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WASHINGTON – The way abortions are covered under health care reform is a major obstacle to finalizing the legislation, even though the House and Senate both agree that no federal money should be used.

The stumbling block is whether insurance plans that get federal money are completely barred from covering abortions, or whether they can cover it as long as they require customers to write separate checks for the procedure using their own money.

Why does that matter?

Because the House and Senate solved the dispute in different ways, neither of which makes everyone happy, and now they have to find a further compromise.

“Something’s going to have to give,” said Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., author of the abortion language in the House.

At this point it’s not clear what that will be, although talks to resolve the issue have already begun and all involved in the intraparty dispute say they want to be able to support a final health care bill.

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     There is a reason why the President and Congress need to take the time to READ !!!!

     Researchers, stem cell advocates, and others were excited that President Barack Obama signed an order on Monday to lift President Bush’s ban on federal funds being used in stem cell research. Even First Lady Nancy Reagan expressed praise for the action, with thoughts it might aid in the cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

     But what the Obamessiah giveth to the masses, he quickly and quietly takes away!

     As we are all well aware, the $410 billion dollar omnibus bill to fund the government through September 30th was passed by the Congress and, without postuing it for 5 days as promised, and without the glaring fanfare f his other signings, Barack Obama quietly signed the legislation on Wednesday. He was more concerned with “separating” himself from the 8500+ earmarks in the bill (though his name was removed rom those he requested), than he was with the content of the legislation.

     That fact has quietly already come back to haunt Obama and Congress. Within the Omnibus bill, there is a clause that “BANS” the use of federal funds for……. STEM CELL RESEARCH.!!

Go Figure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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