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Last night, one of the news outlets ran a segment where they interviewed marchers in New York protesting the choke-hold death of Eric Garner, asking them about “justice” in the Ferguson, MO police shooting death of Michael Brown.

I was amazed not so much that most of those questioned have already assumed that Officer Darren Wilson was GUILTY of murdering Michael Brown, despite the many unknown facts, but at the call for justice. The call for justice is appropriate, but this call was for the ARREST and CONVICTION of Darren Wilson WITHOUT A TRIAL. Many said that the facts are in, he is guilty and doesn’t deserve a trial. REALLY??

DOESN’T DESERVE A TRIAL!! I was dumbfounded. It wasn’t just one or two people. It was said over and over again. When asked about our justice system assuming one to be innocent until proven guilty, this group was willing to throw that out the window. “All the witnesses say it is so” was the overall response. One said the witnesses are correct so he doesn’t listen to the news for any further facts (not that most of the media isn’t already spinning it against Officer Darren Wilson.)

It is obvious that the only justice that will be acceptable in Ferguson MO is the arrest, trial, conviction, and incarceration of a white police officer. To railroad the facts, whatever they ultimately are, to reach the “required” end, will be the greatest travesty of justice for ALL.

And on a sidenote, an unarmed white 21 year old male was shot and killed by a black police officer in Utah. Is Eric Holder enroute to Utah now? No, I didn’t think so.

From Judicial Watch:

Records obtained by Judicial Watch in response to local, state and federal public records requests show that the so-called peacekeepers are part of a large and growing division within DOJ called the Community Relations Service (CRS).  Though CRS purports to spot and quell racial tensions nationwide before they arise, the documents obtained by Judicial Watch show the group actively worked to foment unrest, spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on travel and hotel rooms to train protestors throughout Florida.  The peacekeepers also met with officials of the Republican National Convention, scheduled for several months later in Tampa, to warn them to expect protests in connection with Martin’s death.

  • CRS employee spent $1,142.84 to travel to Sanford, Florida from March 25-28, 2012 “to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies”;
  • CRS employee spent $751.60 to travel to Sanford, Florida from March 30-April 1, 2012 “to provide technical assistance to the City of Sanford, event organizers, and law enforcement agencies for the march and rally on March 31”;
  • CRS employee spent $1,307.40 to travel to Sanford, Florida from April 3-12, 2012 “to provide technical assistance, conciliation, and onsite mediation during demonstrations planned in Sanford”;
  • CRS employee spent $672.24 to travel to Tampa, Florida from April 18-20, 2012 “to meet with RNC official related to possible protests and demonstrations during the RNC”

From a Florida Sunshine Law request filed on April 23, 2012, JW received thousands of pages of emails on April 27, 2012, in which was found an email by Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board Program Officer Amy Carswell from April 16, 2012: “Congratulations to our partners, Thomas Battles, Regional Director, and Mildred De Robles, Miami-Dade Coordinator and their co-workers at the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service for their outstanding and ongoing efforts to reduce tensions and build bridges of understanding and respect in Sanford, Florida.”

Full story:


From Kirsten Powers @ Daily Beast:

It’s instructive to go back to the dawn of Hope and Change. It was 2009, and the
new administration decided it was appropriate to use the prestige of the White
House to viciously attack a news organization—Fox News—and the journalists who
work there. Remember, President Obama had barely been in office and had enjoyed
the most laudatory press of any new president in modern history. Yet even one
outlet that allowed dissent or criticism of the president was one too many. This should have been a red flag
everyone, regardless of what they thought of Fox
News. The math was simple: if the administration would abuse its power to try
and intimidate one media outlet, what made anyone think they weren’t next?

For Ms. Powers’ full column:

Update: Latest reports show that the DOJ not only spied into James Rosen’s email accounts and phone records, as well as those of FOX News, including their phone lines at the White House, State Department, and Capitol Hill, but they also pried into the records of James Rosen’s parents in Staten island NY. Where is the outrage in the MSM?

First of all, the PC term is “Little People”, and I can understand their recruitment. But SCHIZOPHRENICS and the INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED……

Holder Justice Department Recruits Dwarfs, Schizophrenics, and the ‘Intellectually Disabled’

The PJ Tatler has obtained documents from the Justice Department detailing efforts to recruit attorneys and staff who are dwarfs or who have “psychiatric disabilities” or “severe intellectual disabilities.”  On May 31, 2012, Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez issued a directive to affirmatively recruit people with these “targeted disabilities.”

This DOJ policy does not merely involve prohibitions against discrimination, but rather the documents reveal deliberate recruitment efforts to hire as attorneys and staff for the Department of Justice people suffering from psychiatric disorders and intellectual disabilities.  Moreover, applicants can “self-identify” their disability by means of the “Standard Form 256, Self Identification Disability.”

Those with “targeted disabilities” may be hired through a “non-competitive” appointment. That means they don’t have to endure the regular civil service competition among applicants, but can be plucked from the stack of resumes and hired immediately instead.

According to the documents, those with these “targeted disabilities” may be hired “before the position is advertised” and even “before the position’s closing date.” Moreover, lawyers with psychiatric disabilities and “severe intellectual” disabilities receive a waiver from the requirement that a new DOJ employee have practiced law for one year before being hired.

You can read the detailed Civil Rights Division “Hiring of Persons With Targeted Disabilities Policy” memo here.

PHOTO ID was required for Congressional interns to attend a lecture by Attorney General Eric Holder as a part of their Summer Intern Program….. imagine that… PHOTO ID to attend a lecture by the man who says requiring photo ID to vote is discriminatory and disenfranchising,

From the Daily Caller:

Sources have confirmed to The Daily Caller that Attorney General Eric  Holder on Wednesday scolded an intern from House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s  office for taking notes during a lecture he gave on Capitol Hill.

According to one intern who was present, Holder had just started speaking  when he noticed a male intern who was standing on the side of the packed room  beginning to take notes with a pen and paper.

“Holder is talking and then he sees some kid taking notes,” the intern, who  asked to remain anonymous to protect his boss, said in a phone interview. “He  [Holder] asks, ‘Oh, why are you taking notes? Are you from the Washington  Post?’”

“He [the intern Holder scolded] is like, ‘no,’” the intern who spoke with  TheDC recalls.

“Then, he [Holder] is like, ‘what office do you work in?’” he continued. “And, the kid is like, ‘oh Kevin McCarthy.’”

He said, next, Holder responded, “’Oh, you’re one of those guys,’ kind of  like jokingly but meaning he was a Republican.”

Holder’s remarks apparently had an effect on the room, the intern who spoke  with TheDC said. ““Yeah, I was scared to take notes then,” he told TheDC. “No  one else whipped out pens and paper to take notes.”

Read more:

With just over 10% of the Democrats joining the Republicans, AG Eric Holder has been held in contempt of Congress, both criminal and civil.

It is going to get interesting!

SCOTUS ruling on ObamaCare in the morning!!

Contempt vote against AG Eric Holder in the afternoon!!

New Black Panthers Say They Are Ready For RNC Convention In Tampa: “Kill These Racist Honkeys, These Crackers, These Pigs, These Pink People!”…

They’re lucky they are not white or the police might actually get involved.

Black Power Bay 65 Days Til The Republican National Convention Show Down In Tampa &Bootd


“Kill these racist honkeys, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, It has been long overdue!” #NBPPTAMPA


Check out Nancy’s demeanor….. Just sayin’….