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     In just over 48 hours, we will dismiss 2008 as the year that was, and welcome 2009 as the new year, hopefully one with a better outlook than 2008 has given to it. So, we can reflect on some of the events of 2008, in no particular order:

     The biased liberal media trashes Hillary Clinton, and chooses Barack Obama to be the Democratic Presidential candidate, saying that any questioning of Obama is outright racism!

    The surge that was proposed by President Bush, under the direction of Gen. Petraeus, and supported by Republican Sen. John McCain, worked, although Barack Obama would not admit it.

     The Republicans choose a female Vice-Presidential candidate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. The liberal media attacks her, while continuing to vet Barack Obama.

    Questions swirl about Barack Obama’s citizenship, dual citizenship, and place of birth. The campaign posts a document that is reported to be legitimate, but refuses to produce the original vault document, creating a flurry of lawsuits, several of which reached the Supreme Court. No one, not even the Supreme Court Justices, want to question Obama for fear of being labelled racist.

     Israel attacks in the Gaza strip, while Iran continues to threaten the annihilation of Isreal.

     China was on the world stage as it hosted the Summer Olympics.

     AIG needs a huge bailout.

     The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage deriviatives, which the Democrats fostered in their urge of home ownership for all, caused a financial debacle on Wall Street, creating the beginning of the Fall’s “Bailout Mania”.

     In a vote against George Bush, the American electorate elected Barack Obama as President, touting him as the first Black American President. In reality, Obama is biracial, being more caucasian that black according to genealogists, and, by some records, he is the 6th biracial President. behind Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Harding, and Coolidge.

     Obama’s transition team became involved in the Illinois Governor’s controversy as he attempted to “sell” the vacant Senate seat that Obama held.

     New Orleans and Galveston were both hit by strong hurricanes, but there seemed to be a great deal more organization and preparation than was evident in Katrina in 2005.

    A young Orlando, FL mother failed to report her 2-year old daughter “missing” for nearly a month, and then claimed the child had been kidnapped. Five months later, and many lies later, the remains of young Caylee Anthony were found just 15 houses away from her grandparent’s home, where she had lived with her mother, now in jail on murder charges.

Other major events:??