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     Over the past few months, JAMES has posted several of Lt. Col. Allen West’s videos, as well as his story of service to this great country. He is a candidate for Florida’s 22nd Congressional District.

      Lt. Col. West will address the CPAC Convention on Saturday, February 20th, 2010 at 4 PM.

Full Saturday schedule:

     I have put the word out to my friends and acquaintances nationwide regarding the people in their areas who are potential candidates in 2010, strong conservative candidates willing to challenge the status quo, and fight to take our Country back!!!

     The first such person is a retired member of the United States Army, a veteran of the Iraq War. He says that he is a strong conservative, who is already tired of the Obama administration and the Democratic policies. He says that he knows that his opponents (Democrats) are attempting to destroy him.

      Lt. Col. Allen West is a war hero. A conservative. And because he is tired of the way that the press treats our biracial President with “kid gloves”, and everyone deals with the “PC” that goes with that, he believes that he is a candidate that can say things to Barack Obama that others fear to say. Oh, did I mention the Lt. Col. West is “black”!– (and not half like Barack).

       “I’m a conservative black Republican, and I can assure you that the Democrats fear me………… I’m not afraid to LOUDLY and PROUDLY oppose the “savior” of the Democrat Party, Barack Obama!”

      “And with Barack Obama in the White House, I know that I as strong black Republican can go places and speak the truth that no other Republican will dare say!”

       ” In fact, I’m running for the US Congress because I couldn’t sit on my hands while Obama, Pelosi and the Democrats attacked the foundational principles of our country- limited government, a strong national defense, and traditional family values!!”

     Lt. Col. Allen West is running for the 22nd Congressional District seat in Florida, opposing incumbent Rep. Ron Klein. Narrowly defeated by Kelin in 2008, Lt. Col. Allen West immediately set his sights on 2010, and truly does have a concerned incumbent worried about his seat.

     Visit his website

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