JOBS… the ECONOMY…. ObamaCare……….. The NATIONAL DEBT

     The President spoke yesterday to “re Start” the push for Obamacare, touting the “fixed” website, which is basically an oxymoron.

Today, he appeared before the cameras again, this time to lay down the gauntlet, yet AGAIN, to show that during the remaining time in his presidency, albeit a VERY LONG THREE YEARS, his focus is not on the ECONOMY, not on JOB CREATION, not on out NATIONAL DEBT. The focus of our Euro-POTUS will be on wealth redistribution. And let us be clear, Obamacare is NOT about helath care reform, but wholly upon wealth redistribution.

The President will remind us as he told Joe the Plumber on the campaign trail in 2008 that we must all pay our fair share, and if that means confiscating, I mean taxing us more to give to those less fortunate, than so be it. Perhaps the President should look back and listen to the words of President Kennedy, and do things to motivate the econimy instead of punishing the success of the middle class or the 1%…. Just saying!!