The President went to bed without the knowledge that our Ambassador to Libya was safe and secure on the night of September 11th, 2012. There were no photos of his meetings with the Secretary of State or the Secretary of Defense. There were no “Situation Room” photo ops either.

Fast forward seven months, and what has the President learned. Within hours of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, Obama addressed the nation. Though it would be another 12 hours before he used the term he hates, he knew that “terrorism”, in some form, had been perpetrated in Boston. The White House released the “photo op” of the President meeting with the FBI Director and a National Security advisor.

Today, as the manhunt unfolds in Boston and Watertown, MA, the flow of Cabinet members and security advisors is clearly visible on Capitol Hill and at the White House. The White House has made sure to indicate that the President has been receiving briefs throughout the night.

So, if nothing else, Barack Obama has learned that the optics matter.!!