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WASHINGTON (AP) — A bipartisan group of leading senators has reached agreement on the principles of sweeping legislation to rewrite the nation’s immigration laws.

The deal, which was to be announced at a news conference Monday afternoon, covers border security, guest workers and employer verification, as well as a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants already in this country.

Although thorny details remain to be negotiated and success is far from certain, the development heralds the start of what could be the most significant effort in years toward overhauling the nation’s inefficient patchwork of immigration laws.

President Barack Obama also is committed to enacting comprehensive immigration legislation and will travel to Nevada on Tuesday to lay out his vision, which is expected to overlap in important ways with the Senate effort.

The eight senators expected to endorse the new principles Monday are Democrats Charles Schumer of New York, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Michael Bennet of Colorado; and Republicans John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Marco Rubio of Florida and Jeff Flake of Arizona.–politics.html


It was only a matter of time that the left wingnuts would put forth the idea that our POTUS should be able to be born elsewhere…….
“The focus on President Obama’s birth certificate diminishes the true questions about the unfairness of the conditions in the Constitution to run for president, which are long overdue for change.”


“America continues to be a melting pot of immigrants. In this day and age, there are tens of millions of first generation Americans wrongfully barred by the Constitution from running for president.”

“There is no legitimate reason why this class of Americans should be excluded by this rule from a biased era. It’s time for the passage of a constitutional amendment to allow anyone who has lived in the United States, either as a “natural” or “naturalized” citizen, for 14 years or more to hold office as president.”

     Pres. Barack H. Obama has called the new Arizona law regarding immigration status “misguided”. There are calls of racism and fears of racial profiling.

    Now, what I am getting from this is that it is WRONG to ask someone to prove that they are LEGALLY in OUR COUNTRY……. but it is not wrong to make helathcare a REQUIREMENT of CITIZENSHIP, or you will be fined!!


     Dr. Orly Taitz, who has a case in the US Supreme Court conference session today regarding Obama’s citizenship and eligibilty to be POTUS, flew to Texas to join Jody Brockhausen to present her case against the Texas Secretary of State.

     According to Dr. Taitz, the judge at first refused to grant her pro hoc vice status to appear behore his court as an attorney from California. In the three minutes that he did allow the Plaintiff’s to present their case, he had already said that “this one can be disposed of quickly.”  As with each of the other Obama citizenship cases, this court said that Ms. Brockhausen lacked standing to bring the case, and it was therefore dismissed.

     To date, not one judge, at any level, has heard the cases regarding Obama’s citizenship and eligibility ON THE MERITS (and evidence) of the CASE.

     Dr. Taitz then paid a visit to the U.S. Attorney’s office to discuss the matter. Because of the lack of media coverage on these cases, the U.S. Attorney’s office was under the assumption that these cases have been decided ON THEIR MERITS, and was surprised to learn that not one has been heard as of yet. Ms. Brockhausen did not go to the US Attorney’s office with Dr. taitz.

Update from Jody Brockhausen:

Thank you for your post. I wish to clarify that the newspaper reported the reason for dismissal incorrectly. The reason it was dismissed was because the court did not have jurisdiction.

The response from the Secretary of State cited a case and tried to argue from it that I did not have standing, but the case they site was heard on a different court level, and did not apply to my case. The judge agreed. He quickly encouraged the attorneys for the SOS to provide a document that stated lack of jurisdiction and he signed that

     Shortly after noon on this bright yet cold day, Barack Hussein Obama was sworn as the Nation’s 44th President. In an Inaugural address that showcased his oratory skills, there did not resonate that one true historical line or phrase like FDR or John Kennedy, but moreso an overall message of our role and responsibility within the country and the world.

    And so, even in the light of a Constitutional crisis, if this is to be our moment, if this new President is to be labelled as our first Black American President, no longer will we accept the cries of the media, the bloggers, those who blindly accept the President as the “end all” for our time, touting those of us who question, who challenge, who hold our leaders accountible, being called racist or militant. Now, the lines of color should be forever put away, and this man shall and will be held to the same standard of accountability as the 43 men who have preceded him. Albeit, if our media cannot do their job, a new a growing source will emerge to hold him to task.

      If we cannot challenge in the open forum our leaders, then we have failed as a democracy, our Republic on unsolid footing. If we are to blindly accept the words of our leaders as the ultimate and fnal say, are we not any better than the people of North Korea or China?

     The President has now challenged our personal responsibility, and as such, it is our responsibility to be a part of the voice of the people, the voice that is the true mark of the Republic that our forefathers set forth.

     After rising from the cesspool known as Chicago politics, there came a man who was a man with wonderful oratory skills, yet short on the substance by which the electorate measure those they choose to be thier leaders. In a brief short time, he used the machinery of the corrupt to dehumanize his political opponents by having their intimate stories released from sealed divorce files. Such actions elecated him through the State Senate and then into the U.S. Senate.

    And like the 2005 Chrysler that he only put 20,000 miles on in three years, the man known as the Obama spent only a few hours in his Senate seat, and again doing nothing of any substance, he tired easily, and decided that he must convince the masses that he is the One, the One for this moment, for it is “our moment”, for “Yes, we Can”. In pop culture style, Obama and a love sick media, complete with men who got “tingles” down their leg as he spoke, manipulated the electorate into believing that he was more than he truly is. Behind every turn, as more and more was found out about this Obama, the more the Obama and the media made the attempts to hide the truth, to protect their chosen One.

     The Obama, born of the young woman from Kansas and the Arab man from Kenya, was confronted by a portion of the masses for proof of the place where the volcanos mark the place of his birth. Alas, his sibling had alerted many to the fact that he, the Obama, had been born in BOTH the hospitals of the place they call Honolulu. Obama was born of a time when one could be born anywhere, and yet record the birth in Honolulu.

    So it was that the Obama’s citizenship was called into question, and so it began that the forces around the Obama began to spend the donated fortunes to protect his birth certificate under seal, to keep his Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard college records under the same lock and key. With the Pelosi of the House to certify he was eligible by the Constitution, Obama was on the ballot, and the masses followed to the polls, and elected the Obama to the Presidency.

     All the while, from sea to shining sea, lawsuits arose to challenge the Obama, and day after day, the Courts reasoned that no American citizen had the standing to challenge the Obama. But onward they pursued their task.

    Thus it was that on the eve of the Inauguration of the Obama, he crawled into his bed in the Blair House, overlooking that home that would be his the next day, the White House. Slowly he dozed off……….

     And alas, as he slept, The Obama was startled by the noises of what appeared to be an ugly ghost.

        “Who is that who dares appear before me?” said the Obama.

        “I am the ghost of Inaugurations Past” was the reply.                                  

       “See here those who proceeded before you, who swore to PRESERVE and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States. George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, true patriots and defenders of our Nation. Abraham Lincoln, the greatest to hold the Oval Office, who saw the means to make all men equal and to unite a divided nation, where brothers had fought brothers. Teddy Roosevelt, who saw the beauty in our natural lands, and for all generations, created and preserved our National Park system. Woodrow Wilson, who despite a stroke, governed through the first World War, Franklin Roosevelt who faced the challenges of the Great Depression and World War II. John F. Kennedy, who challenged us to go to the moon. Ronald Reagan, the Great Communicator. George W. Bush, who kept the country safe after the worst attack on US soil” “The integrity and honor that they brought to the White House precedes you, Obama, and it is those characteristics that must be preserved”.

        And in a moment, the Ghost of Inaugurations past was gone.

      Obama settled back into the rest of his sleep.

       Again, a noise startled the Obama, and the Ghost of Inauguration Present appeared.

       The ghost began ” Obama, you have proceeded forth from the heartland to the Capitol, all the while knowing that you have carried with you a secret. You began a whistle stop train ride to historically bring you to Washington, and in the process you called Americans selfish, and unlerlined your spread the wealth message. You were a part of a large Inaugural concert where the rock stars sang your rock star status. And on the steps of the Capitol, you took the Oath of Office, and swore to defend and preserve the Constitution. All the while, you knew that you had perpetuated a fraud on the American people, refusing to release your birth records.”

       Startled and shaken, the Obama tried to sleep again. Finally, the Ghost of Inaugurations Future appeared, and the Obama fell to his knees.

      “Why are Malia and Sasha, and all those others, working those fields? What is that strange voice and sound coming from that loud speaker? Where are the bankers and doctors, the store owners and teachers? The Obama questioned as he stared.

      “Since you ignored the Constitution, you were manipulated by the Soros people and the Chinese, and you literally sold the store to the the foreign countries. Today, Inaugurations are symbolic to pay homage to the Soros and the Chairman, to parade as they do in Tieneman Square. Your decision to ignore the laws of the land made the other parts of the Constitution worthless and thus their is now one religion, no one can speak or write with freedom, no longer are they guaranteed the right to speedy trial, and no one but the government can have guns. The powers that Eric Holder felt necessary, to garner personal information from bookstores and libraries, eliminated any freedom of expression. In essence, you killed the Republic”.

      “What can I do to stop this, how do I keep Malia and Sasha safe in this great Republic?” Obama wailed.

      “Now is the moment, this is Our Moment, Now is the time to be a rue American, to be a real man, and put a stop to this charade. Now is the moment that is needed to avert a Constitutional crisis that will be far more damaging than the turmoil and bloodshed of the Civil War”.

      With that, the Obama arose and he……………

The following was posted on on January 8th, 2009, and it offers a view of Obama’s eligibility problem:

Obama’s “Natural Born” Problem

David Huntwork – 1/8/2009

By now you are probably aware that there have been a multitude of lawsuits filed in regards to the question of whether or not President-elect Barack Obama is in fact eligible under the “natural born” provision of the Constitution of the United States of America to be the President of the United States (POTUS).

The Constitutional provisions are very specific when it comes to the minimal qualifications for President. One is to be over thirty-five. He is. Two, is being in the country fourteen years. He has been. Three, is to be a natural-born citizen. The latter remains unproven, a matter of contention, and appears to be increasingly unlikely to be true.

There are several variations on this theme, but the general and most often made argument is relatively simple and straightforward.

The Plaintiff in one of the filed suits put it this way.

“If in fact Obama was born in Kenya, the laws on the books in the United States at the time of his birth stated if a child is born abroad and one parent was a U.S. Citizen, which would have been his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother would have had to live ten (10) years in the United States, five (5) of which were after the age of fourteen (14). At the time of Obama’s birth, his mother was only eighteen (18) and therefore did not meet the residency requirements under the law to give her son (Obama) U.S. Citizenship much less the status of ‘natural born.’ ”

It also was a complication that Obama’s mother divorced his father, married and moved to Indonesia for several years and Obama attended school there at a time when only Indonesian citizens were allowed in schools. Records that are available from Indonesia revealed Obama was registered in school as Barry Soetoro, and his religion was listed as Islam.

When Obama later returned to Hawaii, within the United States, there should have been a government document affirming his citizenship, but that also cannot be found.”

The Obama campaign had insisted from the very beginning that Barack Obama was in fact born in the state of Hawaii which would automatically make him eligible for the highest office of the land. All US citizens are issued a birth certificate within a short time after birth. It would be very simple, and take about five minutes, for the Obama organization to put this rumor to rest and prove once and for all that this is just some wild conspiracy from the Internet rumor mill that should be mocked and ignored as simply “sour grapes” by a die hard few.

Except that Obama has steadfastly refused to release his birth certificate and has shown the willingness to spend a large amount of money on legal fees while enduring increasingly bad publicity by refusing to release it or any hospital records associated with a birth in the state of Hawaii.

One of the cases filed with the Supreme Court also raised the circumstances of Obama’s time during his youth in Indonesia, where he was listed as having Indonesian citizenship. Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship at that time, raising the possibility of Obama’s mother having given up his U.S. citizenship. Any subsequent U.S. citizenship then, the case claims, would be “naturalized,” not “natural-born”.

There have also been suspicions that Obama’s college records may indicate he received aid as a foreigner, and that could be the reason why those records were never released.

The questions of his birth certificate and constitutional eligibility for POTUS have been ongoing for months. Unlike the convoluted conspiracies and “innovative” conjectures that have been leveled against various presidents including Bill Clinton and the current holder of the office, this particular allegation of constitutional ineligibility would be extremely easy to refute and the entire mess could be over in just a matter of minutes. The logical conclusion is that there has to be some sort of reason that this document (if it exists) has not been released. There is obviously something to hide here and I am not alone in my interest in what that may be.

Months ago the Obama campaign, in an attempt to “answer” this question, posted a copy of what was said to Obama’s “Certification of Live Birth” on the official Obama website. The Main Stream Media and the Progressive blogosphere quickly and proudly pointed to it and proclaimed the case closed. Unfortunately, the posting of that document actually raised as many or more questions than it had supposedly answered. The computer-generated “Certification of Live Birth” is used by the state of Hawaii in lieu of the “Certificate of Live Birth,” or if originally filed, a “Delayed Certificate of Birth,” or even a “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth.” For verification purposes, however, the “Certification of Live Birth” does not indicate which birth record “root document(s)” that the Certification is based upon.

Hawaii Revised Statute 338-178 allows registration of birth in Hawaii for a child that was born outside of Hawaii to parents who, for a year preceding the child’s birth, claimed Hawaii as their place of residence. Obama’s certification of live birth doesn’t list a hospital, attending physician, or any witnesses of the birth that could be tracked down and investigated. The posted document is essentially worthless as any sort of proof that Obama was born in the United States and simply put does not prove natural-born status. Yet that document is the only evidence that Barack Obama has so far produced that he is in fact eligible to be the President of the United States.

My initial hunch was that Obama was in fact not born in Kenya, but that the name on the birth certificate was not “Barack Obama” but some other, possibly “Barry” with perhaps even a different last name (his mother’s?). It is also perhaps an amended birth certificate (not uncommon in cases of adoption by a step parent) listing his now legal name as “Barry Sotoero” and thus somehow a cause of embarrassment or a potential political liability. Obama’s adoption in Indonesia by his stepfather Lolo Sotoero would make that a very plausible scenario.

Such speculation is obviously conjectural. But much of Obama’s youth is shrouded in mystery especially in regards to his Islamic schooling, upbringing in Indonesia, drug use, and later ties to a variety of radical and questionable characters and mentors. With that in mind, perhaps an actual birth in Kenya wouldn’t be all that surprising but merely the icing on the cake when it comes to the strange, twisted and contradictory tale of Barack Obama’s life.

There was some whispering about Senator John McCain’s own natural-born citizenship status and POTUS eligibility early on and to his credit he produced his long form birth certificate in record time putting such questions to rest very quickly. Meanwhile, many months later, we are still sifting through rumors, Supreme Court petitions, multiple lawsuits from all over the country, and articles like this one while the Obama camp continues playing “whack a mole” in regards to questions about Obama’s natural-born status.

Three things have made me take an interest in this sideshow saga and made me at least somewhat increasingly open to the idea that Barack Obama may in fact have been born in Kenya. The first is that the Kenyan ambassador to the United States has openly admitted that Obama was born in Kenya.

Mike In The Morning Calls The Kenyan Embassy (101 WRIF Radio, Detroit, Michigan)

Radio Host:
One more quick question, president elect Obama’s birthplace over in Kenya is that going to be a national spot to go visit where he was born?

Kenyan Ambassador:
It is already an attraction. His paternal grandmother is still alive.

Radio Host:
But his birth place, they will put up a marker there?

Kenyan Ambassador:
It will depend on the government. It is already well known.

The sound clip can be found at

The second is that soon to be Secretary of Commerce and current New Mexico governor Bill Richardson is on record as stating that Obama is “an immigrant”. An odd thing to say if it were not true, and an outright lie otherwise. You can view the video clip at

Perhaps the strongest anecdotal evidence is that Obama’s own paternal grandmother has said on multiple occasions that she was there when Barack was born in Kenya. Obama’s Kenyan half brother and half sister have also stated that Obama was born in Kenya. None of this anecdotal evidence is conclusive but combined with Obama’s steadfast refusal to release his long form birth certificate it plants the seeds of suspicion and makes you really want to ask a simple question. What is he hiding? And why?

The real fun to be had with this story is not that Obama for any reason would be somehow decreed ineligible as the next President of the United States (it won’t happen) but that there apparently is no oversight at all to the election process and a candidates eligibility for that office. Wouldn’t it, and shouldn’t it, be common sense and standard practice that some official or semi-official body like the Federal Election Commission or the respective major political parties require that all candidates for President of the United States provide proof that they meet the requirements for the office as stated in the Constitution? Is that really too much to ask?

Barack Obama has held elected office on the federal level, won his parties nomination for President, and then was elected President of the United States, all without providing proof that he is in compliance with the provisions laid down very plainly in the Constitution. One should be able to declare such a scenario as inconceivable, yet it appears to be all too true.

And for those of you who have studied history in any detail, the truth is far more often stranger than fiction. Obama may fall, and in many ways he already does, into that category. Who would have thought that an “I vote present” product of the incredibly corrupt Chicago political machine with a Leftist ideology, a Muslim stepfather, a socialistic economic policy, a radical spiritual mentor, and who is beholden to a domestic terrorist for the launching of his political career could so easily be elected to the Presidency of the United States of America? If I had pitched that scenario to you two years ago you would have called me crazy yet that is exactly the situation we find ourselves in.

I do believe this will probably not be little more than an interesting political sideshow that will end up as just another bizarre footnote in annals of history. It is somewhat disturbing though that we are apparently willing to just wave constitutional requirements for the highest office of the land whenever we see fit. One has to believe that altering and tampering with basic constitutional provisions is probably not very wise and not healthy for our form of government.

The glaring disgrace here is that Obama should have been forced to prove his eligibility for office (they all should) before the first primary election or caucus was held and that the Democratic Party failed miserably in its duty to make sure that they were offering up a legitimate and eligible candidate as their presidential nominee.

If indeed Barack Obama is constitutionally ineligible for the highest office in the land, and could theoretically be an unconstitutional president, it is not the child who dared mention that “The Emperor has no clothes!” who is being “embarrassing and destructive” by bringing this up, but the Democratic party and the electoral system as a whole which allowed an unqualified candidate with unproven, dubious credentials to be allowed to appear on the ballot in a national election.

In the worse case scenario we will have taken just another baby step towards losing our Republic and the rule of law when that dusty and irritating Constitution becomes something to just be ignored or set aside whenever it might be inconvenient, or upset some people, or just be impractical for this particular “situation”.

Maybe we have reached the point where we just set aside parts of the Constitution if they are inconvenient and that might potentially be a problem for He Who Will Slow the Rising of the Seas and the fainting, ecstatic, potentially angry mob who propelled him to power. We have already journeyed a ways down the road once traveled by ancient Rome where the elites began to worry about the mood and reactions of the masses who openly threatened disorder and mayhem if they were unhappy, while those who held the reigns of power increasingly ignored the once revered rules that had held their political system together.

At the time of the publication of this article, Barack Obama still had not proved his eligibility to serve as President of the United States as defined by Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States of America. And he probably remains unable to do so.

David Huntwork is a conservative activist and freelance columnist in Northern Colorado, where he lives with his wife and three young daughters. You may view his bio and past columns at

           In 1981, with his Pakistani roommate, Barack Obama visited Pakistan. At the time, Pakistan was on the United States State Department travel “warning” list, due to the martial law in the region.

      The Obama campaign acknowledged Obama’s travels to Pakistan, and have clarified that in Obama’s “Dreams of My Father”, Obama mentioned his Pakistani roommates, but had not previously mentioned his college travels until his “foreign policy” experience was called into question during the Presidential campaign.    

      From the New York Times:

According to his campaign staff, Mr. Obama visited Pakistan in 1981, on the way back from Indonesia, where his mother and half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, were living. He spent “about three weeks” there, Mr. Obama’s press secretary, Bill Burton, said, staying in Karachi with the family of a college friend, Mohammed Hasan Chandoo, but also traveling to Hyderabad, in India.

 Pakistan was in turmoil in 1981 and ruled of martial law. Millions of Afghan refugees were living in Pakistan, while the Afghan Mujahedeen operated from bases inside Pakistan in their war with the Soviets. One of the leaders that based his operation in Quetta, Pakistan was Usama Bin Laden (The Sheik). Pakistan banned  all non-Muslim visitors unless they were sponsored by their embassy for official business.


     There should be no doubts where the Obamessiah originated from, the sacred place where Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro chose to bring forth her child. After all, the Obamessiah said it was Honolulu, and thus it is so!!

     Far be it for us mortals, the taxpayers, those who cling to their guns and their God, to question the One, even if his birth is reported as TWO distinctly different hospitals in Honolulu:

02/18/08: Star Bulletin News Article Obama backers stress importance of caucuses, page 2, “He was born in Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children”

11/04: The Rainbow Edition, Volume 2, Issue 3, Education Laboratory School, page 2, “Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii”

     It is an important note the NEITHER of these well-established medical centers will acknowledge that their facility is the birthplace of this HISTORIC President-Elect!!

     But, of course, no reason for questioning!!

      It seems that the legal advisors and strategists surrounding President-Elect Barack Hussien Obama II may be using a playbook of strategies and lies that are more than 100 years old to perpetuate the President-Elect’s eligibility to be the President of the United States.

      While running for the Vice-Presidency, Vermont native Chester A. Arthur was plagued by numerous factions stating that he was ineligible for the office because of the dual citzizenship that he held as a result of his father’s immigration status. Arthur’s father immigrated from Great Britain, and became a United States citizen in 1843. However, President Arthur was born in 1829, and therefore was both a United States citizen and a British citizen.

      It was understood in the legal circles that our Constitution granted the initial founding fathers “grandfathered” status to be eligible to be President because they were all born as British subjects. All the Constitutional scholars agreed that the writings and the careful wording regarding “natural born citizenship” in contrast to “naturalized citizenship” was the means by which the framers of the Constitution wanted to make sure that EVERY future PRESIDENT and VICE-PRESIDENT were NOT DUAL-CITIZENS with any other country. The SOVEREIGNTY of the United States was immensely important to our founding fathers.

      Chester Arthur went to great lenghts to lie, to hide facts, to make sure that his dual citizenship did not stop his quest for the White House. Now, Barack Obama is trying to circumvent the Constitution by hiding his birth certificate, his academic records, and anything else that shows either that he might not have been born in Hawaii, and/or that he is a dual citizen of Kenya, as his website had acknowledged. The Obama team have gone so far as to “cleanse” YouTube of the videos they had posted that allegedly had footage of Obama and his staff acknowledging that he potentially is ineligible to be the President, and that at all costs, the Constitution cannot be applied in a literal interpretation.

     For those who have commented to me in the past that it doesn’t matter, even if he was born elsewhere, because he will lead us “to the promise land” so to speak, I say that it is important that we stand by our Constitution, and hold even Barack Obama to the standards and requirements within it. If we fail to do that, then we will surrender every right and privilege we are accorded by that Constitution, including our freedom of sppech, our freedom of religion, and our right to have guns. Then God help us all.