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“Given the current state of things, I’m sure there are a lot of people deliberately deciding to adopt a low profile, politically or socially. A lot of this has to do not so much with politics but what your neighbors or your coworkers will say about you, right? If you tell them something that is actually happening in the world, you will be labeled a conspiracy theorist; they’ll look at you as if you’re crazy. But what about the activists? At a certain stage, the great mass of people will look around for leadership figures. When the economic crisis comes, they’re going to want someone to tell them how to get out of it. They’re not going to know the answers themselves. The question is, will there be activists, leadership figures, proposing the right solutions – and how soon will they come along?” Edwin Vieira

from American Thinker:

We can see that delusional thinking right now in Barack Hussein Obama and in Hillary, just as we saw it in the Carter administration — which gave Islamic fascism its first taste of real power in 1979. It’s important to remember that reactionary Islamic fascism was mostly gone after the Ottoman Empire crumbled in 1917. A number of Muslim countries desperately tried to modernize for sixty years — until Jimmy Carter gave the pre-medieval throwback Ayatollah Khomeini his first big chance in 1979. That started a race among all the suppressed Islamofascists in Sunni and Shiite countries. Nobel Peace Prize-winner Jimmy Carter’s dysfunctional politics was not an accident, nor his love affair with Hamas and Khomeini; it is an obsessive-compulsive psychopathology, and it happens over and over again in human history.

This is the 7th-century king of the camel-raiders that the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, publicly bowed down to — in a universal gesture of submission that was instantly understood throughout the Muslim world.

Neville Chamberlain gave Adolf Hitler only a half-bow after the Munich appeasement summit of 1938. Liberals are forever thus.

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Atlas reader Helen and hubby Richie caught this great American at “a protest at the Smithhaven Mall where we saw this person (and many more)”. It’s over at Gathering of Eagles with more great coverage.

I received the following email from one of the Tae Party Organizers:

Date: Monday, June 1, 2009, 10:45 AM

Dear friends,
   Yesterday I had the privilege of hearing from a noted historian regarding the potential fall of America as we know it. Throughout history it has been the intense effort of those in power to seek out ways of holding on to it at all cost. The methods have not changed; Simply increase the number of voters who are dependent on government then get them to vote.
   Imagine this as a bar under which lie people who depend on Washington instead of themselves for many vital needs. Today, this “invisible bar” is being dramatically raised to include those who have lost jobs or become crippled by debt in what was previously the “middle class”. Add to this the “crisis nature” of the US economy. Mix in the constant rhetoric about “global climate change” (note they are shifting terminology away from “global warming” as the planet is actually experiencing a cooling phase) Throw in the threat of newly discovered diseases and the fear of a pandemic. All great opportunities for “change”. But DC is becoming even more proactive in the quest for ultimate power over the people. One initiative underway is the redrawing of voting boundaries to diminish the voting power of legitimate taxpaying citizens and empower those who are dependent on government. Another is a pending bill which, with the right distraction, may repeal the 22nd amendment (Presidential term limit). And so these questions are now being raised by those in office… Why allow these crises to be wasted? Why not solidify power with the consent of ignorant citizens? Who could stop us from doing so?
   The only ones left who could potentially turn the tide are those who have a reasonable knowledge of the corrupting nature of political power in the hands of those who have their own self-interests in mind. Those who can look back and see the pattern in world government and read the proverbial handwriting on the wall. How many of these citizens are left? While I would hope to be included in this prestigious group, I would guess that they are a rare remnant. For this we must accept responsibility or continue to watch as our nation plummets over the cliff of no return. In light of this “Constitutional Crisis” I am more convinced than ever before that we must address two critical issues in our lives…
   First, we MUST fight the temptation to primarily surround ourselves with like-minded people. We must cease from simply forwarding emails to others who may be willing to stick out their neck so we will not have to. And since I am doing just that in writing to you, I have determined to build an email list and a social network of “unbelievers” (those whose vision of America is fatally flawed) and to creatively warn them of either their apathetic attitude or their outright ignorance! Piece of cake, right?  😉  No, not an easy task, but a necessary one if we are to make any progress at all. Liberty, justice and prosperity are still appealing concepts and we need to persistently connect the dots so they can begin to see more clearly.
   Second, we must ask ourselves at what level we are called to “fight to save our nation”. For some, it is a legitimate, God-given, full-time calling. For others, it is a passion which should be acted upon through education, wise voting, writing an email or letter, speaking up and speaking out. Many in this category have a tough time juggling this with true priorities (God, family and then others), yet we must be committed to having balance in life. Are there those who should take no interest in political issues or even in voting? While I’d love to include ACORN, I do not accept this (political dormancy) as a legitimate category. Either this comes from a belief in total anarchy or the belief that anything other than politics is a “higher calling” (taught nowhere by our Creator of the nation’s forefathers).
   Heavy material for a Monday, but I would ask that you consider what your part is in this. A summer homework assignment! You men and women are patriots; I have seen it in you. Now spend some time asking God how you should proceed and go for it!

Tea Party Patriot

I transcript what the little girl tells in my book and try to describe it in detail but the images are much more powerful. She’s a girl that in 2002 was starving in Tucuman, and cries because she’s hungry.
It’s hard to explain, but we see footage of people that are starving frequently. It’s just that it get’s more personal when it happens in your own country, and the children crying speak your language.

Reporter: What did you eat this morning, right now, that we saw you were eating something?
Barbarita smiles.
Barbarita: Tortilla
Reporter: And yesterday for supper?
(Barbarita’s smile starts to disappear as she starts to cry)
Barbarita: Nothing
Reporter: Now that you’re going to school, do they give you food?
Barbarita : No
Barbairta starts wiping the tears off her eyes
The shocked reporter asks a stupid question.
Reporter: Are you sad?
Barbarita: Yes
She cries for a couple seconds.
Reporter: What are you thinking? Tell me.
Barbarita: We haven’t eaten anything, we don’t have money.
The scene is cut and then continues.
The camera is close and you see that Barbarita is not only thin: She’s skin and bones and the skin has a grayish color. The big eyes are deep into her skull and you can see wrinkles around her eyes.
Reporter: How old are you?
Barbrita: Eight.
The reporter asks her last stupid question, and Barbarita’s reply puts a significant nail in the coffin where the future of this country was buried.
Reporter: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Barbarita: Nothing.