Last week on Twitchy, a physician posted his letter to Aetna saying under their new terms,  and Obamacare in general, they would no longer be a participating physician. Hhhmm…. Aetna says he cannot quit !!

Then this comment appeared:

Hi J***,
If only I could articulate this mess as well as you do. You are 100%
on the mark. My blogs about “implement and comply” and “complacency ad
complicity” touch on some of the issues regarding physicians. We are to blame as
a profession for allowing this to happen on our watch. This is multifactorial
and I will address this in my next piece. Sadly, physicians have become so
entrenched in the day to day struggle to practice medicine, that essentially we
were caught with our heads in the sand. Now, I hear physicians say they are
actually afraid to speak up. The fear is twofold: 1. Medicine should not be
political. We do not want it to be political. We do not like to play politics.
We do not want to alienate our patients. 2. We are afraid of the government.
Yes, we are. We are afraid of IRS audits, being demonized, RAC audits, huge
financial penalties (up to $1.5M for a HIPAA violation), and now even
imprisonment (see the case of Dr. Natale).(emphasis added). I address this in one of my posts. We
now fear loss of licensure and loss of insurance contracts. Worst of all, right
under our noses, The AMA was infiltrated by far-left, socialist cronies of
Valerie Jarrett, the Obamas, Ayres and their operatives. You will be stunned
when you google up Dr. James Madera. current CEO of the AMA. He is former Dean
of the University of Chicago Medical School who resigned after scandal involving
Michelle Obama. I know you would find it fascinating and frightening.I admit,
I’m nervous, but if we don’t fight this, who will? Physicians will be to blame
for the demise of our Constitutional Republic. I forgot to mention, we are too
trusting. WE operated from truth and trust. We presume our elected officials do
the same. Sadly, they do not. The mentalities of physicians and politicians are
polar opposites.
Thanks you for you response,

Afraid of our own government!!! This is, quite simply, WRONG.

Sen. Max Baucchus, soon to be our Ambassador to China, after being the architect of ObamaCare, has now referred to it as a “train wreck”. From every angle, the government should realize that this train wreck is so monstrous that it will simply destroy us. They have messed up what was already a mess, and as only the government can do, made it extremely worse.