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     The pageantry of the Inaugural process, the orderly transition of power in our American Republic, is under way, and fully on display on an international stage. As the clock approaches the strike of noon, Chief Justice John Roberts, using the Bible of Abraham Lincoln, will administer the Oath of Office to the nation’s 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama II. With the road that lies ahead of him, the new President will almost assuredly invoke the same blessing the Almighty God that George Washington did as he nervously took the same Oath more than two centuries ago.

     Party politics aside, this day, regardless of who would have won that November 4th election, is one of great pride in our nation, in our Armed forces, in our youth and in our senior citizens, and it is meant to be the display of the great Republic that our forefathers had envisioned. Last Spring, as President Bush hosted the Pope at the White House, we took personal note that there are not enough public displays of  our national patriotism, not enough exposure of our Marine Corp Band, along with all of the national symbols of our greatness. So it is important to take into account what the day itself is representing. This is the celebration of our ability to disagree, to challenge, to have differing views, and yet strive for similar or common goals.

      At the exact moment that the Chief Justice completes the administration of the Oath of Office, our Nation will not only begin a new era under a new President, we will begin what may be one of the greatest Constitutional crisis of our Nation’s history. It has been said that part of in President’s Inaugural address will be focused on our personal responsibility for our future. In that light, it is ironic that personal responsibility will be at the forefront of the Constitutional crisis that Barack Obama will be fully embroiled in as a result of his lack of responsibility in being forthright with his personal records that could have ended any question of his eligibility to be the President of the United States.

     It has been said by a commenter on this site that he does not want Obama to be ineligible for the Office, he just wants to know that he IS eligible for the Office. Our Nation is at a pivotal point economically, globally, and morally, and as such, we must face the future with the knowledge that we are doing so in the true words and spirit of the values that Washington, Jefferson, Adams and other great patriots set forth in the Constitution and in their writings. The person that represents America must represent the values instilled in the Constitution that he affirms to preserve and defend.

     So, as the struggle to minimize the damages that our looming Constitutional Crisis may bring forth, all Americans must invoke the same humbling words of President Washington “so help us God!”.

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     Now, with a month to go before he takes the Oath of Office as the President of the United States, the fawning media thinks they should have asked some more questions about the background of Barack Hussein Obama:

     Without an explanation, the United States Supreme Court has declined to hear the first of what will inevitably be NUMEROUS challenges to the eligibilty of President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama II to serve as the President of the United States.

     The Court declined to issue an emergency stay on the Electoral College votes, scheduled for December 15th, as requested by Leo Donofrio in his challenge to Obama’s citizenship. Donofrio acknowledges that Obama was allegedly born in Hawaii, but that his Kenyan and British citizenship precludes him from being considered a “natural born” citizen.

     The case filed by Philip Berg, a Pennsylvania attorney, which alleges that (a) Obama was born elsewhere, such as Kenya, and/or (b) his Indonesian citizenship as a child of Lolo Soetoro, making him ineligible to be President, will have his case considered some day this week or next. Additionally, there are at least 16 other challenges at the state and federal court levels nationwide, including the case filed to stop the California Secretary of State from certifying the election and the Electors by Alan Keyes.

     Despite being referred to as nutcases, right-fringe, and delusional, there are still many who believe that Obama could settle this matter very quickly, so that it does not fester as a cloud over his administration. While I would prefer that he not serve as our President, I do want our next President to be able to work on our Nation’s problems without being plagued by issues that cast doubt over his capacity and eligibility.

     In a twist of irony, all the mainstream media that either refused to report anything on the birth certificate issue, or buried it in the body of the news, are reporting the Supreme Court’s denial of the Donofrio case like a wildfire: The Associated Press, The Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe!!

     After meeting privately to discuss the cases the US Supreme Court would hear, or to issue Writs of Certiorari upon, the list of cases denied or granted was issued late Friday afternoon (Dec. 5th), and the Leo Donofrio case questioning President-Elect Barack Obama’s citizenship and Presidential eligibility was not on EITHER list.

     A spokesman for the Supreme Court said that no decision had been reached as of yet, and that a decision from the Justices would most likely be forthcoming in the next week or so.

     Unlike other cases, such as Pennsylvania attorney Philip Berg’s case, which allege that Obama was NOT born in Hawaii, the Donofrio case concedes Obama’s verbal assertion that he was born in Hawaii, but Donofrio claims that Obama’s British citizenship, afforded to him as the son of a British subject, precludes him from being the President. Barack Obama Sr., as a Kenyan citizen, was automatically a British citizen, since Kenya was a part of the British Commonwealth.

     Other cases are still pending in the lower courts, including the lawsuit brought by Presidential candidate Alan Keyes against California’s Secretary of State to stop the certification of the State’s Electors. Each of the cases that have been filed throughout the country have the potential of being heard in the Supreme Court, based upon their outcome at the lower court and appellate level.

     Since the Director of the Hawaii Dept. of Health stopped short of stating that the documents on file in Hawaii state that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, the only satisfactory resolution to the “birthplace” part of the citizenship question would be for Barack Hussein Obama II to authorize the Hawaiian authorities to release the vaulted documents.

     The Electoral College can, though it is unlikely, vote by conscience, based upon the Obama team’s like of candor in this matter, and not vote for Obama. Some states require their Electors to the Electoral College to vote as the state voted, but others allow the Elector’s a bit of discretion in their votes. In fact, a massive lobbying effort directly to the Electors in some states has been going on since November 4th.

     Although President-Elect Obama has resigned his Senate seat, a move which is irreversible, it is noteworthy that Sen. Joe Biden has not yet resigned his seat, nor has Rep. Rahm Emanuel, and Sen. Hillary Clinton has said that she will not resign until she is confirmed as Secretary of State by the Senate. Senator Clinton’s decision not to resign just yet is completely understandable, but if their is such certainty in Obama’s election, one has to wonder why Sen. Biden and Rep. Emanuel have not resigned their positions.