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     Last night, Ed Schultz from MSNBC commented that the “Occupy Wall Street” phenomenon is true grassroots, a true example of Democracy in action, and then went on to highlight the Tea Party movement as corporate driven, sponsored by FOXNews.

     The question is, with the unions financing the “Occupy Wall Street” protests, why is this protest newsworthy, while the Tea Party marches on DC and other places were dismissed as nothing?



It is the face of the young victim, Christina Taylor Greene, that symbolizes the tragedy of the shooting in Tucson that took 5 other lives and injured 13 others, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. F&F Gretchen Carlson’s motherly instincts broke through in the interview, and she becomes emotional as she tries to complete the interview with Roxanna Greene, Christina’s mother.

Megyn Kelly forces the Sheriff to admit that there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that links the actions of Jared Lee Loughren to the talk show radio circuit or what the Left has demonized as “Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck’s” voice.

The other day I pointed out that Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers should really fact check any talking point coming from the White House and held her responsible (fair is fair) for her own ignorance of the end-of-life provision that she debated on Hannity.

To review, Powers said that President George W. Bush’s veto of the bill that included the end-of-life provision was “not true.”  I reported at Big Government, Big Journalism, and HotAir that Bush vetoed that bill which Powers, the MSM, and lefty bloggers tried to use as cover for the end-of-life provisions in the newly revamped wellness visits paid for by Medicare.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the left and MSM from continuing to use that false talking point given to them by the Obama administration as seen in The Hill’s piece:

However, an administration spokesman said the regulation, which is less specific than the reform law’s draft language, is actually a continuation of a policy enacted under former President George W. Bush.

Ironically, the administration attempted to use Bush as cover, when, in fact the policy was enacted by means of a congressional veto override.  And that brings us back to our beloved Kirsten Powers and her latest.  After 4 days of knowing the truth about the veto, Powers took my advice and tweeted:

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Quick: name the governor of Hawaii. If you said Neil Abercrombie, you either a) live in Hawaii, b) are related to Neil Abercrombie, or c) are following the latest angle in the birther debate more closely than most people.

The Democrat’s vowed to “take on” the birthers despite the urging of some in his own party to stay out of a fight “not worth having.”

Megyn Kelly hosted a debate on the issue on America Live and kicked things off by noting that Gov. Abercrombie has said he was in Hawaii at the time of President Obama’s birth and knew the family. Kelly said the governor had taken an issue that was “quieting down” is jumped it right back to the front burner, which guest Dan Gerstein said threatened to irritate both Democrats and Republicans:

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Great @ 4:50 mark


Outraged, Gibbs singled out the network for airing an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory spun by President Bush’s FEMA director, Mike “Brownie” Brown.

On Monday night, Brown — the former horse association director blamed for the White House’s sluggish response to Hurricane Katrina — claimed the Obama administration let the Gulf oil leak get worse so they could retract its own promise to expand exploratory offshore drilling.

“I would not be surprised if the White House said, you know, we might be able to, guess what, do what? Use this crisis to our advantage. Let this crisis get really bad, and then we will step in,” Brown told Neil Cavuto. “We will be able to shut down offshore drilling. We will be able to turn to all these alternate fuels.”

Gibbs, responding to an oil leak query from Goler, called the network out for failing to challenge Brown, now a conservative Colorado radio host.

“I watched Fox yesterday — you open both the double doors — and waaah! — here I am,” Gibbs said.

As Goler tried to calm Gibbs down, the press secretary began talking about “the special and unique interview with Michael Brown, who for those who weren’t let in on the big secret … intimated on Fox and it wasn’t – didn’t appear — to be pushed back on real hard — that this spill was leaked on purpose in order for us to undo decisions.”

Goler tried to differentiate between the network’s news operation and its columnists, but Gibbs would have none of it.

“You should call headquarters,” he told Toler, and talk to “whoever makes the decision to put people like that on.”

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Michelle meets Huck

Despite recent tensions between Fox News and the White House, the first lady will soon be making an appearance on the network.

No, the sit-down won’t be on Glenn Beck’s show and is not likely to touch on hot-button political issues or 2010 races. Michelle Obama, who has taken up the cause of fighting childhood obesity, will discuss the issue with former presidential-candidate-turned-host Mike Huckabee.

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 “I’m not running a popularity contest here,” Mesley said. “If I’m the bad guy to the average citizen . . . and their taxes have go up to cover my raise, I’m very sorry about that, but I have to look out for myself and my membership.”  

Mesley added: “As the president of the local, I will not accept ‘zeroes.’ If that means . . . ticking off some taxpayers, then so be it.””