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     This is not the way that we should be treating a guest:


Obama showed the Dalai Lama the back door today after their meeting.
The Daily Mail reported:

The Dalai Lama and U.S president Barack Obama met for the first time at the White House today, defying furious protests from China

The two Nobel Peace Prize winners seemed intent on keeping the meeting low-key, in order avoid worsening tensions between the two countries

The Tibetan spiritual leader, who was also denied a meeting in the Oval office, left via a side entrance where rubbish bags were piled up and The White House didn’t release photos of the meeting until several hours afterwards.

Full story:

Former Beijing airport boss executed in China

BEIJING – Leaders of China’s elite state industries are renowned for their power, influence, and — in several recent cases — corruption. Increasingly, they are paying the price.

On Friday, the former head of the company that runs airports in Beijing and more than 30 other Chinese cities was put to death after the People’s Supreme Court upheld his sentence in a $16 million bribery and embezzlement case.

Li Peiying’s execution came two days after word emerged that the head of China‘s nuclear power program was under investigation for alleged corruption. Just last month, the former chairman of China’s second-biggest oil company, Sinopec, was also convicted of taking $29 million in bribes and given a suspended death sentence.

The heads of state-owned enterprises “possess power and money, making it easy to give rise to corruption,” Wang Yukai of the China National School of Administration was quoted Friday in the Communist Party newspaper Global Times as saying.

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