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By the Electoral College count, President Obama secured a large victory in his quest for a second term. But by the popular vote, the margin of victory is VERY thin, and it is such that shows that his divisiveness in the last four years continues to hold, and he awakes this morning to the status quo… The House is still Red, and Harry Reid still leads a Senate that has not passed a budget in nearly four years.

So as he sets forth on his legacy, which, God forbid, might include as many as three Supreme Court appointments, will Obama govern even more to the left and to his base, or will he be willing to create a legacy that shows that he truly is a President of all the people, and as he said last night, he has heard what even those who did not support him have said.

Only time will tell. But the new mission is to hold our elected officials more accountable, and that starts with forcing Obama to come clean on Benghazi….. even if it costs him his 2nd term.

     From all appearances, the United States Supreme Court will be issuing a denial on the case of Wrotnowski v. Bysiewicz, with regard to Obama’s citizenship and eligibility to be President. This case was NOT on the short list of those which were granted certiorari today, so one can assume that it will be on the lengthy list of “denials” on Monday, just as the Donofrio case was last week.

     One can ask, are our Electors people of conscience? The Electoral College casts their votes on Monday, December 15th.

     After meeting privately to discuss the cases the US Supreme Court would hear, or to issue Writs of Certiorari upon, the list of cases denied or granted was issued late Friday afternoon (Dec. 5th), and the Leo Donofrio case questioning President-Elect Barack Obama’s citizenship and Presidential eligibility was not on EITHER list.

     A spokesman for the Supreme Court said that no decision had been reached as of yet, and that a decision from the Justices would most likely be forthcoming in the next week or so.

     Unlike other cases, such as Pennsylvania attorney Philip Berg’s case, which allege that Obama was NOT born in Hawaii, the Donofrio case concedes Obama’s verbal assertion that he was born in Hawaii, but Donofrio claims that Obama’s British citizenship, afforded to him as the son of a British subject, precludes him from being the President. Barack Obama Sr., as a Kenyan citizen, was automatically a British citizen, since Kenya was a part of the British Commonwealth.

     Other cases are still pending in the lower courts, including the lawsuit brought by Presidential candidate Alan Keyes against California’s Secretary of State to stop the certification of the State’s Electors. Each of the cases that have been filed throughout the country have the potential of being heard in the Supreme Court, based upon their outcome at the lower court and appellate level.

     Since the Director of the Hawaii Dept. of Health stopped short of stating that the documents on file in Hawaii state that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, the only satisfactory resolution to the “birthplace” part of the citizenship question would be for Barack Hussein Obama II to authorize the Hawaiian authorities to release the vaulted documents.

     The Electoral College can, though it is unlikely, vote by conscience, based upon the Obama team’s like of candor in this matter, and not vote for Obama. Some states require their Electors to the Electoral College to vote as the state voted, but others allow the Elector’s a bit of discretion in their votes. In fact, a massive lobbying effort directly to the Electors in some states has been going on since November 4th.

     Although President-Elect Obama has resigned his Senate seat, a move which is irreversible, it is noteworthy that Sen. Joe Biden has not yet resigned his seat, nor has Rep. Rahm Emanuel, and Sen. Hillary Clinton has said that she will not resign until she is confirmed as Secretary of State by the Senate. Senator Clinton’s decision not to resign just yet is completely understandable, but if their is such certainty in Obama’s election, one has to wonder why Sen. Biden and Rep. Emanuel have not resigned their positions.