from The Blaza:

“The Bible,” a new series that will premiere on the History Channel Sunday night (9 p.m. ET), continues to gain the attention of Christians and non-Christians alike. But one of the most fascinating elements about it — a five-week program that will expose viewers to 10 hours of Biblical reenactments (two hours each Sunday) — are the celebrity endorsements it has received.

From singer Christina Aguilera to “Glee” star Jane Lynch, Hollywood Twitter accounts are abuzz with messages about “The Bible,” a project that was created and produced by famed reality show producer Mark Burnett and his wife, actress Roma Downey (see the duo discuss the project on TheBlaze TV last week).

On the one hand, these endorsements are surprising. After all, this is Hollywood — an industry stereotypically uninterested in matters of faith. But on the other, Burnett and Downey are power players who have a plethora of friends and contacts in the industry. These individuals respect their work and are likely supporting “The Bible” as a result.