In a courthouse in Steubenville OH this Sunday morning, as Winter waits to turn to Spring, two young men, on the cusp of adulthood with bright college careers ahead of them, learned their fate for their atrocious behavior from a night of drinking and partying last summer.

From all accounts, the girl who was sexually attacked by a group of teenagers from the local footbal team, was in no condition to consent to ANY of the sexual activities that occurred that night. Just as troubling as the acts themselves was the behavior of MANY who witnessed the ongoing night of debauchery. The two teens found guilty today brazenly attacked the young girl in various ways as other teens came in and out of the area. So casual to them was this occurence that as one witness went to leave, the verbal exchange between hom and the two perpetrators was “see you at football on Monday!!”

From Yahoo today:

  Put in the spotlight was the local football team, which, critics said, allowed players to brazenly operate seemingly above the law for years. Social-media accounts, self-made videos, photos and classless text messages exposed an entire world that seemed like a Hollywood script of a high school team out of control.

It also exposed a teenage culture of weak ethics, rampant alcohol abuse and poor family structures that wound up dooming Mays and Richmond, both of whom had promising futures and no criminal past.

In the same week as the Catholic Church elected a new Pope forged with the hope of renewing the Church and addressing the scandals that have plagued it, this case reminds us that the moral fiber of our society has been affected by the ever-changing culture. As the Sandy Hook shootings have elicited a conversation about gun control, the focus needs to more broadly address the desensitizing of our youth that has occurred in the ever-evolving technological changes.

Having been tried as juveniles, the two teens from Steubenville have escaped prison time in an adult prison, and the length of their sentences will be based upon the recommendations of child services as they progress the the minimum time of one year.

For a town that prides itself on its football team, there are no winners this time………… Everyone has to take this loss!