is embodied in Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House. Though not the “young face” of the Party, Speaker Gingrich would be able to articulate the Republican message and to motivate the “troops” into action for the candidates. Couple the Speaker’s message with the business acumen of Gov. Mitt Romney (along with the entrepreneurial spirit of his sons), and there would be a powerhouse team at the helm of the Republican Party.

      It is very clear who are emerging as the rising stars of the Republican Party, and their future aspirations were kept in check throughout the McCain campaign. Now, however, as they’ve quickly shown up on the talk circuit, their roles in the future of the RNC are quickly developing.

     First and foremost, there is Gov. Sarah Palin. I stated in a previous post that her defeat as the Vice-Presidential candidate actually bodes well for her story and plans (though we would have rather that the McCain-Palin ticket have prevailed). Gov. Palin ran for and lost the race for Lt. Governor, and then went on to run in 2006 for Governor and win. Perhaps that pattern force is at work now. The Governor is not ruling out a run for President in 2012, and it is being discussed that if Sen. Stevens holds his Senate seat, but is ousted by the Senate because of his conviction, Gov. Palin may want to step into that seat. Even the “anonmous” attacks against her since the Election day loss are evidence that there are those who are threatened by a possible Palin 2012 Presidential bid, and they are trying to discredit her now.

Todd Palin and Gov. Sarah Palin

     Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal, 37,  was on McCain’s short list as a Vice-Presidential pick, and he is already showing that he is testing the waters with several “Iowa” appearances this month. He was to give a prime time speech at the Republican Convention, but due to the hurricanes, he remained in Louisiana to lead his state. Gov. Jindal offers a strong record of his fiscal toughness, and his heritage and youth offer the diversity that would show a new RNC face. The first generation American of immigrants from India, converted to Catholicism, Jindal represents the American Dream even moreso than Barack Obama.

Gov. Jindal and Family

     Congressman Paul Ryan, 38, has represented Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District since being elected in November 2008, and has never received less than 57% of the vote in his elections. He has recently been mentioned as a possible replacement for Congressman Boehner as the House Minority leader, but has said that he will not pursue that role. He is, however, being named as one of the strong Party leaders working with Boehner in the next session of Congress, and he will undoubtedly be a visible Republican face as the Obama administration begins to put forth its agenda.

Rep. Paul Ryan

     Gov. Tim Pawlenty, 47, of Minnesota, was also on McCain’s Veep short list, and has been a vocal surrogate of the McCain campaign and the Republican Party. As the Governor of a “blue” state, Pawlenty is a strong voice of the Republican message, and he has been able to articulate his creative ideals for such issues as immigration. Gov. Pawlenty, like Gov. Palin and Gov. Jindal, have been able to put a youthful face on the Republican party.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty

     Congressman Eric Cantor, 45, of Virginia, has been tagged to be the House Minority Whip, and if named as such, he will be the second highest ranking Republican in the House of Representatives. He is also the only Jewish Republican serving in the House at this time. Cantor’s role behind Boehner in the next Congressional session will make him a visible member of the House, and a key person to personify the Republican message.

     It is highly likely that several “mature” faces of the Party will remain as frontrunners in the 2012 Presidential race, including Gov. Mike Huckabee (now the host of FOXNews “Huckabee“) and Gov. Mitt Romney. Both have carefully worded any answers to questions about possible future campaigns, in a respectful deference to Gov. Palin and her role as a frontrunner coming out of the 2008 campaign season.


Gov. Mitt Romney & Gov. Mike Huckabee

     The imperative message to the RNC, and to these rising stars, is that they must move quickly to set the vision and tone for the Party, and to begin to articulate that message through its legislative efforts, as well as through the inner-workings of the Party, through its fundraising machinery and its communication efforts.

     Less than twelve hours ago, the United States elected our 44th President, and on January 20th, 2009, Barack H. Obama II will be sworn in (unless the challenges to his eligibility are successful). Thus we come to the end of what has been a never-ending campaign season.

     Today, we are 1462 days until the November 6th, 2012 election, and if we think the last season was long, it was announced today that Louisiana’s Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) will be making several speaking engagements in IOWA during the next few weeks. This was the same methodology that Sen. Clinton used to “campaign” before officially campaigning.

     Gov. Sarah Palin will resume her duties in Alaska, but we can be assured that she will be a visible Republican force in the Lower 48 while she decides if she wants to run for President in 2012. Other possible Republican contenders will likely include Gov. Mitt Romney, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, among others.

     By the time the honeymoon period ends for President-elect Obama and the fawning media, the media that elected Obama will begin to see which Republican will make their “media darling” list.

      Countdown has begun!


Gov. Mitt Romney, Sen. John McCain, and Mayor Rudy Guiliani

     Ok, so its not the real lead story for tonight, BUT IT CERTAINLY COULD BE!!

     Sen. John McCain, trailing in the polls, has been tagged as “struggling”, “floundering”. The pundits and the experts say that the McCain campaign needs to present a clear message, particularly with regard to charting a course to correct the economic problems we face now, and in the coming months, years.

     If John McCain were to step to the microphone and in John McCain style, announce that upon his November 4th landslide victory against Sen. Barack Obama, he is naming former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani to be his Attorney General, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as his Treasury Secretary. With that announcement, Romney announces a detailed and comprehensive economic plan and strategy that encompasses the need to address our energy crisis while resolving the financial nightmare on Wall Street and in the mortgage market that has so many foreclosure signs on Main Street.

     For his part, Guiliani announces a strong task force charged with the responsibility of weeding through the Wall Street debacle, finding the criminals who robbed America, and give justice to the taxpayers! Guiliani likens his “cleaning up Wall Street” to Bobby Kennedy’s ideology in prosecuting the racketeers within the powerful unions in the 1960’s.

     Sen. Obama (true part) today bashed McCain’s $300 billion mortgage plan as being a twisted version of what HE has been proposing during the past few weeks, thus Obama should get the credit for this concept. Obama does fail to cite that while he was still battling Hillary Clinton, Sen. McCain, along with Carly Fiorina, were discussing this concept in April at Carnegie-Mellon.

     Were John McCain to take this bold step, 26 days before the election, as bold as he did in tapping Gov. Sarah Palin as the VP, coupled with a strong economic message, Obama would NEVER be able to catch up in the polls, and all of the efforts that Obama’s $830,000 paid for to ACORN would mean absolutely nothing!!