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from America’s Right, starting with a great “coaching” story:

I’m a teacher and assistant principal and have been now for nearly two decades.  I’m also a high school baseball coach, something that I’ve also been doing for an even longer period of time.  Obviously, working with kids is about much more than winning and losing; however, one of the the things that I always teach my players is that once we get between the white lines, it is, in fact, time to win.

To that end, one of the most important things that I’ve always impressed upon my players is to never take their foot off the gas pedal.  At our school, it’s an even more paramount consideration, since we are, truth be told, an athletic powerhouse in addition to a nationally-renowned school for academic excellence (don’t those private institutions just get in the way of all the fun?).  Once we get out to an early lead in a given contest, it’d be pretty easy for them to take things for granted and to start mentally coasting; after all, they’re out in front, and of course, they’re wearing the uniformed equivalent of the New York Yankees (and that’s a painful admission for me).  An aura goes a long way.

Consequently, one of the coaching tactics that I always employ is to gather my entire team together after having taken any kind of a lead and to implore them that now that they’ve hurt the other guys, to go in for the kill; our defense becomes our offense, it’s eyes-wide-open, and all hands on deck.  Demoralize them.  Period.

I know….that just sounds so “mean”, doesn’t it?  

I begin by painting this picture because we now have a similar situation as it regards the implementation of Obamacare.  The conservative, freedom-oriented Right in America has the Left on its heels.  Now is not the time for any of us to begin to  coast mentally and to assume that everything has begun to right itself in the world of hometown America; now is the time to demoralize liberals once and for all, to overwhelm them.  It’s time to up the ante.

As one would expect, those on the political Left will be howling over the next weeks and months as it regards their crown jewel, but I suspect that what we’ll see will be akin to “situational ethics”, something for which liberals are famous.  In other words, rather than look at the totality of what this law represents and all of the history behind it, we’ll most likely hear smaller arguments about individual pieces of the bill, this judge’s ruling or that judge’s ruling, conservatives’ wanting people to die in the streets, etc., etc.  It is, therefore, very important to look at the entirety of what America is facing at this point in history and to note the nature of what exactly is at stake.  Let’s start with history.

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Joseph Stack, the man who flew an airplane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas in February 2010 was originally described as a Republican mad at the IRS before it was discovered that he was a lifelong Democrat who penned an anti-government manifesto before taking to the skies.

James Von Brunn, the gunman who stormed the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. and killed a security guard, was described originally as a gun-crazy right-winger before it was discovered that he was a bigot and Nazi (National Socialist Party) sympathizer whose original target was the offices of The Weekly Standard, the venerable conservative publication headquartered in our nation’s capital.

Nidal Malik Hasan, the radical Islamic jihadist who killed and injured dozens at Fort Hood, was originally thought to be a disgruntled soldier unhappy with the continuing war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan before it was discovered that he was, in fact, a radical Islamic jihadist who hated this country and took his orders from a vehemently anti-American Imam in Yemen. (The same could be said for the jidadist who killed a military recruiter in Arkansas.)

Amy Bishop, the neurobiology professor who murdered several of her colleagues at the University of Alabama-Huntsville, was also thought to be a right-wing political activist, before acquaintances described her as just the opposite, a lifelong Democrat obsessed with Barack Obama.

And when Faisal Shahzad tried to unsuccessfully detonate a bomb in Times Square, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speculated that it might have been the work of someone upset over the president’s health care reform agenda.  Eventually, we discovered that Shahzad was another radical Islamic jihadist, hell bent on killing innocent men, women and children out of a deep-seated hatred for America.

On and on and on, the list goes.  The Pentagon shooter.  The Discovery Channel shooter.  And now, Jared Loughner.

Before Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was even revealed to have survived the attack, folks at FireDogLake and the Daily Kos pinned the shooting on Sarah Palin, citing a “target map” circulated by her Political Action Committee in advance of last year’s mid-term elections.  Lefties across the Internet, quick to politicize the event before the bodies could even be counted, ignoring the fact that similar “target” lists were released by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Leadership Council, and ignoring the fact that Congresswoman Giffords had both participated in the controversial reading of the Constitution on the House floor this past week and voted against Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader, landing her in hot water with the lefternmost base of the Democratic Party.  (One entry by an author named “BoyBlue” at The Daily Kos, long since scrubbed, even went so far as to employ the headline “Congressman Giffords is now DEAD to me!!“)

see “Targeted by Default” at America’s Right:

from America’s Right:

It’s time for intelligent austerity.  We need a cutback in government services, a sacrifice in expectations, and a unification of the American people. We are a nation that is more dependent on the federal government then our next door neighbor. It’s time we get back to community. Pain is inevitable, but we must get back in touch with our roots in the Puritanical hard work ethic that drove the Pilgrims to America, and we must dare to converse about our struggles with those who can help us most — God and community.

The choices we will need to make will not be easy.  The current administration’s debt commission came up with a few ideas, but we need to take it further.  We need to reexamine our priorities, on a personal and governmental level, and act accordingly.

Thankfully, what we saw at this time last month shows that Americans are in the process of coming together.  Harder economic times will do that to people.  And, in times in which domestic terrorism is occurring and thankfully being foiled daily, one cannot afford not to know their neighbor. I firmly believe that if Americans get back in touch with each other, share our sacrifices and goals, that momentum for change will surely carry through to Washington. Right now, watching a lame duck session of Congress on my television, I look at Washington and I find myself asking just what Mr. Nigel Farrage declared earlier this week: “Who the hell do you think you are?”

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“”So when Speaker Nancy Pelosi asserts she can pay for much of the bill by finding and stripping hundreds of billion from waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare, the CBO is not allowed to challenge that assumption.

When Democrats assume future Congresses will enact significant spending cuts and arrive at cost conclusions by presuming that a future Congress will not cancel Medicare cost-containment measures, scale back tax increases, or disregard the payment policy findings of a new independent Medicare commission for example, CBO is not allowed to challenge that assumption.

When Democrats staggered the onset of the bill so they can calculate the “cost” by comparing 10 years of revenues, tax increases (about a half trillion dollars) and Medicare cuts (transfers to fund the new program) to only 6 years of spending, CBO is not allowed to challenge that assumption either.””

from America’s Right:

Job Losses and Layoffs from ObamaCare:

U.S. employers have warned that President Obama’s government takeover of health care would destroy American jobs and harm our economy.  President Obama’s health care law is not yet a week old, but already we’re seeing the real-life impact that ObamaCare’s job-killing tax hikes and health care costs are having on America’s employers.

“Medtronic Inc. CEO Bill Hawkins also tore into the tax. ‘This will make us one of the highest-taxed regions in the world, and that’s going to have an impact on the appetite for people to invest in medical innovation,’ Hawkins told the Wall Street Journal, adding that Medtronic could wind up slashing its workforce by 1,000 to absorb the cost of the excise tax.” (Mass Device, 3/23/10)

Zoll Medical Group
“‘This bill is a jobs killer,’ said Ernie Whiton, chief financial officer of Chelmsford’s Zoll Medical Corp., which employs about 650 people in Massachusetts. Many of those employees work in Zoll’s local manufacturing facility making heart defibrillators. ‘We could be forced to (move) manufacturing overseas if we can’t pass along these costs to our customers,’ said Whiton.” (The Boston Herald, 3/25/10)

“Randy Theken, founder of a handful of Akron-based spinal implant companies that work under the Theken name, said he, too, expects the tax to slow research-and-development efforts and hurt medical device companies. ‘This could also be the first time in decades that we’ve seen medical device manufacturers having to lay off personnel,’ Mr. Theken said.” (Cran’s Cleveland Business, 3/29/10)

Sallie Mae
“The reforms passed Sunday night as part of the health-care reform package could prompt student lender Sallie Mae — which employs 700 people at a Muncie call center — to cut a quarter of its workforce or close its Muncie office outright. The student lender has estimated it could cut its 8,600-member workforce by as many as 2,500 and reduce its locations nationally from 25 to a half dozen.” (The Muncie Star Press, Sallie Mae Could Cut Workforce, Close Local Call Center, 3/23/10)

“Unless the U.S. Senate acts, the Sallie Mae facility in Lynn Haven likely will start ‘immediate’ layoffs due to health care legislation that keeps private loan providers from originating student loans, officials said Monday. ‘Quite frankly, I’m very saddened,’ said Renee Mang, Sallie Mae senior vice president in Lynn Haven.” (Panama News Herald, 3/22/10)

NOTE: Yesterday we launched the ObamaCare Flatlines highlighting how ObamaCare has forced job-killing taxes on America’s small businesses. Here is an update from last night on Prudential Financial:

Prudential Financial
“Insurer Prudential Financial Inc. said Monday that it will take a $100 million charge in the first quarter in relation to the recent health care overhaul legislation. Prudential joins a growing list of companies that have said they will take accounting charges because of the health care bills.” (The Associated Press, Prudential to Take $100M Health Care Charge in 1Q, 3/29/10)

By The Numbers: Companies Reeling from ObamaCare’s Job Killing Taxes:

$1,000,000,000: AT&T: “AT&T Inc. will book $1 billion in first-quarter costs related to the health-care law signed this week by President Barack Obama, the most of any U.S. company so far. A change in the tax treatment of Medicare subsidies triggered the non-cash expense, and the company will consider changes to the benefits it offers current and retired workers, Dallas-based AT&T said today in a regulatory filing.” (Bloomberg, 3/26/10)

$150,000,000 to $200,000,000: Medtronic: “The impact of the tax, we estimate, will be roughly $150 to $200 million on Medtronic annually beginning in 2013. We have no immediate plans to eliminate jobs at Medtronic as a result of the device tax or health care reform. We accept our shared fiscal responsibility for coverage expansion, and are very appreciative of our constituent members of Congress from Minnesota and Indiana, in particular, for having significantly tempered the size, distribution and timing of the tax.”  (Release, 3/26/10)

$150,000,000: Deere & Co.: “Farm equipment maker Deere & Co (DE.N) expects after-tax expenses to rise by $150 million this year as a result of the healthcare reform law President Barack Obama signed this week.” (Reuters, 3/25/10)

$100,000,000: Caterpillar: “Caterpillar Inc. lobbied to keep the U.S. from taxing a subsidy on retiree drug benefits. It lost the battle when President Barack Obama signed an almost $1 trillion health-care overhaul into law this week. The world’s largest maker of bulldozers put a price tag on that defeat yesterday: a $100 million charge to earnings.” (Bloomberg, 3/25/10)

$90,000,000: 3M: “3M Co. will record a one-time non-cash charge of up to $90 million, or 12 cents a share, in the first quarter as a result of the U.S. health reform signed into law this week, the company said on Friday. The charge reflects lower tax deductions related to retiree drug benefits.” (Reuters, 3/26/10)

$15,000,000 to $20,000,000: Valero Energy: “Valero Energy Corp said it expects to take a charge to earnings of between $15 million and $20 million in the first quarter due to the new healthcare legislation, and said it expected further tax costs to be calculated later.” (Reuters, 3/26/10)

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On November 11, 2009, Plaintiffs were for the first time informed of the above-mentioned capability and practice by the School District when Lindy Matsko, an Assistant Principal at Harriton High School, informed minor Plaintiff that the School District was of the belief that minor Plaintiff was engaged in improper behavior in his home, and cited as evidence a photograph from the webcam embedded in minor Plaintiff’s personal laptop issued by the School District”

 Surely You’re Joking, Mr. President

I’ve been trying for a week now to rationalize what I heard coming from the president in his State of the Union address last week, but no matter how hard I try to make it come out as a sane recitation of the past and realistic forecast for the future of the United States, it just doesn’t work. Surely, he must have been joking.

No one with his education and experience–although none of it in the realm of business or economics–could possibly believe that the public is so ignorant as to put any stock in what he was saying. I’m sure that the frequent applause given by the faithful in the audience was in response to the audacious comedy of it all; on one occasion in particular, when he mentioned a three-year-freeze at irresponsible spending levels which wouldn’t even start until next year, there was an audible gasp followed by some soft laughter just reeking of disbelief.  And if that hadn’t been the case, I would have to believe that the entire assemblage had gone mad, and that couldn’t possibly be true, could it?

If that speech, start to finish, was not intended to be a joke, then what we witnessed was the display of such arrogance as I have never seen – particularly coming from the president of the United States. I could not find one thing that Obama said, if taken seriously, that was anything more than hypocritical double-speak, a bald-faced misstatement of fact, or an attempt to set absurd expectations for our economy. No, I’m sure that if the assembled dignitaries had not assumed that it was all in jest, they would have either jeered him off the stage or gotten up and left the chambers rather than giving him standing ovation after standing ovation. I have this feeling that they had the inside “skinny” on his speech all along and they were applauding his ability to deliver it with a straight face.

My only concern is that it is taking him so long to come back on stage and say: “I was only kidding. Now let’s talk some sense. Things are bad and they’re only going to get worse unless we undergo a painful paradigm shift, so be prepared to tighten your belts.” Really, I’m starting to get nervous. Can it be possible that he actually took himself seriously? Nah, that can’t be. This is America, and things like that don’t happen here, do they?

Now I’ll get serious.

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From America’s Right:

For those who haven’t seen it already, there’s a piece over at a blog called “emptywheel” entitled Obama’s Royal Scam and The Iron Fist of Rahm that everyone should take a good, long look at.

I dare you to read it and not to smile. Here’s a snippet:

Audacity To Hope. Change We Can Believe In. Rule of Law. Accountability. Freedom From Lobbyists and Special Interests. Privacy. Harm From Illegal Surveillance. Constitutional Scholar. Transparency. Predatory Business Practices. Closing Guantanamo. Withdrawing From Iraq and Afghanistan.

These are but some of the major buzzwords, issues and concepts Barack Obama based his candidacy and campaign on to convince the American electorate to sweep him in to office. Mr. Obama, however, has gone significantly in the opposite direction on each and every one since taking office. As Frank Rich noted, there is a growing “suspicion that Obama’s brilliant presidential campaign was as hollow as Tiger’s public image — a marketing scam…”.

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From America’s Right:

An Associated Press dispatch, written by Erica Werner and Richard Alonso-Zaldivar, compares the House and Senate ObamaCare bills. We’d like to compare this dispatch to the AP’s dispatch earlier this week “fact checking” Sarah Palin’s new book. Here goes:

Number of AP reporters assigned to story:
• ObamaCare bills: 2
• Palin book: 11

Number of pages in document being covered:
• ObamaCare bills: 4,064
• Palin book: 432

Number of pages per AP reporter:
• ObamaCare bill: 2,032
• Palin book: 39.3

On a per-page basis, that is, the AP devoted 52 times as much manpower to the memoir of a former Republican officeholder as to a piece of legislation that will cost trillions of dollars and an untold number of lives. That’s what they call accountability journalism.

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from America’s Right:

To the Representatives of the People of the United States of America:

Given the amount of time that I ordinarily devote to raising my family and working my full-time job as a school administrator, I generally never find myself with either the desire or the opportunity to express my thoughts–either by phone, e-mail, or letter–to our supposedly elected political representatives. The political events in which the grand majority of you have consciously participated and schemed over the better part of the past year have, however, forced my hand.

The grand majority to whom I refer, obviously, are the men and women who comprise what passes today for the Democratic Party, and as a person and American citizen who has arrived pretty late, relatively speaking, to the political game, even I can see that your party is no longer in any way, shape, or form reflective of the traditional American Democratic Party of the middle of the 20th century. The Democratic Party was once the Party of the Working Man; today, however, it is the Party of Those Who Don’t Want to Work.

Before I continue, allow me to also express this very important thought — while I am most assuredly an American conservative and believe in the principles of this nation’s founding, principles by which my children will also abide, I also freely admit that the Republican Party is in no sense free from blame with regard to the self-serving political machinations that have brought us to the breaking point. In abandoning their conservative principles for the sake of feathering their own nests by selling out their constituents to the highest-lobbying bidder, Republicans also have almost completely eroded the faith that the vast majority of everyday, common-sense Americans have placed in them.

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