Welcome to JAMES: Just Americans Making Ethical Statements

      Whether an election year or not, there are many extremely important issues that face us, that challenge us, as Americans. The issues we face are ours, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike. Rising fuel costs, the war on terrorism, economic conditions, a failing bank system, home foreclosures, and global warming are just a few of the concerns that we MUST address now.

      JAMES has set up this blog to provide a forum for open, intellectual discourse; the free exchange of ideas and information.

      JAMES will not tolerate IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, or FORM racial epithets, etc. The First Amendment supports our freedom of speech, of expression, of association, and to the best of our ability, within the limitations of the law.

      The moderator(s) ask that the commentators be respectful of opposing views, for it is in the free exchange of information that we learn from each other, a hopefully together we can all make a difference….. a difference for us and for our children.