Personally, I think Kirsten Powers is in the midst of realizing she is really a conservatie at heart!!

From the Daily Beast:

A Swedish reporter asked President Obama Wednesday, “Could you describe the dilemma to being a Nobel Peace Prize winner and getting ready to attack Syria?”

Military action is, of course, sometimes necessary to maintain peace. Kosovo and World War II are good examples. But the president has not demonstrated that missile attacks in Syria would do anything to achieve peace. Worse, by all accounts, Obama’s “red line” threat was an off-the-cuff remark, not a well thought-out strategy. The U.S. should not attack another country because the president was careless with his words and now wants to protect his personal credibility.

But we don’t even need to look at Syria to conclude that the decent thing would be for Obama to return the prize that he never deserved in the first place. 

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