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     With Sen. Kennedy and his family with him, as well as First Lady Roslyn Carter, President Obama will leave the White House to sign the GIVE Act, which is named in honor of Sen. Kennedy’s years of public service. The GIVE Act authorizes the funding of the voluntary service programs, and recruitment of new Acornettes! This ACT is the foundation of the Obama’s 2012 campaign strategy, which we, the taxpayers, are funding.

     The ideology of volunteerism, of service, is not to be trivialized. But service cannot be forced upon the individual. In some states, high school students are required to put in a certain amount of service hours before they graduate, as a means of showing them that they are a part of the community, and to expose them to different things that may help in their career choices.

      We each have a responsibility to our family first, then to our community. However, I do not want a forced volunteerism. Service to one’s community takes many forms, from time spent as a mentor or a classroom volunteer, to assisting in building homes for Habitat for Humanity, to assiting in fundraising for March of Dimes or the American Cancer Society. But if one is required to perform, by the government, then it is no longer the same situation. Furthermore, like the “mystery” person who has donated $45 Million dollars to 9 colleges to assist in the strapped economic times, many people do their “volunteerism” in an “under the radar” manner, and that is the way they want it.


     Freedom of Speech is under attack by Google and the Obama Administration. Freedom of Information is under attack by Google and the Obama Administration.

    H.R. 1388 entitled  the Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act (GIVE ACT) is before the House of Representatives Rules Committee today.

“Does anyone know anything about HR 1388 and exactly what it is?? It will create a Uniformed Force of 250,000 members, that’s a force greater than the number of troops we now have in Iraq, a virtual army. A force of 5,000 per state if evenly divided, more realistically the force will be deployed according to the size and population of each state. It talks about a volunteer force, yet speaks of 3 year obligations as in a Draft, and a pay scale of from $17,000 to $22,000.

The bill mentions but does not elaborate in any detail exactly what its mission is or what authority it may have over any community in which it is deployed. It would apparently be controlled from the White House through the Cabinet, and would be another layer of government with powers that might usurp State Sovereignty relative to established organizations like Education, Conservation, Health, Natural Disasters, etc and Public Safety at City, County and State levels.

Public Safety seems over broad with no specifics. What is the purpose of City Police, County Sheriffs, State Troopers and the National Guard, if not Public Safety? Just What would this Uniformed Public Safety Force be responsible for? Would it have the power to usurp local agencies?

The ‘p’resident The Marxist Imam Obama talked about a “Civilian Security Force” on a par with the US Military to react to Natural Disasters, and “Civil Unrest”.

Is this that “Civilian Security Force” created by a “Judas Goat Bill” that will if enacted will result in a USSR of America Brown Shirt Organization? ? ? ?

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