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Casey Anthony mask

ORLANDO, Fla. — A mask of Casey Anthony being offered on eBay fetched a high bid of nearly $1 million.


Bidding ended for the mask, said to be one of nine created by a sculptor for use in an Anthony parody video, on Wednesday with a high bid of $999,900.


According to the rules of eBay, a winning bid is a binding contract and must be paid.


In total, there were 105 bids placed on the mask, although several were either retracted or canceled during the online auction.


Anthony was recently found not guilty of murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee, a verdict that surprised and outraged many.

 Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.


Chief Judge Belvin Perry will not release the names of jurors in the Casey Anthony trial until a “cooling off” period has expired.


He said he will not release names today or tomorrow. It’s not clear how long the colloing off period will be, but some have suggested 7-10 days.


“Our landscape in this country has changed. People have no reservation…about walking up to an individual, pulling a gun or kniofe….and because they disagree with them, hurt them or kill them,” Perry sais. “The day of the 24-hour news cycle causes people to ponder and wonder, ‘what is journalism anymore?'”

Several news organizations, including the Orlando Sentinel, were in court now arguing for the release of the names of jurors in the Casey Anthony murder trial.


From Chief Judge Belvin Perry’s opening comments, it didn’t seem as though he is inclined to release the names.

“It is no big secret that some people disagree with their verdict and some people would like to take something out on them,” Perry said to the attorneys in court. “Is the court totally powerless when it comes to folks’ safety?”

     For what might be perhaps the first time in the lengthy trial, the tears that ran down the cheeks of Casey Anthony were real, and the emotion was real: the jury, in 10 hours of deliberation, had not only spared her life, but made her a free person. Alright, technically, she is still in jail, but the 4 counts of false police reports carry one year sentences, usually served concurrently, so when Judge Belvin Perry sentences Ms. Anthony on Thursday, it is my opinion that she will be released for time served….. three years.

       With all of the experts, all of the circumstantial evidence, the State’s problem basically came down to Casey’s attorney and his summation at closing argument……… what exactly had the State proven, and bottomline, had they answered the necessary element question: What happened to Caylee Marie Anthony on or about June 16th, 2008? Without that answer, no matter what any of us think of the actions of Casey Anthony in that 31 days that lapsed before she finally told her mother that Caylee was “missing”, no matter what opinion we formed as a result of her narcissistic behavior toward her family from the Orange County Jail, a jury could not, by the letter of the law, find her guilty.

     In my opinion, the State’s vehement thrust to make this a death penalty case may have been their downfall. That may have been put on the table to elicit a plea deal, but when that didn’t result, the prosecution should have taken it off  the table. All of the evidence and testimony didn’t prove 2nd degree murder or manslaughter, but the jury might have considered them more had the death penalty not been on the top. Add that to the prosecutor Jeff Ashton’s childish antics during Jose Baez’ closing argument, and the pendulum swung to Casey.

     For all the mistakes he made trying his first murder case, many of which would have been extremely helpful to Casey on appeals, Jose Baez rose to the occasion on Saturday with his closing argument. He will be able to write a check for wherever he wants to go from here. The books and the movie deal will be forthcoming, you can bet on that. Casey will have the funds for the party lifestyle. But will we believe a word of what appears?  Only time will tell.

      In the meantime, a family is forever torn apart. A two year child is dead, and there are no answers as to how or why?

       Lest we forget, judgment is not really ours, and there will be a Judgment Day !!

      After the State made its opening statements, it was time for Casey Anthony’s defense team to step up.

      And step up they did!

      The date was June 16th, 2008. The defense said that is the date that little Caylee Anthony died. That is the date that the child DROWNED in the family’s pool.

      So the time during the next 30 days that, and the weeks of the searching for the “missing child”, as Casey Anthony was seen in nightclubs, etc., not worried about her daughter, her actions were those of a narcissistic self-absorbed, selfish individual who knew that her daughter was NOT missing.

      The admission of an accidental drowning was not the only bombshell that the defense put forth.

      Defense attorney Jose Baez has said that Casey Anthony was herself a victim, a victim of incestuous sex abuse at the hands of both her father, George Anthony, and her brother, Lee Anthony. The dysfunctional family situation only added to Casey Anthony’s actions regarding Caylee’s death. The defense further alleges that George Anthony assisted in either the disposal or the cover up.  Lastly, the meter reader supposedly found the body months earlier, but had kept it hidden seeking a reward (the $250k reward was for the return of the child alive).

        Baez also used some key words in his opening statement, calling Casey Anthony’s actions and behavior “insane” and bizarre.

        The State’s case lies predominantly in forensic and circumstantial evidence, so the defense “bombshells” may simply be enough to keep Casey Anthony off death row.

     It’s been almost 2 years since toddler Caylee Anthony disappeared and her mother, Casey, waited a month to report it. And according to court reports, the murder trial of Casey Anthony won’t begin until May 2011.

    Now the defense team has decided that it is time for the Florida taxpayers to come to the aid of the accused:

ORLANDO — Casey Anthony’s lawyers said it is time for Florida taxpayers to help pay for her defense.

A representative for Anthony’s defense team said they have filed a motion asking the government to pay for the cost of their travel, along with money for serving subpoenas, hiring experts and deposing witnesses.

In the motion, the defense asked the court to declare Casey indigent, meaning she does not have the money to pay them.

Casey faces a possible death sentence for allegedly murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

for the full article:

     One can only imagine what it must have been like for George Anthony, the doting grandfather of the Orlando toddler, Caylee Anthony, whose body was found in December after a six month search, to have had to testify in a grand jury proceeding that ultimately led to a murder indictment of his own daughter Casey.

     His granddaughter was missing, and his daughter waited a month to be forced to report the missing child. The public outcry against his lying daughter, created a circus-like atmosphere at his home.

      At some point in the past few weeks, the strain of the stress on him, and the grief at the loss of his granddaughter, and the probability that his daughter may be convicted for Caylee’s death, all became too much for George Anthony to handle. The release of over 300 pages of investigation reports were released this week, and just the notes about the duct tape that was found on Caylee’s decomposed mouth area, complete with a heart sticker on it was probably the last straw.

     George Anthony began send text message to his wife, Cindy, yesterday, with suicidal thoughts. To the credit of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, they were able to use the cellphone technologies to track George Anthony down at a motel. Under Florida’s “Baker Act”, he is being held for psychiatric evaluation for the next few days.

     The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has let some information out today, one day after the defense team was fighting for access to some of the autopsy information. The major fact that was revealed is that the prosecution team has built up their case in such a manner that the idea of Caylee’s death having been accidental is not their approach now.

    In the totality of the evidence and the circumstances regarding Caylee Anthony’s disappearance, and then the discovery of her remains nearly 6 months later, the prosecution is leaning toward an intentional killing. In the legal maneuvering, this can be a legal tactic geared toward working a plea agreement with the defense.

     At some point, the true story has to come out!

     With Casey Anthony behind bars charged with the murder of her toddler daughter, whose remains were found in mid-December, 6 months after she disappeared and 5 months after the child was finally reported missing, the Anthony family is surrounding themselves with lawyers, in preparation for the criminal legal battle that lies ahead.

     Rumors have surfaced in the past week that Caylee Anthony’s uncle, Lee Anthony, may possibly face some criminal charges. The police have not, however, discussed any details about Lee’s connection to the actual criminal case. According to Lee Anthony’s lawyers, he has continued to be cooperative with the investigators.

     Even more dramatic than the rumors about Lee’s connection to the case is the news that the lawyers for Casey Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, are in discussions with the prosecutors in Orange County, Florida, attempting to secure full immunity for both George and Cindy in exchange for their testimony in their daughter’s murder trial.

      Whatever the circumstances were regarding the actual demise of young Caylee Anthony, it is highly probable that at some point in the past months, the Anthony’s actually became aware of some parts of what had occurred. Sadly, the grandparents have lost their granddaughter, but as parents, they probably want to protect their daughter as best as they can!

     In just over 48 hours, we will dismiss 2008 as the year that was, and welcome 2009 as the new year, hopefully one with a better outlook than 2008 has given to it. So, we can reflect on some of the events of 2008, in no particular order:

     The biased liberal media trashes Hillary Clinton, and chooses Barack Obama to be the Democratic Presidential candidate, saying that any questioning of Obama is outright racism!

    The surge that was proposed by President Bush, under the direction of Gen. Petraeus, and supported by Republican Sen. John McCain, worked, although Barack Obama would not admit it.

     The Republicans choose a female Vice-Presidential candidate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. The liberal media attacks her, while continuing to vet Barack Obama.

    Questions swirl about Barack Obama’s citizenship, dual citizenship, and place of birth. The campaign posts a document that is reported to be legitimate, but refuses to produce the original vault document, creating a flurry of lawsuits, several of which reached the Supreme Court. No one, not even the Supreme Court Justices, want to question Obama for fear of being labelled racist.

     Israel attacks in the Gaza strip, while Iran continues to threaten the annihilation of Isreal.

     China was on the world stage as it hosted the Summer Olympics.

     AIG needs a huge bailout.

     The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage deriviatives, which the Democrats fostered in their urge of home ownership for all, caused a financial debacle on Wall Street, creating the beginning of the Fall’s “Bailout Mania”.

     In a vote against George Bush, the American electorate elected Barack Obama as President, touting him as the first Black American President. In reality, Obama is biracial, being more caucasian that black according to genealogists, and, by some records, he is the 6th biracial President. behind Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Harding, and Coolidge.

     Obama’s transition team became involved in the Illinois Governor’s controversy as he attempted to “sell” the vacant Senate seat that Obama held.

     New Orleans and Galveston were both hit by strong hurricanes, but there seemed to be a great deal more organization and preparation than was evident in Katrina in 2005.

    A young Orlando, FL mother failed to report her 2-year old daughter “missing” for nearly a month, and then claimed the child had been kidnapped. Five months later, and many lies later, the remains of young Caylee Anthony were found just 15 houses away from her grandparent’s home, where she had lived with her mother, now in jail on murder charges.

Other major events:??


  With an almost 100% certainty that the body of missing Orlando toddler Caylee Anthony has been recovered near her grandparent’s home, take a few minutes to look at this clip from FOXNews Greta Van Susteren’s “On The Record“, October 14th, 2008.

     If you don’t want to watch or listen to the full clip, move it to the last 20 seconds and pause it. Start the video and watch carefully…….. you may have to do this several times. Watch for the part where Cindy and George Anthony are seated in front of the glass sliding doors, the pool in the background, between 14 and 12 seconds!!

This is not doctored in any way– taken directly from FOXNews website.